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18 Steps to start a business or start a business in 2019

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18 Steps to start a business or start a business in 2019

If you are considering creating a company in the middle of the digital era , and it is your official year as an entrepreneur , you should take into account several steps before doing so. To create a business nowadays it is no longer enough to open your business and wait for customers to arrive. The competition is greater and the offline business must be completed with an online finland email list version that accurately represents the values ​​and services of your business project.

Therefore, to make your way easier and not to waste time diving among thousands of post, here you will find the essentials for your business to start in the right direction.

10 first steps to register your company
Regardless of the type of legal form in which you are going to set up your company, you will need to carry out a series of formalities and procedures. Here we guide you in the indispensable steps to register a company:
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1. Choose the legal form
The first thing is to determine the type of company that you are going to create and determine the legal form: public limited company, limited company, cooperative … You can look here at the one that best suits your situation according to your characteristics.
2. Negative certification
You must obtain in the Central Mercantile Registry the negative Certification of the name of the company (CNN) that certifies the exclusivity and non-existence of another company with the same name. It can be processed in person with a form at the offices of the Mercantile Registry, by mail or through the web .
3. Social capital
To deposit in a bank an amount of money, which will vary depending on the social capital required in each case. For a limited company the minimum is 3,000 euros, and for a limited company the capital can not be less than 60,000 euros.
4. Request the NIF
Obtain the Tax Identification Number  in the Tax Agency, first provisionally presenting the necessary documentation (model 036, copy of the deed of incorporation and copy of the bylaws), and then the definitive one (no later than 6 months) presenting the deed.
5. Creation of the company
You must make a public deed before a notary in which the partners sign the constitution of the company .
6. Registration in the Commercial Registry
Registration of the company in the Provincial Commercial Register to obtain full legal competence. It will take place in the office of the Mercantile Registry of the same province where the company is domiciled.
7. High in IAE
You have to register in the Tax on Economic Activities with the business activity that will be carried out, in an office of the Tax Agency.
8. Company books
Legalize the books of companies (inventory book, annual accounts book and daily book) in the corresponding Mercantile Registry of the province. It consists of putting an official certificate on the first page of the books and marking the rest of the pages with the stamp of the Registry.
9. Registration of patents and trademarks
Registration of distinctive signs such as words, phrases, images or symbols in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, since having previously registered a name in the Commercial Register does not mean having it protected as a trademark.
10. Start-up
After carrying out the previous steps you will be almost ready to start your business although depending on the type you may have to do some more, for example, if you are going to have workers you must communicate the opening of the work center to the Provincial Office of the Ministry of Employment and Social Security and obtain a guestbook for inspections. In addition, it is highly recommended to obtain an electronic certificate to sign documents electronically and streamline processes.
This whole process may seem tedious, although all of us who have set up a company have gone through it and in the end it is to be. But I have good news.