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30 great examples of how to do Content Marketing News Service

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30 great examples of how to do Content Marketing News Service

30 great examples of how to do Content Marketing News Service

Milena González, Community Manager Canada Business Email List specialized in Social Media, has made a great selection of 30 good examples of Content Marketing practiced by brands. The contents are the best way for companies to connect with users. These real cases can be of inspiration and reference.


Milena González Content Marketing is the art of communication with your ideal client without having to sell. I have divided the examples by categories according to the format used. I hope they help you and give you many ideas. Let’s go there!


Applications Marketing ContentApplications
Mobile devices are increasingly implanted and for that reason they do not stop appearing applications in the market. Brands, aware of this reality, work in this very singular form of content in order to include them in a strategy of interaction with users.

The development of applications aims to take advantage of the advantages of mobile. The contact list, the voice recognition, the camera of the device, the resource of portability and what is perhaps its best asset: geolocation. However, the competition is atrocious and it is difficult to find an application capable of really connecting with the user, of falling in love with it and capturing it. More than 96% of applications are abandoned within a few weeks of being installed.

A significant factor is that the application is complete, that it works well, that it fulfills what it promises.


Not all apps are examples of content marketing
Many companies have opted for the creation of applications that facilitate the user to purchase their products or services. These applications are intended to improve the shopping experience and increase sales. They are fundamental for ecommerce. In this article we are not going to talk about them, but those that offer a content of value to the user, that is, they solve a problem and put it in contact with the brand.


1. Adidas MiCoach: the classic
Brand: Adidas

This year will be a decade since Adidas launched the MiCoach range in 2006 with Samsung. It was a response to the pioneer “Nike + iPod” that Nike had put in place at the hands of Apple.

It is nothing new, but for me it is the perfect model of everything an application can do for a brand, a true case study.

As an application, MiCoach is possibly the best mobile physical trainer for users. Configured with the voice of elite athletes (soccer player David Villa, for the Spanish version, for example), this personal trainer generates an excellent customer experience.

It works:

Adidas connects perfectly with your Buyer Persona (runners, sports lovers, beginners and not) through this very complete application that meets your fitness needs.
It has several types of predetermined workouts ranging from completely flat to other more intensive training. That is, it covers a large number of possible profiles.
The app has its own blog from which it generates useful material for its followers (tips to face a marathon, what foods according to what training …)
From your Twitter account, MiCoach connects with your community through the hashtag #findyourmore, which serves as a stimulus to users who see their goals achieved or who set new goals. The hashtag is totally inspiring and does not mention the brand.
MiCoach range: The list of associated products almost reaches ten and will not stop growing; like the FIT Smart, a fitness and running watch with activity tracking that fits perfectly into the MiCoach concept.