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5 Marketing lessons we can learn from Stan Lee

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5 Marketing lessons we can learn from Stan Lee

5 Marketing lessons we can learn from Stan Lee

Master STAN LEE was a man focused on reaching as many people as possible, not only with the comics and presentations he made, but with each of the actions with which he could be associated. In this way today I want to summarize 5 Marketing lessons that we can learn from Stan Lee.Buy Instagram Followers

Lesson 1: With great power comes to GREAT responsibility
This famous phrase that transcends in comics, is for us who work in MARKETING a maxim since the power we have to manage digital platforms for brands and our businesses, do not generate a responsibility to act correctly, collect the fair, give 100% of our knowledge in order to grow the digital ecosystem we manage.
Lesson 2: Join forces, look for your X-MEN
Teamwork is the basis of success, to achieve great goals you must surround yourself with the best in your field and with the skills of each one, to potentiate a strategy.
This is to focus on results, increase

networking and develop an ecosystem that allows integrating different players. You must find your X-men the people who will conform your unconditional team, fighter and winner that by adding their skills, marketing actions will have an important result.
Lesson 3: Strengthening Failures

In many comics, groups of heroes have failed countless times, but the pursuit of a greater end allows new strategies to be devised and decisions to be made along the path that leads to victory.

In Marketing dozens of times we fail in the implementation of a plan or a strategy, for this reason we must react quickly and activate the plan b, c, d, e, f etc until we achieve the objectives.

Lesson 4: Cause – Effect
It is traditional to read the stories in comics to understand that the cause-effect is a constant that every decision and action will have a result or consequence.

Those of us who work in Marketing are faced every day with this and in many cases we do not realize that cause and effect can be reversed and be against the Marketing plan. For this it is necessary to visualize the options and the way to follow before executing the tactics.

Lesson 5: Search for the Gems of Infinity
We all saw Avengers and some grew up reading the comics, the search for the secrets of universal power are not just a literary cosmogony, it is the comparison that in our life we ​​are looking for the elements that allow us to have the greatest control of actions and their effects.
So in Marketing, you should focus on finding your gems of infinity, that is, those elements that can ensure strategic planning and execution for your projects and for your clients.
Marketing is the glove, but without the gems (tactics and actions) you will not get any results.
Thank you STAN LEE for leaving us a universe of possibilities and for allowing us to experience your worldview of everything that human beings can achieve. EXCELSIOR.

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