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40 Google Chrome Extensions for Marketing and SEO For Sales Service.

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40 Google Chrome Extensions for Marketing and SEO For Sales Service.

40 Google Chrome Extensions for Marketing and SEO For Sales Service.

Here is a compilation of 40 Google Chrome extensions that all Community Manager and Buy YouTube Comments Marketing Professional should know and use. They undoubtedly make work much easier and save time. Tools to better and faster manage social networks, facilitate SEO positioning, analyze different data and statistics … in one of the most used search engines: Google Chrome.

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Miriam Mendoza Hello, I’m Miriam Mendoza, community manager and blogger. I have made a selection of the 40 most useful Chrome extensions for my daily work. I have divided them into categories: SEO, images, social networks, analytics and email. I hope they serve you!



Seo Extensions
SEOQUAKE Google Chrome Extensions1. SeoQuake
One of the most popular extensions in Seo story. It does a quick analysis of a page and offers a lot of information such as meta-tags, existence of robots, analyzes internal and external links, Page Rank, position in Alexa, images, sitemap … etc


Woorank Extensions Google Chrome2. Woorank
It is an extension that offers very complete reports about Seo for free. Rapid loading of a page, SEO onpage, authority, usability, mobile devices, traffic, web security, length of title and meta description, domain and its expiration … and many more data. It helps us to know what aspects of our website we can improve and which ones should be corrected.


SEO for Chrome3 Seo for chrome
With this extension you will get information about the SEO of your website, keywords, competition analysis, control of incoming links, indexed pages, statistics on social networks such as the number of likes, shares … Data on the traffic received by the web and much more information.


Another famous application belonging to Moz. With it we can obtain very complete information about the Seo of a web, analysis onpage, offpage, backlinks, authority of the page or of a domain, etc.


Redirect Path5. Redirect Path
Easily diagnose link problems Identify errors in redirects or in status codes.


Check my link6. Check my link
It is a very useful extension that lets you know with a simple click what links are broken in your page, showing in green those that are good and in red those that give failure. It is very important that all the links of a website work correctly since otherwise it hinders the positioning of your website.


Tag Assistant Google7. Tag Assistant Google
This tool works to detect that the labels of our page are perfectly installed. It works with Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Tag Manager among others. With this extension we can know immediately if the tracking code is well implemented.


Wappalyzer8. Wappalyzer
Identify what software a web page uses, from CMS, javascript, e-commerce systems, hosting, web analytics, etc. Very useful for web developers!


Responsive Web Design Tester9. Responsive Web Design Tester
With this extension you can see how your website is displayed on different mobile devices. You can try different sizes, formats and devices. It is very important to have our website optimized in the different devices since it is a factor that Google takes into account for SEO.



Image editors
EffectyGram10. EffectyGram
It allows us to edit the photos before uploading them to Instagram, with more filters, frames and effects. We can also add texts to our images. Once the edition is finished, you can save it in the PC or publish it directly in the social network.


PhotoEditor11. PhotoEditor
Online image editor that uses HTML5. You can edit your images, add various filters and effects from your browser.


Ipiccy12. IPiccy
It is an image editor of the Pickmonkey style, with many effects to give your photos a professional touch.



Extensions for Social Networks
13. Pin It ButtonPin it Button
The Pinterest extension to save the images you find on the web. You can pin any item on your Pinterest boards quickly and easily.


14. AntavoAntavo
It allows you to connect the followers of your social networks with your mailing campaigns, create promotions on Facebook for free such as contests, draws …


15. Tweet ButtonTweet Button
An extension to quickly share on Twitter the page you’re looking at. Just clicking on the button will open a window to edit the Tweet.


16. QuickTweet Quick Tweet
A very useful extension if you have several Twitter accounts because, once you set them all, you can access them and change from one to another very quickly with a single click.