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10 Online Typography Courses for Graphic Designers in 2022

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10 Online Typography Courses for Graphic Designers in 2022

Create your own typefaces in glyphs, illustrator, or after effects with these essential graphic design courses communicating an idea in an aesthetic and understandable way is the main mission of typography , a branch of graphic design with which we interact daily but in which we usually pay little attention. Thus, thinking of honoring this discipline so present in our lives, we have selected 10 essential online typography courses for all graphic designers regardless of their area of ​​specialization.

Discover how to create a family of letters or fonts for logos, in glyphs, adobe illustrator or after effects and design incredible static or dynamic compositions. 10 online typography courses for graphic designers in 2022 1 typeface design, by monotypo. Remember that to access each course you just have to click on the title in red.


Adobe illustrator for typography

Let us begin Basic principles of type design, a course by photo retouching service latinotype daniel hernández and luciano vergara are the names behind latinotype , the first chilean firm dedicated entirely to creating typefaces for commercial purposes. Among its most prominent clients are starbucks, converse and movistar, to name a few. In his course, basic principles of typographic design , you will learn what are the fundamental elements that every letter family must have from rhythm and form to visual coherence and character spacing.

At the end of the lessons, you will be able to create your own alphabet with 26 upper and lower case letters . Customizing typefaces for logo design, a course by monotypo studio although we almost always use the word “ logo ” to talk about any graphic symbol that identifies a brand, in reality this term is only valid for those that use letters in their composition .

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Typography for designers fonts for marketplaces

Knowing the difference is of the utmost importance for CEO Email List graphic designers, because when creating a logo they must encapsulate the essence of the brand using only typography . To help you achieve this, you can count on the guidance of daniel barba lópez, director of monotypo studio, who in his course personalization of fonts for logo design teaches you how to modify existing fonts to create completely new logos with them. Creating your own typography, a course by wete designing your own fonts is always a good idea, whether you want to give your project a more personal touch or even want to sell them to your clients or on specialized websites .

See how much fun becoming a typographer can be with wete, who teaches the creating your own typography course . In it you will review the basic concepts of typography, and then draw a family of letters using pencil, paper and the tools of adobe illustrator. At the end of the course you will have your own typography drawn in glyphs , the software used by professionals.