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25 Free online Marketing courses and Community Manager

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25 Free online Marketing courses and Community Manager

25 Free online Marketing courses and Community Manager

If you want to train in Online Marketing but you do not have time (nor your pocket allows it), do not worry. We can help you. We have compiled a list with the “25  Most Interesting Free Online Courses on Communication 2.0″. The compilation covers many topics related to Digital Marketing: from basic notions to courses of Electronic Commerce, WordPress or SEO. It’s never too late to continue learning, do not you think? No matter how old you are, learning always enriches and can open doors in the workplace (and personal). In addition, in a world as changing as the online one, where new developments constantly arise, we uk email lists must constantly update ourselves so as not to be left behind. The problem of broadening knowledge is that many times we do not have the necessary time and money.

Therefore, we have made a selection of the best online and free courses related to Digital Marketing . Any of these subjects comes well to a community manager to improve and contribute in their work. We hope that they are of your interest and that you find a training that will help you.

25 Free online courses 2018-2019uk email lists
The courses that we propose to you next will be able to realize them calmly from house, to any hour and any day of the week, to the rate that you yourself you mark yourself. They are all free . You will only need a computer and a good Internet connection. Many of them are training videos and others offer content in PDF or text. Take a look and find the one that fits what you’re looking for. The themes are very varied.
1. Course and manual of Google Adwords
Free Adwords courseThe first course we offer is a complete guide that Google has to learn how to manage your AdWords service from start to finish. With this manual you will know all the steps and tricks to use this online advertising program. Following the guidelines that Google gives you, you can design without problems your own ads to publicize your brand on the Internet and get out in the first places when users do searches. Many times, there is nothing like going to the sources themselves to train and study directly the use of tools. Do not you think?
2. Official video course of Google AdWords
Adwords courseWe do not know if you already know it, but we wanted to share with you the YouTube channel dedicated entirely to Google AdWords. It’s not a course, it’s a master’s degree ! If you want to learn all about this tool to create ads and you prefer to have it told before reading it in a manual, this is your choice! It’s great. The videos are short and easy to see. In them you will find an explanation to all the questions that arise: “how to use budgets in AdWords Express”, “how to cancel your account”, “how to create an AdWords campaign for video”, “how to add phone numbers to the ads” … We assure you that if you see all this material you will become an expert in AdWords.
3. Free Google AdWords course
Adwords courseYou may want to receive training on Google AdWords, but the manuals and videos that we have proposed previously do not suit what you are looking for. In that case, we offer you a free online course taught by the referent Luis M. Villanueva . There are 8 video-tutorials, which last between 10 and 30 minutes each, where the functioning of Google AdWords is clearly explained. They are aimed at beginning students who will see, among other things, how to create an account, manage the tool, make a campaign, analyze results and learn from mistakes. To register you will only have to give your name and mail. At 48 hours, you will receive all the material by email. You sign up?
4.  Videomarketing course for entrepreneurs
Free Online Videomarketing CourseThe video is the format for content value and further growth on the Internet. This course is composed of 16 audiovisual classes in which you will learn how to use video to publicize your business and develop an effective videomarketing strategy . In short, they will show you what camera to use to create your videos, what types of videos you can make, how to position a video on YouTube , increase its virality, get more visits or add a logo in your productions.
5.  Growth Hacking Course
Growth hacking courseIt’s called growth hacking to the combination of a series of actions (creativity, analytical and social networks) to sell more products and gain visibility. These are methods that are usually used to increase the number of users of a Start Up . If you want to know more about this trend that comes from the United States, but that is still something new in Spain, this course may interest you. Through 11 videos, with a total duration of 56 minutes, you will discover the keys to growing your business on the Internet.
6. Free Social Media Course (Social Networks) for teaching
Course Social Networks TeachingThe  Social Media course is intended, above all, for teachers and professors. It consists of 5 modules, all of them in video. It explains which are the most interesting and used social networks , how they work, how they should be used and how they can be used in the field of education. It also raises the birth of new professional profiles such as Community Manager or “curator of content”. The last edition started in October, but be on the lookout for upcoming dates.
7. How to use Adobe Photoshop from scratch
Free Photoshop CoursePhotographs, illustrations and graphic designs are very important in Content Marketing . That is why it is very useful for community managers to manage any tool that allows images to be retouched. That is precisely what this course is about. There are 8 videos in HD of almost one hour of total duration where an advertising photographer teaches how to use Photoshop from the beginning. You will learn to use this image editing program and you will know some interesting tricks to improve your photos: adjust the color, change the background, eliminate unwanted objects, insert texts, clean imperfections …
8.   Free graphic design course
Free course Graphic designIf you do not settle for creating or retouching images and want to go further, this training may interest you. As the creators of the course say, to transmit an idea with a visual element it is necessary to have notions of design and know the resources that you have. With this free graphic design course you will have 31 video lessons that  allow students to get into graphic design and learn the most important principles in this field. Many aspects are studied: typography, text editing, colors, visual language, the value of communication or usability. You can start the course at any time.
9. Data and Analytics applied to Digital Marketing
Free Analytics CourseAll Digital Marketing strategies need to be measured and analyzed to know if we are doing well, if we are getting benefits or if we should change tactics. These 19 video classes  will help you interpret the data offered by the metrics well and give you some keys to increase the return of any digital advertising investment . It is a theoretical and practical training with simple explanations that do not need prior knowledge. Of course, you will have an advantage if you are familiar with the language of Online Marketing.
10. Introduction course to free SEO
Free Online Marketing CourseSEO is called all the actions that allow to increase the visibility of a web page and, therefore, improve its positioning in search engines. This is the fast and general definition, but if you want to expand your training on search engine marketing , we recommend these 9 videos of more than 2 hours of content. With this free SEO course you will learn: what is SEO, the basic concepts that you will have to handle, some tricks to improve the positioning on the Internet and how to draw up an action plan to come out at the top of the search results.
11. Free online WordPress course on video
Free WordPress CourseIf you are interested in creating your own website or blog , here is a guide composed of 11 videos with which you will learn how to make a page with WordPress . There are more than 50 minutes of training where they teach you everything to build your own site on this platform: from installing WordPress, to adding entries and pages or managing menus, widgets, plugins and comments.
12. Pinterest course for business
Free Pinterest coursePinterest is consolidating as the favorite social network of companies to share images and photographs. This course will help you improve your marketing strategy in this platform and exploit to the maximum its possibilities to grow your company. There are 15 videos of an hour and a half of total duration. With this training you will learn to get keywords for your Pinterest boards, generate traffic to the web, where to get the images … In short, all the keys to succeed with your brand in this social network.
13. Online Shop Course with Woocommerce
Free Online Store CourseAre you thinking of opening your own online store or are you the community manager of a business that wants to do it? Here you have 10 videos with five hours of content showing, step by step, how to create a virtual store in WordPress. The student will start from scratch his own e-commerce and will get it mounted at the end of the training. No prior knowledge is necessary. The information is told in a simple way and is easy to follow. The only essential thing is a hosting and a domain.
14.  Digital Marketing Course: 12 Purposes
Digital Marketing Course 12 purposesThis course of Digital Marketing consists of 12 lessons that students receive by mail. The first edition begins on December 1 and the teachers who teach it are all referents. Vilma Nuñez, Lucas García, Clara Ávila, Laura Ribas and Victor Martín are some of the names that appear on the list of trainers. The topics that will be discussed, among others, are: how to create an Online Marketing Plan, how to develop a Digital Product or how to make a Public Relations 2.0 strategy.
Free courses in EnglishOnline English Marketing Training
The courses you will see below have been launched by different universities in the USA, the United Kingdom and the Copenhagen Business School. They offer very interesting content but English skills are needed. All have subtitles in English. In addition, in this section we have included training material on Google Analytics also in English (this time without subtitles).
15. Course of analysis of social networks
Free online course Analysis Social NetworksSince the first mail was sent in the 70s to today, the Social Media landscape has grown and evolved in an incredible way. Social networks have changed the world of communication, the way we relate, the way we are informed and, of course, they have been a revolution for companies and businesses. If you want to know more about the different Social Networks and their development, we recommend the analysis offered by this  nine-week course in English taught by the University of Michigan (USA).
16. Challenges and perspectives in Digital Marketing
Free Online Marketing CourseThis course from the University of Southampton (United Kingdom) explores the new trends in Digital Marketing. From our point of view, it is always interesting to know the vision that other countries have of communication and online marketing. Especially when they focus, as in this case, on analyzing new concepts and applications. The training lasts three weeks and is in English with subtitles.
17. Online neuromarketing course
Free Neuromarketing CourseThere is a lot of talk lately about Neuromarketing and the brain mechanisms that lead a user to make a purchase process. Of course, the subject is exciting. That’s why we think that this  six-week online neuromarketing course may be fine to know exactly what neuromarketing is, how it works and how to get the most out of it. It is taught by the Copenhagen Business School, lasts six weeks and is in English with subtitles.
18. Free Analytics course at the official free Google Academy
Free Google Analytics courseMeasuring results, that is, knowing if we are obtaining benefits, is a fundamental part of Online Marketing. Check with data and figures if we are doing well on our website and social networks is key to continue with a strategy. For this, one of the best tools is Google Analytics . If you want to learn how to use it, we suggest this Google platform . It is a true online training school about Analytics. Here you will find four courses that will allow you to acquire all the necessary knowledge to become an expert analyzing data with this tool. Take a look and choose the one you like the most. Of course, everything is in English without subtitles, you will need to control the language enough.
19. Video course of Google Analytics
Free Online Marketing CourseAnother great way to learn the ins and outs of Google Analytics and study the tool in depth is by watching the videos that Google has posted on this Youtube channel . The list of topics covered is endless: “know the latest version of Google Tag Assistant”, “how to use Google Analytics from your mobile”, “lessons about Analytics for electronic commerce” … In addition to tutorials, you will also find lectures and talks experts related to Analytics. In short, an intensive course (and infinite) with which you can be up to date because they constantly publish new material.
Ebooks and guides Free Online MarketingSupplement: Free ebooks, guides and manuals
To finish, we want to share with you some free ebooks and downloadable material available on the Internet that can help you in your learning about Online Communication. They are a good complement to any training course.
20. ” 50 Free Online Marketing Ebooks “
50 Free Ebooks Online MarketingIf ebooks are your thing, you should take a look at this complete list with the 50 most interesting ones on Online Marketing and Social Media. All books are free and downloadable. Choose the ones that catch your attention and add them to your Community Manager collection.
21.  20 Guidelines for Online Marketing and Social Media
Free Online Marketing GuidesThe blog Marketing and Web has made a selection of the best guides for passionate about Online Marketing and Social Networks. There are 20 essential manuals to carry out a good Internet marketing strategy and cover all aspects necessary for Communication 2.0. Here you will find tricks, recommendations, success stories and mistakes that you should not make.
22. The Online Marketing Manual
Manual Marketing OnlineHere you have 6 complete guides and 2 compilations with the best articles on Social Media and Digital Communication. Without a doubt, a good resource to have always at hand if you are a Community Manager. Something very valuable that this manual offers are the recommendations and advice of 22 referents such as Isra García, Juan Merodio or Juan Carlos Mejía Llano. In addition, it also includes content about SEO, Google Adwords, Analytics, WordPress and a dictionary with the 100 most used Social Media words.
23.  Books on Marketing 2.0 by Juan Merodio
Free Ebook Promote your BusinessJuan Merodio is one of the great references of Online Marketing in Spain and Latin America. On this page, Merodio makes available to the user his own library with the 7 books he has written. Almost all you can download them for free in exchange for subscribing to your blog. You will only have to give your name and email. We think it’s worth it. We suggest “How to start promoting your business in Social Networks” and “Marketing in Social Networks”.
24. Free online Email Marketing course
Free Emailmarketing CourseVilma Nuñez , another of the most prominent Social Media references, gives this mini course with an ebook included. Vilma offers 4 lessons in which she teaches the advantages of Email Marketing for a business, how to create a marketing campaign by mail, what tools to use and the keys to do it well. In addition, the book includes many recommendations and guidelines to make good email marketing strategies. To receive free all the contents you have to give your email, name, surnames and country of origin.