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3 basic skills that every marketing manager should have

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3 basic skills that every marketing manager should have

The marketing manager is a very valuable person for the company.  He has in his hands the task of applying market strategies that help to highlight the organization for which he works. Its functions are broad and defined, so it is convenient to have the most innovative tools in the sector. buy youtube views In the same way, this position requires basic skills to achieve short, medium and long term goals.

To work in marketing, constant updating is required . Each year the number of tools to implement the marketing strategies for each company increases. Innovation in digital marketing is a challenge for the marketer, but it is also an advantage that we should take advantage of.

The functions of the marketing manager require constant communication with all departments of a company. For this reason, accurate and efficient coordination is necessary. For the main marketing tasks, instruments have been designed, which can only be used by the most skilled. Below we tell you what are the basic marketing skills.

Marketing Analytics

The analysis of performance and advertising results of both the company and competitors, is by far one of the most important skills. To measure the scope of a marketing strategy, there are several digital softwares available to the marketer. The successful use of such tools allows to evaluate that there has been growth, in order to apply measures and make reports .

The areas that require analysis are varied. Among the main metrics that should be considered, we have the following:

  • Website traffic
  • Number of users
  • Visiting time of the users
  • Number of backlinks
  • Speed ​​in the loading of the page.
  • Rate of clicks, participation and distribution of campaigns in social networks.

The report of this analysis must answer specific questions. For example, if the marketing campaign is reaching the right audience. It is also advisable to consider if the channels used and the frequency of publication in these is the most appropriate .

Tools such as Google Analytics and the Marketplace pixel help to obtain the necessary data for the preparation of the report . Other tools for the marketing manager can be: eClincher, Agora Pulse, Sprout Social and Hootsuite, etc. One of the advantages of this type of software is that they allow the combination of different analyzes to build a global report.

Generate more registered users

The marketing manager must know how to create a matrix of users who become potential consumers of the brand . A business believes as the generation of prospects does, so a strategy for that purpose is designed.

Commonly, the user register is used on the company’s website to generate potential customers. However, the effectiveness of this maneuver has declined because it is tedious for visitors. Therefore, the marketing leader has the task of creating new ways to accomplish this task. Some specialists recommend the following actions:

  • Insert a chatbot program in the home page : this element allows the user to register to chat and quickly get the information they are looking for.
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  • Registration through Social Networks : a conventional registry can carry several data that exhaust the visitor, but if we ask you to do so with your Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ profile, the process will be immediate.
  • Automatic email campaigns: email campaigns lose their effectiveness when they are not done properly. Therefore, an automatic drip distribution mode is recommended. A recommended tool is the MailShake, which makes automatic tracking possible.
  • Connect with influencers and Bloggers : a list of contacts made up of people and companies capable of attracting new customers to our site is the job of every marketer. Getting to these people can take time, but tools like NinjaOutreach get it in a few minutes. The software also allows the configuration of innovative and specific email campaigns.

Manage project and team

One of the challenges that constitutes the administration of the marketing of company is to be able to maintain the project with the correct equipment. Such administration consists in keeping the project parts in operation so that it is executed on time . For this it is necessary to have the trained team to achieve the goals. A successful marketing manager is one who can give continuity to the plan and the objectives corresponding to each phase of the campaign.

All marketing campaigns change according to the type of company , although there are common elements among them. As for the team, we can mention some pieces that should not be missing, for example, the following:

  • Social ad representative
  • Designer
  • Content editor
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Social media administrator

Depending on the size of the company, the functions can be distributed according to the skills of the team members . However, the organization corresponds to the manager, who at the present time can count on diverse tools to know what each one does, when and in how much time.

One of the suggested tools is Slack, a software designed to optimize communication and the organization of the marketing team. We also recommend the Monday software, a visual project organizer; and Nuvro, a proposal that helps monitor the project, create notes and assignments for the team.

As we have said, it is very convenient to be updated to have a successful marketing management. Every day the processes are automated, it is possible to organize the project and the team remotely and in person with the same confidence. For this reason, the main skill of the marketing generator is to use products designed exclusively to help in their work. Although it is normal to get confused and lose the way in these sometimes complex designs, the study, practice and the right team are decisive in the success of the marketing of the company.