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20 tips from 3 experts for your Content Marketing

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20 tips from 3 experts for your Content Marketing

Today we have gathered the recommendations of 3 cracks: Vilma Nuñez, Clara Ávila and Clara Soler. The advice of these 3 experts can help you in your work of Content Marketing, Personal Branding and Email Marketing. Would you like to dominican republic email list know what works for the best professionals in the sector? 20 tips and 3 videos to focus on the best marketing strategies possible.

The advice of Vilma Núñez, Clara Ávila and Clara Soler
They are referents in Marketing, their blogs receive thousands of visits and have been advising companies about Online Communication for years. In our Marketin.tv project we interviewed the best ones, and they could not miss it. We have summarized some of your contributions, in your own words, and we leave you 3 video interviews of Marketin.tv. The 3 and Alicia Senovilla do an unstoppable tandem, tiny 4 cracks. Women to power!

Clara SolerClara Soler, Social Media Manager

  1. Create a good database
    For Email Marketing to be effective, you must have a large database and a lot of information from users to give them what they want. It is useless to send everyone the same if you do not take advantage of what you know about each one or their interests.
  2. Focus is the most important
    Focus and segmentation are fundamental to make good use of Email Marketing and adapt the offer to the client. Actually this advice is very linked to the previous one. You can not perform a good segmentation without a good database. Companies have to gather as much information as possible from their customers and make good use of it. To get results you can not shoot with cannon fire.
  3. The key to Inbound Marketing is to seduce
    You do not have to go after the client, but the client is the one who has to go to you, seduced through the contents, the RRSS, SEO … Content Marketing says that the reader will share, read and link what He liked me. And readers are the greatest viralization channel that exists.
  4. Faced with an online reputation crisis, breathe
    Do yoga, breathe and from there decide what you are going to answer, how and who will answer. Make a summary of the arguments you have. Organize the theme by levels, if it is something basic can answer the Community Manager, if it is something that goes up in tone better pass it to the director.
  5. Do not look at your belly button so much
    Do not talk all the time about your brand, also talk about what you have around that may also be of value to your client. If not it will be impossible to have a good strategy in social networks, blog or youtube.
  6. For your Personal Brand, it is good that you have your own domain
    Get your domain with your name, if it is already busy try to put your name followed by your personal project, for example; Clarasolerproyectopersonal or something that you like and fence related to your brand. In addition you have to try to put on all the networks that you start the same photos.
  7. Do not forget to have a good plan
    For Inbound Marketing or seduction marketing to work, it is necessary to have a good plan. The surprise factor with your customers is a good ally. Surprise them with something original, share and give away. You also need valuable content that positions you. Also try e-mail marketing, which will generate long-term benefits, you have to be patient.
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Clara Avila Clara Ávila, Digital Marketing Consultant

  1. Take care of the Usability of your web
    Getting your website to have a high usability so that the user feels comfortable managing your digital environment. When you enter a website and everything is intuitive, it is because you are successful in usability.
  2. Learn what content your readers like
    Do not write to position yourself in search engines, it is better to write to like and respond to the interests of your readers. Re learn from the analytics of your blog. If something works, reuse it and try to learn from it.
  3. Take advantage of the possibilities of Twitter Ads
    The options for targeting ads on Twitter are very interesting and you should take advantage of them. Twitter Ads has many criteria to segment (gender, other accounts that you follow, keywords, geolocation …) that allow you to reach exactly the ideal target audience for your product or service. For example, you can communicate with a person who likes theater, lives in Madrid, is a girl and has a specific age for a romantic musical comedy. In this sense, Twitter has raised the segmentation better than Facebook.
  4. Take advantage of the Blog
    It is very important to generate interesting content, a good article can generate an ecosystem that can open many job opportunities.
  5. Set priorities among all strategies
    Media management is like playing monopoly, to launch advertising it is better to try. The trick is to allocate money on several platforms and see which works best.

After doing the analysis, allocate the rest of the budget to the platform that worked best for us.

  1. Clearly define your goals in social networks
    To find out how to start for strategy in RRSS you have to ask yourself why and for what you want to be present in this network. The objectives of both things must be aligned.

Vilma Núñez Vilma Núñez, Content Marketing consultant

  1. The value of experimenting and analyzing
    No need to fear Social Networks, you have to try and experiment until you find what your target audience really likes. The only way to find the key to what works in Online Marketing and Social Media is through the “test-error, test-error” technique. Do not be afraid of new things. I started a blog myself that later proved unsuccessful. I do not mind admitting it. On the contrary, that was what prompted me to rethink my entire strategy and start from scratch with everything I learned from previous experience.
  2. Instagram as a channel for the humanization of the brand
    Placing an access to Instagram from your blog is a good strategy. Doing it this way is a way to better connect with your audience, help them see you in a more accessible way. Do not miss our Instagram of Aula CM where you can see our most personal and hooligan side. As an example, our most ridiculous video … and fun.
  3. The value of the personal brand is incalculable
    The advice that Vilma Nuñez gives is that you do not try to be who you are not. That does not work. Be yourself. Go little by little and connecting with people is what will make you succeed. You have to work hard and take it seriously.
  4. Try to Educate instead of Convincing or Selling
    When you visit a client you have to teach him. Vilma Nuñez tells us that the secret is “less sales and more training”. Educate your client is necessary to make him understand which is the strategy that best suits your needs. Staying with the basics no longer works, you have to go a step further.
  5. Differentiation as the axis of a brand
    When you start looking and see duplicate content and that everyone talks about the same thing, the only way to make a difference is to be yourself. Give your publications a touch of humor, or a more professional approach explaining things as if you were a teacher. Make a mini video, or show a good infographic … it is very important that the personality of your brand is transmitted there. And show yourself transparent.
  6. Apply indirect marketing in social networks
    Vilma Nuñez advises us what works and not on Instagram. Upload a banner of the course you’re going to give does not work, what works is for example, if you’ve been in a conference as a speaker, upload photos, tell it as a story, in a fun and transparent. It’s like reinventing the way we sell what we do through many beautiful texts and photos that really impact people.
  7. Value hard work and do all kinds of tests
    To those who want to work on their personal brand on the blog, I would recommend that they be clear about what they want and that they dedicate many hours. Whether you are a company or a person. The result is not immediate and perseverance and hard work is important. It is also important to try things. Nothing happens to make mistakes, that’s what you learn.

The results I get are not due to luck. They are due to the determination to want something and the time to dedicate it.