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12 fallos imperdonables para vender y conseguir clientes por internet Service News

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12 fallos imperdonables para vender y conseguir clientes por internet Service News

12 fallos imperdonables para vender y conseguir clientes por internet Service News

Getting sales and conversions through a web / blog is not always easy. Avoiding the Australia Email List typical mistakes of an online entrepreneur will save you headaches and waste time. Today I tell you 12 important mistakes if you want to sell online and tips to get results NOW.

Yi Min ShumSoy Yi Min Shum, today I participate in this blog to tell you my experience Do you want to increase your digital presence and get more customers? Apart from taking great care of the quality of what you offer, we must highlight without errors. There’s a lot of competition and we’re not here to lose customers, right?

12 mistakes to avoid when selling online

15 311. Do not segment your target audience
Although it sounds trite, it is reality. On many occasions we forget to segment the client, so we waste time and effort for a customer not interested in the offer or who does not have the necessary purchasing power. The first thing you should do is a good study of the market to know and analyze if your product has a future and if it will be attractive for a certain group of people. Some questions you can ask when defining your target audience are:

What is the need of your client?
Can my product solve that problem?
Why your customer will buy your product?
Can you pay?
Are there other brands that offer these services?
Those brands have reached a good presence? (depending on your answer) states How did I do it to achieve success? What were your mistakes to avoid it?
What gender and how old is your client?
Where they live?
Would you know intuit their behavior on the Internet? Do they use social networks? which?
sell on the internet: facebook insightThe statistics of your Facebook page and, of course, the data you can obtain from Google Analytics will help you to better know your target audience. If you’re just starting out, this guide with 35 key Analytics metrics will help you get information from your visitors. Make a good market study, based on real data, to determine who you are targeting and begin to segment your campaigns well. Do not leave anything to chance, in online marketing everything can be measured and analyzed.

3 352. Not being a specialist in the area
Even if you do not believe it, not defining your area well can harm not only the definition of your goals, but also the definition of the target audience and the credibility of the brand. Sometimes “knowing everything” can be interpreted as not really knowing anything.

This factor is much more important for people who work as freelancers, since most clients will prefer a specialist. If instead of freelance you are a company, you will need to surround yourself with a good team of professionals and if possible each one specialized in an area. That will give more confidence to the customers and you can avoid the loss of sales.

13 323. Say “Yes” to everything
The biggest mistake we can make is to say “Yes” to everything the client asks us, if it is something that is beyond the scope of our products or what we offer, we should avoid the temptation to say “Yes”. I know that when we start, we can not avoid it because we want to immediately have an income, experience, opportunities, among others.

Do not worry, we all add the odd “hazing” a year but I learned that it is better to make things clear from the beginning. When the client gets used to getting all their requests (I mean those that go out of the agreed), will ask you more, more and more and that in the long run will not be good for you, or for the client.

If the request is reasonable, say “Yes”, since it is an opportunity for you to grow, but if it is unreasonable, say “NO”.

In conclusion, it is worse to say “Yes” to everyone, because there will come a time when you will not be able to handle it or you will not know how to do that job well and you will end up fighting, discussing or defrauding the client. Also because of this, you add stress at work for not fulfilling what was promised. Pay attention to me, avoid saying always “Yes”.