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2019 Guide to approve the Official Google Adwords Exam

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2019 Guide to approve the Official Google Adwords Exam

Do you want to get the Official Google Adwords Certification? It is an international title that will open doors for you and in which you will learn how to manage advertising campaigns on the Internet. So put the batteries! and do not miss any detail of this collection of tips to study and prepare you as best you can.
With a good planning you will have more possibilities to pass the exams the first time and get your official certification in less time. In this post you will find good advice and a complete guide so that you prepare the best possible. We have learned a lot of tricks preparing our students in grenada email list the  face-to-face course  and in the Google Adwords online course , so we advise you to take note so that you have an effective study methodology. Prepared @?
What is the Official Google Adwords Certification?
52They are test and online tests that allow you to prove your experience and knowledge in the Google Adwords ad system. If you pass the basic and advanced search exam you get the advertising certificate in Search or  Search , if you also pass the display exam you get the Display certificate .Grenada Email List
The exams are FREE and if you suspend you can return to present you without cost. You also have free access to  Google Partners where, apart from accessing the exams, you have the guide and the official study material, (I’ll tell you later how it works). As for the requirements there is only one and is to have a gmail account for access, simple right?
In recent years, Google has greatly facilitated access to certification. Before it had a cost of 50 dollars that included a single opportunity for each of the 3 exams. If you failed you had to pay again and you only had the option of doing the exams in English.
Who can get the certification?
8The official Adwords certification is open to anyone who wants to take the exams. I recommend it especially if you are  C ommunity Manager ,  if you work in marketing, if you are an  advertiser or if you work in an online marketing agency . It is a great way to strengthen and complement your training and also allows you to endorse possible SEM services for the creation and optimization of advertising campaigns in the search network and in the Google display network.
The #AdWords Certification is an opportunity for Community Managers, advertisers and MK agencies
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First steps:
1. Access and registration in Google Partners
It is the first step to create your Partner profile (partner) and have access to all the material and exams. If you still do not have your profile active, go  here to Google Partners  and complete the personal information of your account. Once inside you will have a side menu where you can find the “Adwords” section.
xxxxGoogle Partners Become a Google Partner
From Certifications> Adwords, you have access to each exam individually and their respective lessons.
Google Partners Adwords Certification
2. The exams
71All exams have a duration of 120 minutes but different number of questions and different percentage to get approved. Here you have a drop-down menu type chop that will be very useful to remember the objectives of each one.
Basic Concepts Exam
Advanced Search Exam
Advanced Display Test
3. The lessons of each exam16
As for the lessons, each exam has its own and within them you will find several sections where you will see tips, videos, links and notes to take into account. All the lessons redirect you to the support of Google Adwords , which is the official source and which you will have to study the most. It includes the contents that enter the examination, even in some cases, literal phrases that appear in the multiple choice questions.
Basic Lessons
Search lessons
Display Lessons
Introduction to Adwords
Accounts administration
Keyword targeting
Ad formats
Ad Group and campaign management
Geographic and language segmentation
Budgets and bids
Measurement and optimization
Performance, profitability and growth
Administration of several accounts
4. Tips to prepare you effectively
64Create your “Adwords” calendar
One of the best tips that I can give you and what works best is to define your own  study timeline . In this way you will be mentalized about the days and hours that you have for each thing and you will be able to check your progress. How many hours will you spend per day? How many days per week? How much total time do you have for all three exams?
If you take it seriously, 15 days for each test could be enough. The forecast in these cases will help you reduce downtime and control your performance.
icon-06Notebook of doubts and advanced concepts
You can find lots of material online via Adwords support, blogs, forums and slides but I also advise you to customize and create your own manual. None will be as complete as the one you can create yourself. Especially because you can select those things that are more difficult or more important to have them always at hand in your own word document, drive or pdf.
It is possible that you have doubts or that you do not fully understand any of the functions of the search network or the display network. My advice is that you have a notebook for your questions only because you can see at a glance what things you have to investigate and review better.
Free Online Marketing CourseCreate a cutlet of the most important acronyms
Another of the tricks and things that can come to you very well is to create your little dictionary. When you are doing the exam, having a template with the main definitions on hand can help you avoid misunderstandings. You can use the theoretical definition but I advise you to write it with your own words and in first person with examples that you think of yourself. For example: CPC, IP, CTA, CPM, CTR, CPA.
icon-10Do practical exercises in the Adwords interface
You have to alternate theory and practice as much as you can. The best thing is that you always study with your open Google Adwords account to be able to check with your own eyes where each section is. View by clicking, open tabs, close them, display the information panels, create new campaigns, new ad groups, add keywords, edit, test and test everything you can.
icon-02Introduce yourself to the test to put yourself to the test
It is one of the best exercises you can do. Even if you do not have absolute control and you do not know all the theory of memory, my advice is that you take the test and do the test. If you suspend nothing happens, you can re-submit after 7 days and that’s it. It is essential for you to 1) take away your fear, 2) see how the questions are and 3) give you an idea of ​​the time available.
5. Resources to prepare official Google exams:icon-11
In this section you have a list of the best blogs about Google Adwords, links and videos to study, interesting links to follow the SEM referents and 5 tricks so you have everything under control.
Youtube channels specialized in SEM
On YouTube you have a great medium to study, review and solve doubts. Videos are always more entertaining and are another way to continue learning.
There are several official channels dedicated to Adwords and also communities of experts and SEM referents. I recommend you visit Google Ads  (English) and Google for your business (in Spanish)
AdWords YouTube
Recommended blogs about Google Adwords
They are a good alternative if you need to consult doubts and are very useful to learn from the experience of their authors. In most you will find articles, guides and examples with screenshots that will help you to follow some step if you have doubts or to configure a specific function.
Inside Adwords
It is the official blog of Adwords in Spain and has more than 5o labels and categories with articles and posts related to the main themes of Adwords and concepts that enter the agenda. Take a look at it from time to time to consult your doubts.
The online marketing blog of Aukera
The Aukera blog
This blog will love you because part of having a lot of content and post about SEM and Adwords is fun and with good tricks.
The blog of Ana Berges
Ana is a professor in Zaragoza and specializes in SEM and Analytics. It has articles focused on advanced optimization on the main topics in Adwords such as CTR, Keywords, quality level, ranking or automation.
Oscar Abad’s blog
Oscar is another of the most active and prominent members in the Adwords community. Your blog is very good and you will surely find a solution to your doubts.
Its main activity is to offer SEM services to clients and brands and they dedicate part of their time to writing and having their blog updated. I recommend it if you want to know new features, be up to date with news and expand information on Adwords, Ecommerce or positioning.
It is an online marketing agency specializing in SEM and they have a pretty complete blog and full tips to know in depth Adwords.
Search Engine Journal
Write this blog because it is one of the most recognized and awarded at international level in SEM, SEO, Social Media and Online Marketing. It has a section dedicated to PPC or pay per click where you can find ideas for your campaigns and the explanation of functions that enter the exam.
boxes icons posts-06Google Adwords course
Learn how to manage campaigns and get the Official Google Certification, valid in more than 200 countries
Classroom course Online course
36 hours with theory and lots of practice 54 hours of online training
Practices with official exams Practices with official exams
You can repeat classes if you need it 6 live classes of 3 hours
Create your own campaigns from scratch Create your own campaigns from scratch
Access to the Private Area for life Access to the Private Area for life
Face-to-face course € 500
Online Course 350 €
icons boxes posts-03 icons boxes posts-02 boxes icons posts-01
Learn in the official Adwords community
The Adwords Community  is one of the best sites to answer questions or help other users. With your account you can participate on the subject you prefer and also access articles related to ads in Adwords. The people who comment the most, provide useful content and give solutions are very well valued as prominent users , so it is also another channel to make yourself known and to become part of this world.
Follow SEM referents on Twitter
Along with bloggers and Adwords specialists there are also some official accounts that you can follow through twitter:
@AdwordsES : The official AdWords account in SpanishReferent sem2
@Adsense : Google Adsense news
@PPCHero : a blog of experts in PPC
@Sewatch : opinions, tips, SEO, PPC, Analytics and content
@MarketingLand : digital diary of Online Marketing
@Remora : internectia partner
@Edgar_sanchez : SEO and SEM expert
@SemBilbao : campaign manager and SEM expert, Analytics
@Javiergosende : blogger SEM, SEO and analyticsSEM referents
@nsamperiz : lecturer and professor SEM
@Anaberges : SEM manager and professor at the University of Zaragoza
@Google_Partner : strategic consultant SEM and founder of Posizionarte.com
@GoogleAcademies : Google AdWords and Analytics training sessions
Certification = Work?
Some of the reasons that can encourage you to prepare exams is that you will increase the chances of choosing a job in Spain, Europe or abroad  in the area of ​​Online Marketing. Keep in mind that it is an official, international title granted by Google itself.
SEM profiles are increasingly demanded by companies so having the title and knowledge, will differentiate you from the rest and provide a technical bonus to your CV. Fortunately or unfortunately at the moment there are not many people specialized in this field. Take advantage of this opportunity and broad borders 😉
Chapter of Radiomarketing on Google Adwords
In this episode of Radiomarketing you will find many recommendations to improve Google Adwords ads. Without a doubt, this information can be useful and enriching to obtain certification.
A lot of encouragement and luck with the exams!
Achieving complete certification is a challenge so you will need to be very consistent and gradually assimilate concepts of greater difficulty. If you are part of a beginner level you may feel a bit overwhelmed at the beginning do not get discouraged and keep practicing. The final reward? Being a crack of Adwords and having a technical knowledge very demanded by companies of all kinds. It will also improve your CV for new clients, projects and future jobs. It’s worth it, do not you think?
Here you have us to answer any questions and to help you if you need it with certification. And if you manage to get the title and, already, you are also encouraged to prepare the official Google Analytics exam, with the  on-site course of Analytics  and also with its online version , you can acquire advanced knowledge that will make you a qualified professional in web analytics .
I hope you have been useful, greetings!