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10 GROWTH HACKING tactics for Digital Marketing 2019

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10 GROWTH HACKING tactics for Digital Marketing 2019

What is Growth Hacking?
The term was coined by Sean Ellis in 2010 and many field experts have already shared their positions on this subject. But there is a wave of future growth strategists, who achieve objectives quickly and effectively based on digital processes.Social Media Marketing Plan

We have entered a new era. An era, where the walls between data analysis, coding and commercialization have been dissolved.

An era, where large marketing campaigns have been replaced by a mindset of small experiments and incremental tests.

An era, where salespeople are much more technical and analytical and no longer depend on developers.
Welcome to the Growth Hacking era.


Why is Growth Hacking important?
Traditional marketing channels are expensive and saturated, most of the projects are strongly focused on the product, but the real challenge is with the distribution.
New channels are emerging very quickly.
Acquiring is not enough! Activation and Retention are the key!
It’s all about ROI and PERFORMANCE.
It is not about the tips and tricks. You need a PROCESS.

10 Growth Hacking Tactics That Work
Use rich keywords and meta descriptions
Be sure to always include the appropriate text for rich snippets on your website and meta descriptions for blog posts. The addition of this content will only take a few seconds, but the value it adds to the search results is long-lasting.

Prelaunch and Landing pages
Build a pre-launch page Before your live site, get a pre-launch page as soon as possible with a teaser about the company and a mailing list sign up to start building buzz and capturing Email addresses of potential users.
Emotional Marketing

Take advantage of emotions Do not have time or resources to create a site with heavy content? Try to use large images that evoke the emotions of your visitors and connect them immediately with the brand.
Test, analyze and execute

Concentrate on trying only one thing Sure, it can take a bit and daunting to try all the things on your to-do list, but you can easily manage the identification of one aspect of your site, salts funnel or process on board and make a change to try only one Thing before moving on to the next.
Identify behaviors

Try your value proposition run an A / B test on your website, from the background color to the font size, but there are only a handful of elements that will be important to affect your business.
 Optimize Google Analytics
Do Audit of your sales funnel Is your sales funnel as effective as possible? Is there a point where you regularly see that users leave the website? Take a moment to run through the process as a new user and see if you notice any area where you can streamline the experience.

 Enter the wave Influencer Marketing
Identify 3 influential people Building relationships with influential people in your industry takes time, but it starts with identifying those who are influenced and want to know them on a more personal level.
Ask the users

Do not let people choose not to ask why they leave. Asking a simple question as you click on “unsubscribe” can help you gain valuable information about what you think of your company, product and content so you can improve in the future.
 Create a list of Long Tail keywords
Look up Google Trends or your keyword planner tool to get a list of long tail keywords you can search to upload in search results.
Take a look at some click map tools

Use a tool like Crazy Egg to create a heat map of your site and see where users are spending their time and how they are clicking on your content to get more information on where to place information and how to organize the flow of your site.

How to make a Growth Hacking strategy?
With the following models you can develop Growth Hacking strategies, you must identify the focus that you want to give the actions.