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10 types of ads in Online Marketing – Comparison and analysis

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10 types of ads in Online Marketing – Comparison and analysis

nternet advertising has incorporated new platforms and business opportunities for companies and brands. In this post we analyze 10 types of ads with which to develop your best Online Marketing strategy and we teach you the differences, the advantages and good tricks to optimize your campaigns.
Do you want to advertise your company or your products and do not know how? I present a special compilation of tips about the  10 types of ads that work best on israel email list the Internet and how you can integrate them into your Online Marketing strategy  . We already shared a practical guide  a few months ago with 20 tricks for your Google Adwords campaigns and today we want to help you discover the main differences and advantages of other advertising systems that are trend and that also allow you to create personalized advertising campaigns.
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What role do ads play in the online strategy?
With ads or sponsored links you will be able to reach your target audience directly because you have access to powerful filters, keyword selection and targeting tools. All this with the maximum control oficon-15budget and getting short-term results. Also, keep in mind that this area of ​​marketing called SEM (Serch Engine Marketing), is the ideal complement to your SEO organic positioning strategy because it will bring you the immediacy and visibility at key moments that your business needs.
With ads or sponsored links you can reach your target audience directly.
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The 10 types of Online Marketing ads
Most networks have been integrating platforms to create ads. Surely you’ve already heard about Facebook ads or the Google ad program: Google Adwords. Others, such as Twitter ads, remarketing ads and videos on YouTube, are stepping up and have really attractive features for creative advertisers who want to try and experiment with new campaigns.
twitterads1. Fashion ads: welcome to Twitter Ads
The social network Twitter is one of the online communication platforms with the largest number of registered people and active accounts around the world, so it was not surprising that its ad system also had more and more presence and notoriety among users.
Twitter Ads proposes an effective method with 5 types of ads  so that any user from their account can choose the best option depending on their objectives.
Ad types on Twitter:
1. Ad to get followers
It is a good option for accounts that need to increase the number of followers in a short period of time. Basically you pay so that your account is more visible in the upper right part than twitter intended for “users who might be interesting” or “who to follow”. This will cause more people to see your account and be encouraged to follow your posts.
This is the appearance of an ad to get new followers in your account
This is the appearance of an ad to get new followers in your account
 2. Ad to promote tweets
Ads to promote published tweets (or create new ones) is one of the most used options for company accounts and consists of highlighting a tweet to get visibility and traffic to your website. To adjust this type of ads, twitter has
This is the appearance of a tweet promoted visible in the users tiimeline
This is the appearance of a tweet promoted visible in the timeline of users
predefined a format that stands out in appearance from the rest and that allows the interaction of the user with links and with complementary information once the tweet has been clicked. These ads appear in the  timeline of each account as if it were a normal tweet and are adapted to all devices.
3. Ad for tweet interaction
This option is appropriate to get tweets reach the largest number of users. The operation is simple, the advertiser pays every time someone performs a  tweet interaction for example: retweet, reply, favorite or click on the link.
Advertisement to get potential customers and new subscribers
Advertisement to get potential customers and new subscribers
By choosing this type of campaign you double the impact and increase the chances that more people will know you and click on your ad because you will reach strangers.
4. Announcement for the installation or interaction of apps
It is the type of advertisement that a brand interested in making its community get related information about the use of an application or program through mobile. If your company is committed to this type of programs adapted to other devices apart from the computer it would be a good option to transmit the message.
5. Announcement to get subscribers and clients
With this option you can create a tweet promoted in the form of a card that will be visible on the wall of people who match your targeting parameters so that you will be able to get new followers and potential customers for your business.
Tips and options of segmentation in Twitter Ads
Segment is to select your target audience based on certain characteristics. Free online course Analysis Social NetworksTwitter gives you the option to segment your ads and set your own age, gender and location ranges. Apart from these filters, the advertiser has 4 special options, although you can only choose one per ad. Then I explain to you their differences and what they can be used for.