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15 tools to choose colors in graphic and web design

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15 tools to choose colors in graphic and web design

15 tools to choose colors in graphic and web design

The combination of colors that we use in the design of a web page can become a fundamental part of the user’s experience. In most cases we will already have some color or range of colors defined by the corporate image, but it is very interesting to use other colors that can be compatible and make the design of your page get the attention of the users and be envied by your competition .

Before starting with the tools that will help you choose the best color combination for your website, it is interesting to know more about the colors and factors that can influence them. In this way, you can choose colors that accompany both design and meaning what you want to convey.

Fusion profiles Facebook Psychology of color
Knowing the meaning that each color can have in the human mind can be very interesting to choose the best possible color palette financial advisor email list. In addition, this knowledge allows you to choose a range of colors that accompany and help to convey the attributes of the brand faithfully and correctly.

The white color is one of the most used in the current web design, as it conveys the user a sense of purity, freshness, cleanliness and simplicity. Also, if you use this color as a background, you will allow the user’s eye to rest and perceive the action calls better.

Red is a color that transmits to people sensations linked to passion, impulsivity, desire and strength. Therefore it is very useful for websites that sell products or treat topics related to love or desire.

The orange color is linked to feelings of warmth, creativity, success and encouragement. This makes it a very interesting color to create personal or business web pages.

Colors also have meanings, choose the ones that match what you want to communicate
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Yellow is usually related to meanings such as: energy, fun, joy and innovation. However, this is the color that generates the most contradictions among users since it can generate a feeling of irritation.

The green color is usually linked to feelings related to nature, balance, growth or stability. It is very interesting to use on a website because it helps to generate confidence in the user and to feel relaxed.

The color blue is usually a color that is widely used when creating business web pages, since it conveys feelings such as freedom, fidelity, progress, seriousness and loyalty.

The purple color can be very interesting when creating a website because it transmits sensations linked with serenity, elegance, sensuality and eclecticism.

The pink can provide very good sensations for users on a website, as it is linked to feelings of sweetness, delicacy and friendship.

Gray is one of the colors that has the least sensations, although it is associated with peace and tenacity. Depending on the culture it can be related to mediocrity or indeterminacy.

The black color is one of the most used when creating web pages, as it provides sensations of power, sobriety, formality and even mystery.

Defining objectives Content Plan Factors to consider when choosing a range of colors

Your target audience
In general, for the election of the color combination, the target audience must be taken into account. In this way, when you make the web you use in the elements a range of colors that catches your attention.

What sensations do you want to transmit?
Another factor that can influence the choice of colors on a website is the sensations that you want to convey. The message that we want to reach the user must be defined before the creation of the same.

Bet on the balance
The combination of colors must be balanced, so as not to give the sensation of disorder or leave users feeling bad taste. To achieve this balance we can follow three models:

Use the same color range: This will show different shades of color within the page, but without leaving too much of the main color.
Use complementary colors that make our website more colorful and eye-catching, but keeping a hierarchy and good taste.
And on the other hand you can play with the opposite colors, so that the user is struck by the contrast between some elements and others. The best example of this color combination would be black and white.Less is more
One of the main pillars in the design is not to saturate users and get attention to the elements we want. To do this, keep in mind these 3 tips before launching to choose your range of colors:

When more than two colors are used in a web page, there must always be one that predominates over the other or others.
It is advisable to leave space between the different elements and blank spaces so that the user’s eye rests.
You should avoid grouping many visual impacts on the same page and focus on the one that is most important to you.
Now that you are ready, take note of the following tools to choose the best color range for graphic and web design.

Twitter tools Tools to choose range of colors

  1. Coolors
    Coolors is one of the most interesting tools to create color combinations (up to 5 colors), since it allows you to create or see color palettes created by other users.

Within the platform there are two sections that are the most used: Generate and Explore.

Within this section, you can generate your own color palette. In this section you can put the colors that you already have chosen and in the rest of the spaces that you leave empty, colors will appear that combine with the ones you have chosen.

If you still do not have chosen colors, you can see what options the tool gives you and inspire you in those combinations. To generate new colors you must hit the space key and new combinations will appear.

color combination

In this section you can find the color palettes generated by other users and you can filter between the newest, the most voted and selections.

color combination

  1. Adobe Color
    Adobe Color is another of the best known tools to generate new combinations of interesting colors. In this case it is advisable to have more or less a defined range of colors before using this tool.

You can also find an exploration section to see color palettes created by other users.

color combination

From Adobe Color we must highlight the different ways in which you can look for the color combination:

In this section the resulting color palette is created by colors similar to the one chosen but with more or less color degradation.

In this section the resulting combination is formed by the same color but with different tones.

Here the color palette is formed by three different colors, and two of those three colors will have two different tonalities.

This option allows us to find the colors that are visually compatible with the one we have chosen.

This section is very similar to the previous one, but in this case the color palette that provides up to 5 different colors. In the previous option only gives a color.

The combination of colors resulting in this option is very similar to the one we can find in the monochromatic section.

As its name indicates in this section you can design the color palette that you like the most to make your website.3. HTML Color Codes
HTML Color Codes is next to Adobe Colors and Colors one of the most complete tools to generate color palettes.

With this tool we can find 8 different ways to generate color combinations: Complementary, Triadic, Tetradic, Analogous, Neutral, Color Shades, Color and Color Tones.

color combination
But something very interesting and what stands out is the amount of resources that we can find on your website:

In this section we will have three tables (flat colors, colors in materials and web colors) where we can visually see the color and also gives the HEX, RGB and HSL data of the one you have selected.

Name (s
In this part we will be able to find the different colors and their tonalities with the name that receives inside the HTML code.

Where we can find HTML and CSS tutorials related to the colors of the elements. Undoubtedly something very useful for users who are looking for the color palette to design their website.

  1. Color Hex
    Color Hex is a very useful tool to get inspired as it has about 50,000 color palettes created by users.

It has a section called colors that is very good, because in addition to giving you the color information, it tells you what the analogous colors are, complementary and even a combination of up to 4 colors.

color combination

  1. Paletton
    Paletton is a generator of color palettes is very useful when you already have a color or defined colors. With it you will be able to find a scheme of complementary colors to combine them with those that you already have.

The highlight is undoubtedly the color map that helps visually see the possible combinations of colors and to see how different colors may look.

color combination
Colors say a lot about a brand, make sure you choose those that best represent you

  1. Colourcode
    ColourCode tool is very similar to Coolors, the only difference is that instead of creating new color palettes by giving the spacing key, it is done by moving the mouse.

With this website we can find out the ideal color range for a web page or project. It has up to 8 different types of color combinations: free section, monochrome, dark gray monochrome, light gray monochrome, analog, analog and complement, triad and quadrangle.

color palette

  1. Cohesive Colors
    With Cohesive Colors you can find out the ideal color range for your website. For this you need to know what is the main color you want to use and the tool will give you a combination of up to 5 colors.

An interesting element that this tool has is the possibility of choosing the intensity that you want colors to have. In this way the final color palette adapts to your intensity taste.

color palette

  1. Material Palette
    Material Palette has a wide range of colors with which we can create great combinations for our website.

Something very interesting is that it allows us to choose different colors that we want to combine and gives options of where each color should go. That is, taking into account the colors chosen says what is the primary color, the color of the icons, text and even backgrounds.

color palette

  1. Mudcube Sphere
    Mudcube Sphere It is a generator of color ranges that gives us many options, since it has up to 10 ways to create different color combinations (up to 6).

Compared with other tools, the inspiration to see what other users have done may be missing, but it is solved with its multiple ways of combining colors.

color palette
Learn about the best color palette generators online. Very useful to create balanced and well-designed web pages
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  1. Colormind
    Colormind is a very easy to use tool to create color palettes, in fact its operation is similar to Coolors.

With Colormind you can choose up to 5 colors and generate as many color combinations as you want. If you already have a chosen color you can leave it fixed and see possible combinations in the rest of the spaces.

color palette

  1. Color Hunt
    Color Hunt is a pallet generating page that can help us find inspiration. Every day it is updated with the new color palettes generated by its users.

This tool is ideal if we do not have a defined color, since there are palettes with all the color ranges.

color range
Color Hunt can also be used as an extension of Chrome. So you can use it quickly without having to go to the page.

  1. Color Lovers
    Color Lovers is another very inspiring tool to choose the best combination of colors for a web page or design.

In it we can find both color palettes, and information on specific colors. This will help us see what possible combinations of colors there are and see which one represents us the most.