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50 actions to increase the sales of your Online Store

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50 actions to increase the sales of your Online Store

If you have an Online Store and you do not receive many visits or all the sales that you would like, you may find these 50 tips useful for improving your e-commerce . In most estonia email list cases it is not enough to set up the business with all the love of the world and have the best products. You also need an Online Marketing strategy and some tricks.

You were looking for autonomy and independence, someone told you that “put it on the internet, it will sell like donuts”. You had an offline business, a store that did not work very well, or maybe you wanted to expand your business without having another location, risking the minimum investment. The decision was the same: set up an online store . Now you have an online store and you are not getting the results you expected. Little traffic and less sales. A problem that makes you think about the effort dedicated to your business.

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medal_1_placeI have two news for you, one bad and one good. The bad news is that cloud businesses need attention, maintenance and work. The good thing is that I bring you a pack of solutions. A list of tips to get you quick, easy and you can get down to work as soon as you finish reading this post. If you want us to help you set up your Online Store, maybe you are interested in our Face-to-Face Course to set up your Online Store .

50 Actions in your Online Store to increase sales effectively

Social networksSocial networks
An effective presence in Social Networks will serve to increase the dissemination of your products. Should you be in all? No, you should focus on those that are valid for your business and where your target audience is. Here I present the most effective for online commerce and some tips to manage them.

The first recommendation I make is general: use strategies of participation in your publications, do not leave questions or complaints unanswered, try to get customers adding value to your content and solving any questions they have. Do not forget that social networks are public platforms where virality can play for or against your online store.

Gaby Castellanos is an expert in marketing and communication in social networks. In this video you have some tips that you can apply on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

  1. Twitter to access the target audience and perform monitoring
    Twitter is ideal to reach many unknown people and participate in conversations through the use of hashtags . It is advisable to actively listen to what is said about your products, since it is a network in which opinions (both positive and negative) can reach a greater diffusion than in others. There are tools for this, such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck , whose extension in columns to perform specific searches is undoubtedly very useful.

It is also an easy way to see the type of users your competition has, and, if you think it necessary, follow them and try to attract them to your online store.

I leave you two interesting links: 15 Marketing Keys on Twitter and some concrete ideas for business .

  1. Create a Fan Page on Facebook to build customer loyalty
    Currently, the possibilities of selling from Facebook have increased a lot thanks to the possibility of including the purchase button. However, you should not consider Facebook as if it were a replica of your online store, since it is a channel that offers other possibilities besides direct sales. If you want to optimize your Facebook strategy, I suggest this Facebook Guide for companies .

On Facebook you can share photos of your products and links to relevant posts on your website or other interesting pages. But, above all, Facebook is made to talk with your customers and build loyalty . A customer service tool that not all online stores use, which is an error.

  1. Bet on the visual with Instagram
    photocamera_2It is the number 1 social network on an international level. It is growing by leaps and bounds and can be very useful if, in addition to online store, you have a physical trade. That is, if you have activity and clients in the offline. Among other things, it allows you to tell the day to day of your business and the history of your brand through the images.

Instagram is very focused on the interaction with users. Imagine the opportunity offered by sharing photos of your fans showing your products . A great way to build trust in your potential buyers and make them feel part of your brand.

  1. Collect material and inspire your followers with Pinterest
    Pinterest allows you to create thematic boards with the different kinds of products you sell, which will facilitate your search within the network itself. The boards and images will be shared and added to those of other users. If you add that from the Pinterest extension button everything you upload to the network goes with a link to the source page , you offer a quick and easy way to get to your store. Everything will be easier for you if you follow the advice of this Marketing Guide on Pinterest.
  2. Become a page on LinkedIn
    The company social network par excellence. Not only will it generate visibility to the dissemination of content, you can also approach groups of common interests to keep abreast of e-commerce trends .

Some of the actions you can take on Linkedin that will benefit you are:

Participate in groups of users interested in your sector and show you active in them by contributing content and commenting.
Obtain recommendations from your clients and collaborators.
Exchange information, offer help and solve doubts.
Contact people in your field.

  1. Encourage the Offline-Online connection
    groupThis point is aimed at electronic commerce that also has a point of sale on the street. It is important that you put in place initiatives to take your clients from offline to your social networks . If you get it, you will have more ballots so that both they and their environment, visit your website and your store on the Internet. I give you an example. Imagine you have a shoe store. You can propose to people who buy shoes in your physical store that they take a picture with them on and upload it to Instagram with a hashtag . The best images will be part of an album on a page of your website and will have a discount of € 5 on your next purchase. How about?
  2. Practice Recommendation Marketing
    The presence in social networks will not only help you to retain your customers, it will also help you to promote the Recommendation Marketing. That is, that users who know you transmit good opinions about your products and service. It is the best advertising and the biggest favor you can give your online store. A great platform for this is Facebook. In this sense, your main mission will be to locate your most satisfied and participative users to give them visibility and to have them always happy.

If you want to know the most important types of marketing you can practice, take a look at this post with 25 Marketing Strategies .