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5 Examples of Earned Media That Brands Can Get

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5 Examples of Earned Media That Brands Can Get

5 Examples of Earned Media That Brands Can Get

1. Content from influencers about your brand or product
Nowadays, YouTube videos or Twitter posts of product comparisons are very popular, in which a person with a certain influence and popularity chooses some products of a niche to look for differences and similarities, helping to find the best commercial alternative.

Many times these videos are not promoted by the brands , that is, they are Earned Media, since the content creator chooses them by references, popularity or simply randomly and makes a kind of review of each one.

This is the case, for example, of the video by Luisito Comunica , one of the most popular Spanish-speaking youtubers, in which he tried different types of tequila to find, from his perspective, the best of all.

This can be achieved thanks to several factors,

Including a good product, digital and traditional positioning strategies. Or through “bartering” influencers in exchange for mentions. Of your brand on their social networks .

2. Requests for interviews in specialized media
Mass media , such as television channels, newspapers or specialized sites. Can be part of your earned media if your business manages. To VP Purchasing Officer Email Lists cause enough buzz to be noticed .

For example, if you are new or are looking for talent for your company. And you promote it in online media , it is possible that a local. Media in your city will give you the opportunity to be. Interviewed to talk about your organization and about the prospects you need.

A case of this type are the interviews that forbes mexico. Has conducted with startups such as justo , a startup from chile. That is just entering the mexican market.

In addition, referral links are very important to improve the web positioning of pages,

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considering that they are valued by Google when defining how relevant a website is.

As the acquisition of links also has a direct impact on Earned Media, we invite you to download our complete ebook on Link Building and how it will support you in your digital initiatives:

3. Informative notes in digital media about your company
SMEs rarely attract the attention of the big news networks, but they are very good at making themselves known through niche websites, which only report on a specific market segment .

We saw this, for example, when Rock Content acquired ScribbeLive and several niche news outlets picked up on the news . What you need to do is promote the hot item on your site enough so that others can find and replicate it.