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10 steps for your Digital Marketing Strategy 2019

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10 steps for your Digital Marketing Strategy 2019

10 steps for your Digital Marketing Strategy 2019

Marketeros, below I share the METHODOLOGY 10.
10 steps to implement your Digital Marketing Strategy. clearwater seo service


This is the basis of everything, you should bear in mind that your brand does not sell products.
The Brand Essence is the deepest sense that your brand wants to transmit and must tell.
In the Digital Marketing plan, structuring the identity of the brand, the tone of the communication and the focus that you want to give it will be the basis for having a solid digital construction.

The competition is the ground pole of any brand or business.

While you do not have to copy everything that competitors do overflow to follow them, the competition must be respected. In Digital Marketing the analysis of competence is carried out with statistical data such as traffic, organic positioning, references of each website and usability.
Being able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each brand will allow us to land the digital strategy map.

Once you have been able to analyze your competitors, it is time to realize our digital brand position in the market. A SWOT analysis, an opportunity matrix or a small scale map will be the basis to identify where to work the strategy.

The types of strategy you can work on are: Brand Positioning Strategy, Market Penetration Strategy, MOT Strategy and Self Management, Loyalty Strategy among others.
The strategic path emerges from this diagnosis.

The strategy must solve present or future problems.
In this way the digital strategist must identify what is the true problematic of the brand: Low positioning, sales decline, poor customer service, little traffic. etc.
The Digital marketing plan is built on the basis of observation and analysis.

Once the context of the brand, its competitors and the problems have been identified, the Marketing Idea must be developed. This idea is intimately linked with the positioning of the brand, so it is necessary to consolidate to CREATIVE CONCEPT that can be used within the framework of the DIGITAL MARKETING 360 plan.

In this section you should think about the campaign tactics, specific actions that allow you to develop the objective and structure the way you want to develop it.
Product launch, contents, developments, landing pages have a place for you.

The segmentation work is one of the pillars with which the Digital Marketing 360 strategy is directed.
The person buyer methodology will help to delimit the work plan in each of the associated profiles and niches.
Regardless of whether there is an umbrella plan, this segmentation will yield knowledge and strategic opportunities for Digital Marketing tactics.

A strategy without measurement is a simple power point.
Measurement is the basis of continuous improvement, so the marketing plan must respond to a scorecard where actions are monitored week by week and management decisions can be made of adjustments and changes as appropriate. The digital dashboard measures beyond the obvious. Please Marketers stop measuring hearts and likes and focus on the strategic.

Now if the action comes. Think of differential and non-traditional tactics.
Not the obvious, you will always do SEO, Email marketing and Facebook post. That is taken for granted, but why not innovate?
Poses actions for:
– Snapchat
– Instagram with the new formats
– Video Marketing
– Interactivity

We have to get out of the obvious.

With a good content structure, the strategy will go through the top. In other entries we have already talked about this so I will only reference the formats that work best:

– Blog posts –
Long articles
– Original
research – Video –
Infographics –
– Case studies – White
Papers / Reports –

Presentations – Webinars –
Questionnaires and surveys

Podcasts – Checklists
– Electronic bulletins

Announce is to sell, in this way, letting you know means that you will have to start a half plan subject to the scope of your digital marketing budget. At this point the recommendation is to have all the eggs in the same basket, try new ad formats and content, divide the budget and measure, measure, measure and keep measuring.
Use these recommendations to make your digital advertising:

-Software cross channel advertising
-Advertising search
-Show ad
-The mobile advertising
-Advertising social
-Advertising video
-Platforms demand (DSP)


As you can see, it is neither the base nor the most important, it has to be … the actions of Social Media Marketing are complementary, they are not the strategy itself.

Do you really think that on social platforms where there are more than 5 billion people your brand can make a difference?

I do not want to discourage them, but Facebook and twitter are going out, YouTube and Instagram are the bomb in the centennials and what’s coming is through niche platforms like SnapChat and Wechat.
The social web has more than 485 different platforms to interact with users, it is time to review how to do it differently.