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20 Pages To Download Free Vectors: EPS, SVG, AI

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20 Pages To Download Free Vectors: EPS, SVG, AI

20 Pages To Download Free Vectors: EPS, SVG, AI

Using vectors facilitates and improves the work visually, it allows us to save time and, although its cost is usually reduced, we can also download them for free. Given its importance and the advantages of using them, we put at your disposal the best pages to download free vectors from the market and have thousands of options for your designs.

Vectors are fundamental elements for graphic and web designers and are especially useful for designers who are just starting or for those who have basic knowledge and are experimenting with their designs.

Is this your situation? Then take note of all the advantages of using vectors in addition to the list of free resources from which to download them

 What are the advantages of using vectors in design?
Before explaining what are the different advantages of using vectors in graphic and secretary email list, it is essential to know what a vector or vector image is:

Vector images are graphs formed by lines and curves through geometric elements defined as vectors.

Using vectors supposes seven main advantages in comparison with the rest of images:

  1. Vectors are files that weigh little. Therefore, it is easier to share and save them.
  2. The conversion of a vector to an image is very simple.
  3. A vector image has independent resolutions. This allows a designer to edit, resize or scale the vector without losing quality.
  4. Vectors with ASCII formats have the possibility of being modified by text editing tools. With it you can add, move or change text without losing the quality of the image.
  5. In images of great details, the vectors allow to work with greater clarity in the resolution.
  6. The final result of projects that use vector images is more precise and clear.
  7. Vectors are ideal for presentations and animations, since the image is clearer.

Instagram Social Networks What uses can we give to vector images?
Once you know the advantages of using vectors, here are different ways and examples of using them in your work. Take note!

Designs for social networks and blog
Using icons and vector images is very common when we want to surprise or make a different, fun and surprising design. On many occasions these designs are intended to be shared on social networks or be at the head of the blog.Web design
Web designers often use many vector images and icons in their designs due to the lower weight they have compared to other formats and the possibility of being scalable without losing quality.

The use of vectors and icons improves the design of the web page and, in addition, helps to convey in a visual way concepts or ideas that are to be transmitted.

When speaking in public it is essential to control the verbal and non-verbal language, but it is also very important to rely on good visual material for the presentation.

The icons and vectors are very useful and necessary to give a more attractive touch to the design of the slides. In this way you will be able to attract attention and give more dynamism.

Download free vectors for design

Leadmagnets or downloadable
Within the scope of marketing is very common to work with leadmagnets, whether ebooks, templates or other downloadable that provide value to users and provide the company with interesting data to find a possible conversion.

The use of icons and vectors in leadmagnets allows them to be much more eye-catching and thus increase the perception of the value that it has for users and, consequently, the possibilities of attracting subscribers.

Download free vectors for design

Finally, I could not miss the documents for printing. Historically this has been one of the main uses of the designs: posters, brochures, t-shirts and / or any other type of merchandising.

The use of vector images for printing is very important due to the quality provided by a vector and the possibility of being scaled without losing sharpness.Generally, people who do not have great design experience do not know how to create high quality vectors for their designs. For this reason it is important to have a good list of resources from where to download free vectors and other resources that you may need in your designs.

New devices20 Pages to download free vectors

  1. Freepik
    Download free vector | Freepik
    Freepik is one of the most popular free and paid vector download pages. In addition to vector images, you can also download PSD, icons and images without registering.

The operation is very simple, you can search directly by the name of something you are looking for specifically or use your filters to search by: file type, if it is free or paid, specific authors, colors and even orientation.

To use Freepik, you must bear in mind that resources that have a crown are premium and therefore are paid. Free vectors are those that have nothing. Also in the first row for some results appear sponsored resources of Shutterstock and these are paid.

  1. Vecteezy
    Download free vector | Vecteezy
    Vecteezy is another of the most popular banks of vector images, since it has more than 100,000 free vectors. Within this page we can find all types of vectors to download without having to register.

This page has a fairly simple use, it has a search by words to find something concrete, but you can also search by vector categories and by the last vectors uploaded.

As in the previous case, the platform has differentiated free vectors, those that have nothing, those that are paid, have the word “premium”. In addition, you can also find Shutterstock advertising in the bottom of the results.

  1. Free Vector Archive
    Download free vector | FreeVectorArchive
    Free Vector Archive is a page of vector images well known among users. Sample of it is that it has 3586389 downloads.

Within this page we can find, free vectors separated into multiple categories such as: animals, education, icons, flowers or technology among many others. Another form of search is through keywords or the use of filters by file type, color and category.

Once you choose the vector you want to download, you can know all the information about it and download it for free without registering. There are two other premium options for license purchase and extended license.

  1. Flaticon
    Download free vector | Flaticon
    Flaticon is the page to download free icons in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD most known and used by users. It has 1,123,000 icons to download grouped into more than 22,000 packs.

The use of this application is very simple, it has a main search engine for keywords in English and you can also search for authors, families of icons, the latest uploaded or by categories.

In the search for the perfect icon, you have to bear in mind that those with the $ dollar symbol are free and those with the crown are premium you should pay for them. To download free icons you do not have to register.

  1. IconFinder
    Download free vector | Icon Finder
    IconFinder is another page to download free and paid vectors and icons in PNG, AI or SVG formats. It is very similar to Flaticon in terms of operation, but it has some very interesting differences.

You can search for icons by keywords, see the latest uploads, the most prominent and just below the icon you will see if it is free or paid and what is its price. To download free icons, you do not need to be registered.

The really different thing is the possibility of hiring a designer to create a custom icon or use the icon editor section to create your own icons.6. Dryicons
Free vector images | Dryicons
Dryicons is a page that allows you to download free icons and vectors without having to register. The only thing you should keep in mind to use these graphics is to name the author.

As for how to use this page is very similar to the previous ones, it has a search engine by keywords and by categories: icons, custom icons and vectors.

The main difference is that the results when looking for a graphic element is divided into icons, advertising other banks of vector images and vectors. To download free icons you do not need to register.

  1. Vector.me

Vector.me is a page to download free vector images, logos and icons. In total it has more than 76,252 free high quality downloadable vectors in AI, EPS, SVG and CDR.

It should be noted that within the three main categories (vectors, logos and icons) there are subcategories to improve the search such as: animals, funds, abstract, business or fashion. You can also filter the results based on the different labels that the resources have.

Being all free vectors, there is no premium section as such, but in the results there are two columns of vectors, logos and sponsored icons of payment pages.

  1. Vector Portal
    Free vector images | VectorPortal
    Vector Portal is a great option if you are looking for high quality free vectors from several different categories. It is one of the preferred by users since it has more than 35 million downloaded vector images.

In its main page it finds the most downloaded vectors. It also has a great main search engine to filter by keywords and 3 main tabs: Categories, highlighted and the latest.

With Portal Vector you can download any vector image without having to register. The highlight is that all the elements are free, but you must be careful not to click on the advertising banners on the page.

  1. 1001 Free Download
    Free vector images | 1001 Free Downloads
    Free Downloads is an ideal page for graphic designers. In it you can download free vectors, photographs, fonts or icons among many more elements.

You have a search engine by words and by the type of file you are looking for. Once you see the results you can download any, since they are all free. That yes, the right part of the page is usually advertising from other banks of vector images.

  1. Vector Stock
    Free vector images | VectorStock
    Vector Stock is a bank of vector images where you can find high quality resources. This page has more than 170,000 free vectors in formats such as AI, EPS, JPG or PDF.

The use of this application is very simple, since you can search by keywords and choose if you want free or paid vectors. The most important difference with the rest of vector images is that in order to download free vectors you must register.

  1. Pixabay
    Free vectors to download | Pixabay
    Pixabay is one of the most popular image banks worldwide. With it you can find photographs, videos, illustrations or free vectors.

If you are looking for in this page to download vectors you will find two possible PNG or IA formats. In case you want to download the PNG you will not have to register, but if you want to download the AI ​​file, you will have to register.12. Brands of the world
Free vectors to download | Brands of the World
Brands of the World is a bank of very interesting vector images if you’re looking to download brand logos.

All these vectors have been created by collaborators that has the website, so you must take into account that they are not the official ones. You can find the logo of any brand of the world and download the free vector in AI.

The interface of this page to download vectors is not very up-to-date, but you can search by country, in alphabetical order, by the latest uploads or directly by entering keywords. The only thing you have to do to download the file is to click on the vector and accept the conditions of use.

  1. Web Design Hot
     Free vector illustrator | Web Design Vector
    With Web Design Hot you can download free from icons, fonts, web templates or CSS elements in many other things. So it is not only to download free vectors, but you can find any type of resource you need to design a web page.

The interface is not the most up-to-date, but it allows you to search by categories, keywords and pages, which simplifies the way you search for the desired files. To download you just have to enter the design you like and you can download the file in formats like: EPS, SVG, AI.

  1. Freedesignfile
    Free vectors to download | FreeDseignFile
    Freedesignfile is a page that allows you to download vectors, PSD files, icons and images totally free. Currently has more than 170,000 downloadable files with a single click and totally free.

The structure of this page allows you to search for files very easily, since it is divided into categories (vectors, images, icons and PSD files), but then it has subcategories on the subject of the file. The ease of use and the amount of available resources make Freedesignfile a large bank of vector images.

  1. 365PSD
    Free vectors to download | 365PSD
    365 PSD is one of the best pages to download free and currently paid vectors. You can find files in PSD, AI, EPS formats and download them with a single click. This bank of vector images has more than 50,000 free vectors and more than 1.2 million payment vectors.

The first time you use this page to download vectors you will have to share the page 365 PSD in your social networks. Only with this action you will be able to download all the free vectors you want.

  1. 123 Free Vectors
    Free vector illustrator | 123 FreeVectors
    It is a bank of vector images that has more than 62,000 vectors and images to download for free, although it also has a premium part.

Within 123 Free Vector you can search by keywords or by categories and subcategories, which makes it quite simple to find the desired vector. With just one click you can download a .zip folder in which you will find the selected vector in formats such as PSD, EPS or AI.

  1. Pixeden
    Free vector illustrator | Pixeden
    Pixeden is a page where you can find all kinds of ideal resources for web and graphic design. From web templates, icons, graphics or free vectors and payment in EPS, AI and PSD formats. Therefore it can be said that it is one of the most complete pages.

This page is very organized so that you can find everything divided into categories and within them you can find the files subdivided by theme and a section where all the free files are found.

  1. Public Domain Vector
    Free vector illustrator | Public Domain Vector
    It is a page to download vector images that has more than 50,000 free vectors in SVG, AI and PSD formats. All the files that you can find on this web page are from the public domain for which they are all free of rights.

Something very interesting about this bank of vector images is the possibility of generating vectors in SVG according to the style you want or the possibility of editing them. To download vectors you do not need to be registered.

  1. Graphicsfuel
    Free vector illustrator | GraphicFuel
    It is a very complete page to download vectors, images, graphics and icons in different formats such as PNG, SVG, PSD, EPS or IA. It has more than 25,000 free and paid resources.

To use this bank of vector images there are two options: Premium and free mode. To download free vectors you do not have to register, but for the premium model, yes.