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25 tips to do a job interview OK Sertvice News For Sales

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25 tips to do a job interview OK Sertvice News For Sales

25 tips to do a job interview OK Sertvice News For Sales

If you are looking for a job, this information may Orlando SEO Service Plan interest you. There are 25 tips to be well prepared and do a job interview in marketing, advertising or communication. Although they really can be applied to other sectors. Are you ready to show the best of you?


Prepare job interview How to prepare a job interview
You receive a call on your mobile, you answer and the person on the other side gives you a job interview. You get nervous, you block yourself and you practically do not know what to say. Be careful, because now is the time to start our plan. Keep calm, take a deep breath, take a pencil and paper, and do not forget to obtain this information before hanging up:

name of the contact person and your phone
date, time and address of the appointment
company and department that summon you
kind of interview that you are going to do
and name of the interviewer.
If, in addition, you can obtain information about the vacant position, great. This is a good start! Anyway, do not worry that now I’ll tell you in more detail.

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1. Conduct a prior investigation
Research interview work Since you receive the call until the day of the interview, you have time to activate the protocol of action in these cases. The important thing is to get down to work as soon as possible to be as prepared as possible. First of all, get all the information you can about the company, the position and the interviewer.

The company
Search the company on Google and see everything that appears on it on the first page of results. Visit their website, look at the history of the brand, its mission, vision, values, the services or products it offers, what is its specialty, what kind of clients it has, what style of communication it uses and how is the team. I invite you to take a good tour of the entire page and take note.
The post
The interviewer
2. Follow the blog and social networks of the company
Research Interview WorkFrom now, I recommend that you follow the blogs and social networks of the companies in which you want to work or collaborate. Not only that. Read the content they publish, leave comments on their articles adding value, share their posts on social networks mentioning their accounts, react to their posts on Twitter and Facebook (retweet, like, share, comment …) … In short, remains active in their digital platforms and give feedback. It is the best way that currently exists to show interest. Above all, if we talk about the marketing, advertising and communication sector.

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3. Ask what kind of job interview you are going to do
Interview typeThe job interviews usually last about 30 minutes. That’s the time you have to convince the coach of your worth. Before going to the appointment, it is convenient to know what kind of interview you are going to do. In general, there are two options:

You are alone with the interviewer and the conversation you keep can be:
Directed They ask you a questionnaire that includes the same questions for all the candidates. The key is to be clear and brief in your answers.

Free. The person who interviews you leaves you free and is open to talk about your experience following the guidelines that you are marking. The talk develops in a more fluid way, without a predetermined script. In this case, the most advisable thing is to count your trajectory in chronological order, highlighting your strengths and making clear what you can contribute to the company.

Mixed This interview model is quite common. It is a mix between the first and the second. There is a base questionnaire with closed questions but, at the same time, they leave you room to take the speech to your ground and take the initiative.

4. Retouch your CV
CV interview trabajoIt is assumed that when they call you for the job interview it is because they have previously seen your CV and they liked it. However, you should go to the appointment with the updated curriculum on paper or PDF within a pen drive. When you have specific information about the company and the position for which they call you, tweak and adapt your resume highlighting the experience and skills that best fit what they are looking for. If you need advice, I give you 20 tips to make a good CV and 35 creative CV templates.