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10 Marketing ideas for Black Friday

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10 Marketing ideas for Black Friday

10 Marketing ideas for Black Friday

Marketers: Some have asked me how to take advantage of Black Friday beyond the discount.

If you manage an Online Channel, these 10 ideas can help you.
10 Digital Marketing tactics for Black Friday
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  1. Make a time offer:
    Tell your customers that there will be a specific time where everything will be on sale or a group of items.
    Use the Facebook Offer format to viralize it.
  2. Create a gift guide:
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  1. Open a new section of gifts, identify the most seen in the season and announce them in a special way.
    Use Instagram and all its power so that people know this guide by categories.
  2. Offer a free gift:
    A classic that in Black Friday is more powerful, if you buy this item you take this other as a gift.
    It’s time to look for merchandising suppliers, in this way you make sure you generate a closeness with the brand.
  3. Extend your sale:
    And what if Black Friday starts on Thursday and ends on Sunday?
    Tell people that you can be the first to get the offers, make pre-sales.
  4. Add new products:
    Publish products in your store that you would not normally have in stock, even if they were pre-sales.
    The Dropshipping model is also an alternative, you can explore it with platforms like OBERLO.
  5. Offer an advance:
    How about giving a code redeemable to people to access the discount, and send them the week of Black Friday.
    The activity in social networks will help, use video marketing and Facebook Story and Instagram Story formats.
  6. Take advantage of the Hashtags:
    Everyone talks about Black Friday, it’s a global trend, stick to the conversations, tell the Community Manager to take the best of his wit and commercial vision to generate interest in your products.
    Social Commerce is the key, use a link encoded as a campaign (Use google Campaign builder).
  7. Increase your advertising spend:
    It’s time to invest, more than at any date in the year. Advertise is Sell.
    Use the new Facebook, carousel, presentation and video formats.
    In Instagram a video or a slideshow will help much more.
  8. Create a content calendar:
    Do you already have the calendar that you are going to post on your social networks?
    Check it with Community Manager and challenge yourself to have impact content.
  9. Offer mysterious savings:
    Play with the client, leave certain hidden products so that when they find them they see the different possibilities they have.
    Tell them that in the store there are hidden discounts, this will help generate interest to enter your E-commerce.

Some interesting facts

Black Friday is Mobile, it helps more people buy from the cell phone. Make it simple
Black Friday moves more clothes and accessories, focus on this.
Black friday has a conversion rate higher than 5% destines resources to this.