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14 creative and effective actions to optimize Online Advertising campaigns

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14 creative and effective actions to optimize Online Advertising campaigns

14 creative and effective actions to optimize Online Advertising campaigns

Last April we organized the 2nd edition of one of the most important Online Marketing events of the year, the PRO Marketing DAY. In it, my colleague Elena Charameli and I had the pleasure of sharing with the attendees 14 creative optimization actions applicable to any online advertising campaign.

If you apply these actions, your advertising campaigns will improve their performance so that with less money you can obtain better results, either by optimizing the CTR, improving the level of quality, or by changing the strategy and structuring of your campaigns.

Below is the video of our conference in Pro Marketing Day to make way for the list of actions.

Remarketing CA-SE-DI-FI
The Rolling Stones are for rock, what remarketing is to digital advertising sales lead. However, remarketing is not only based on making an advertising campaign towards users who have already visited your page, but you can go much further and put several conditions that must be met.

Therefore, we propose 3 strategies that, in turn, encompass certain variables that each company must configure to their liking.

 CA of abandoned carts
A remarketing that many online stores use and that you should use if you still do not. It is about listing all the users who have added a product to the cart but have not gone further. That is, users who have been about to buy. Later we will talk about a specific strategy in this case with the IF function.

 Se sequential remarketing
The idea is to promote a product in different phases chasing the same person, being aware that normally the users are slow to decide before the purchase.

With sequential remarketing we would do a campaign with 3 ad groups and only activate one each week.

Week 1: Brand notoriety + Product
Week 2: Differential argument regarding competition.
Week 3, Discount with countdown.
 Dynamic DI
This type of remarketing is especially indicated to large online stores that prefer to automate the process of pursuing users based on their behavior on the web. You need a feed of your products that you can reuse from Shopping campaigns. Thanks to this, the user will see an advertisement with the products that he has previously viewed on your website.

If you want to know how a feed is created and what specifications it should have, click here to see it directly on Google.

 Loyalty FI
Here the strategy changes because what we will do is to persecute those who have already bought some of our products, so that they can buy a complementary product. We can create audiences by categories and pursue with complementary products.

If we have bought shoes> we show bags
If we have bought milk> we show offers breakfast / pastries
If you want to know more about remarketing, here is an article that is sure to interest you: ► 10 different strategies of ads with remarketing and retargeting

Remarketing with YouTube
If you have a YouTube channel and you are not using it in Google Ads, let me tell you that you are wasting your time and money. Within the Google Ads audience manager you can create audiences related to your videos. There are more than 10 options but I propose to try what is called as “Subscriber audience”, specifically those who saw and / or interacted with your videos.

Let’s see an example using a couple of videos of Aula CM by Aleyda Solís and Luis Villanueva of SEO thematic.

In both videos we talk about SEO positioning so we can use the audiences of people who have seen these videos to promote an online SEO workshop that we want to target our target audience.

Thanks to this, we get more CTR than using an audience with general interest in marketing because we already know in advance that there is intentionality. This entails better conversion rates than with a generic segmentation.Remarketing with advanced Analytics segments
Segment well who we direct our campaigns, is one of the most important factors when it comes to succeed with our advertising. And thanks to Google Analytics, we have endless data about the users who visit our website. We know how they behave and we can distinguish those people who are more likely to make a conversion.

Therefore, if we link Google Analytics with Google Ads, we can use that data to create personalized audiences of much more specific users, who fulfill a series of characteristics that make them more likely to convert. In this way, we will make our advertising more effective because our ads will appear to more interested people.

remarketing google ads

For example, let’s imagine that we have a client who has a cooking school and wants to offer a face-to-face workshop at his academy in Madrid. We can use the advanced segments of Google Analytics to offer our workshop to users who meet the following requirements

That they are recurring users of our web.
That they have a high duration of the session.
That they are between 25 and 54 years old.
Have visited our blog in which we explain recipes and talk about the workshops.
That they are in Madrid.
That they have NOT already registered.
Once we have our list of potential clients, we will launch our advertising campaign only to those users that are more likely to convert and thus increase the number of registrations regarding a campaign focused on a more generic audience.

Advantages of profitable businesses by internetLanding Pages + CRO
Let’s start from the basis that the landing page we use for our ads, should always be judged, redesigned and optimized from the point of view of conversion. We spend a lot of money on clicks and the page can not disappoint the user!

Bad landing = lost user.

What should a good landing page have ?:

Graphic and web design differentiated and consistent with the brand and the product or service offered.
Form and call to action clearly visible and integrated with the rest of the elements.
If there are different options, which are differentiated and highlighted
Positive testimonials from users who have already contracted the service and provide truth.
Quality images
Explanatory video of the product or service.
Text explaining everything in detail.
Here I leave you 19 keys of Web Design to make a perfect landing page.

Dynamic Insertion of Keywords in Landing Pages
All those who have done campaigns in Google Ads, know that it is very important that the ad is relevant and contains a text similar to what the user has put in the search engine. This means that the level of quality increases and it costs us less to leave the top positions.

In Google Ads there is a function that allows us to insert in the ad the keyword that has activated it, and that is very similar or identical in some cases to the user’s search term as can be seen in the image below.

But, what if we could also automatically insert that keyword into the landing page?

Well it is very simple, we just have to enter the keyword parameter in the destination URL when we are creating the ad, and Google will be responsible for entering the keyword that has activated at the end of the URL of our landing page. We do this to then catch it and put it on the landing.

Once we have done this, inserting a line of PHP code in our landing or, if we do not want to touch any code, using a landing page creation tool like Unbounce, we can rescue the keyword that is now in the URL as a parameter , and put it automatically where we want.

dynamic insertion of keywords in landing page

Thanks to this, we will increase the relevance of the landing with respect to the advertisement and the user’s search, and we will increase the conversion of our landing page.

Ad customizers
Ad customizers are some of the biggest forgotten by many users who use Google Ads to do search advertising campaigns. However, they are great allies when it comes to making the ads much more relevant to each search and context.

They work in a very simple way. You have to upload an excel to the shared library with the values ​​that must be changed in the ads, as well as the conditions for this to happen, and then include these parameters in the ads. Thanks to this feature, the same ad will be adapted based on where they are searching, what device they use and when they see the ad.Provoke a sense of urgency and scarcity is one of the tricks that work best when it comes to encouraging the purchase in the user. And in Google Ads, there is a feature called Countdown that few advertisers know.

This strategy is very useful for example for spontaneous offers like Black Friday. The ad changes only and is showing “there are 5 hours left” “there are 3 hours left” “there is 1 hour”

Google back account ads

Can you imagine that we could modify the text of our ads depending on where the user is at the time of the search? There is a Google Ads feature that allows you to do just that, and that is especially useful for increasing the CTR and the quality level in localized service announcements.

One of the most powerful applications is to insert the city or municipality where the user is in the ad text. In this way we will differentiate ourselves from the competition since our announcement will be more relevant and will attract more attention than the one you are looking for.

For example, if we are locksmiths who work in downtown Madrid and surroundings, we will surely move to nearby towns such as Las Rozas or Alcorcón to do a service. If we use the function of Geotargeting, we can change the ad based on the user’s location and thus show its location in the ad text, which will make it very relevant, call more attention of the user and increase the CTR of our advertisements.

The only thing we have to do is create a feed in which we associate each location with a text, and insert the corresponding parameter in the ad so that Google knows what text to show depending on where the search was made.

Conditional IF function
Another of the most effective ways to personalize an ad is using the IF function, which allows us to modify the ad text when a certain condition is met.

For example, who has an online store, will know that people who add products to the shopping cart, but do not complete the transaction, are an incredibly valuable type of audience, since they have been about to make a purchase. Thanks to the IF function, we can show you a special offer to give them the last push and turn them into customers.

We just have to create a personalized audience in which we group all the users who have been about to finalize a purchase, and then use the IF function in the ad to show an exclusive discount.

As you can see in the previous example, if the user performing the search is included in the list of people who “abandon cart” will be shown the text “Discount 30% only now” and the coupon with the discount code, and if this condition is not met, then the text “All Styles and Marks” will be displayed.

Combine Bing and Google
Why use only one search engine and can use two? While it is true that Google copa the market in Spain, Bing is another of the great search engines that comes configured by default with Internet Explorer.

The advantages of using this system are several:

Bing is little used in Spain but it is an opportunity for companies that target people aged 40-50 years.
If you combine Google Ads and Bing, the reach of your text ads will be greater.
You can import the campaigns you have in both.
There is less competition so the CPC will be lower.

Promotion extensions at certain times
Offers and promotions have always been ideal to increase sales in a given period. For a few months, Google Ads has implemented a new extension for search ads that can capture the attention of potential customers by showing a discount or special offer on specific days.

We can take advantage of special occasions, such as Mother’s Day or Black Friday, to make a promotion visible and show a discount coupon or link the extension to the landing of the specific offer.

Thanks to this extension, the CTR of our ads will increase, which will result in an improvement in the quality level of our ads.One of the great advantages of the advertising system of Google Ads is that it allows us to reach people who are looking for something. But beware, if we do not know how to choose the right keywords, we will reach people with no intention of real purchase or who simply look for information, tutorials, pdfs, manuals, etc.

At Amazon you do not have that problem. The one who searches on Amazon has a very high purchase intention. Amazon is an online store that has become a SEARCHER, and like any good search engine, it has become a new channel of Search Enging Marketing to take into account if you sell products.


Less competition
Lower CPC
Visual advertisements with images.

$ 40 / month for using the platform

Structure your campaigns by concordance
Normally, most advertisers separate campaigns and ad groups by theme. It is the easiest way to manage an account, especially when you are starting. However, there is another way to do it that can bring you many benefits. I mean the organization of campaigns according to their agreement.

Imagine that we have a business selling covers and screen protectors for mobile phones. We can create several campaigns for the same product but with different concordances to have more control over our keywords.To avoid being cannibalized, we will add the exact keywords in the Modified Broad campaign as negative keywords. The first modified Extensive campaign will allow us to discover interesting keywords thanks to its flexibility that we will then include in the exact one if we see that they are profitable.

With this we will get the second campaign to be of higher quality:

The relevance of keywords will be greater
We will get ads with better CTR
We will improve the quality level and decrease the cost
In addition, as we have separated in campaigns, we can assign a larger budget to the Exact campaign that has the highest conversion percentage.

Tuenti Social NetworksOptimization with Scripts
Scripts are fragments of code that allow you to automate certain tasks. We can all integrate scripts into our Google Ads account through the use of scripts.

bid according to the weather google ads

One of the most used is the weather, which is linked to the OpenWeatherMap servers, and serves to manage the offers of the campaign (CPC) according to weather conditions automatically according to the rules you have previously determined. The objective is to market products at the most profitable moment.


Taxi or Cabify App> Raise the bid when it rains.
Furniture for the terrace> Upload the bid on sunny days in spring and summer.
Craft material> Raising bids is bad weather and people stay at home.

Do a good study of negative keywords
It is as important to conduct a study of positive keywords as negative ones. Many advertisers forget this step and either do not include negative keywords from the beginning or add them without doing a good study.

With the own keyword planner we can make a good screen. All the words that we see that do not apply to our business, the words of people seeking information, who seek employment about the sector or who are looking for a product that we do not sell, will be added as a negative keyword.

Imagine that you have a pastry business focused on pies. Surely you do not want to appear for the search terms like “Pictures of pies” or “synonyms of cake”. That is why it is important to include a good list of negative words including generic terms.

Examples of generic negative keywords

Employment, work, human resources, scholarship, course, career, meaning, synonyms, antonyms, example, dossier, images, photos, etc.

But as we said, not only must we put generic words, we must search with the planner and use other complementary tools such as Ubersuggest, keywordtool.io or the Google Ads search terms report itself.

study negative keywords

As you can see in the example, we have an endless number of keywords with no purchase intention that we have to add as negative keywords.

Icon profitable business ideas on the internetCampaigns Smart Display
For some time now, Google has launched new smart campaigns on the Display Network. The main difference they have with the normal ones, is that they do not have to segment manually, but they learn over time and they are segmented and optimized to show the ads to people with a higher probability of conversion.

Another difference compared to normal campaigns is that in these types of campaigns there is no possibility to establish manual bids, if not we must select CPA bid and not change it in 2 – 3 weeks until the system learns. Of course, we should have between 50 and 100 historical conversions.

Mini Display Hacks
Finally, we also have 3 mini tricks that are often overlooked and can save us a few euros per month.

Excludes apps: The first one applies to Display campaigns and serves to decrease irrelevant clicks from mobile apps. Simply exclude the apps from the device configuration and, to be sure, add the adsenseformobileapps.com site as exclusion.
Segment demographically: If the audience that converts you has a certain age range and gender, review the demographic reports and make your advertising more efficient by targeting your ads only to those people.
Include your competitors in Gmail: If you do Gmail campaigns, something that works very well in certain sectors is to include as a keyword the domains of your competition. In this way, your ads will reach the inboxes of people who receive emails from your rivals.