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55 Ideas and Tips for marketing referents at PRO Marketing DAY 2019

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55 Ideas and Tips for marketing referents at PRO Marketing DAY 2019

Last April 14th, the second edition of PRO Marketing DAY was held in Madrid, the Digital Marketing event organized by Aula CM, which this year welcomed more than 500 attendees, 18 papers and 4 real cases and which left us again great. moments and new learning that we gather in these 55 ideas.

This new edition of PRO Marketing DAY allowed us to enjoy the presence of great references from different areas of digital marketing, physician email list such as SEO positioning, Emotional Marketing, CRO, web analytics or video marketing, as well as giving us the opportunity to analyze real cases, practical examples and until answering questions about legal issues in regards to this sector.

Now is the time to recap the most important ideas and tips of the presentations!

Ideas and advice from marketing referents at PRO Marketing DAY 2018
Creative optimization of Google Adwords campaigns by Elena Charameli and Javier Balcazar
The day started with the presentation of Elena Charameli and Javier Balcazar, professors of the Google Adwords course in Aula CM.

In it, both professionals began explaining the main novelties that have recently been included in the platform to continue focusing on remarketing and how to use it correctly to avoid rejection in the user.

On the other hand, a series of tricks and tips to optimize advertising campaigns in a more creative way, all of them very well exemplified, were addressed. Among them, they highlighted the idea of ​​investing in the realization of video within the landing page to get the message to reach our users better, for example.Persuading Demogorgons with Natzir Turrado
Natzir Turrado was in charge of continuing with the second presentation of the morning and teaching us how to “persuade demogorgons” or, what is the same, how we should conquer our potential clients.

In a talk with light psychological tints and a presentation in the style of Stranger Things, Natzir taught us different techniques to convince the user to buy a product and thus improve our conversions.

The main idea of ​​the talk focused on how we should reward our users throughout the entire conversion funnel so that the final behavior is that of purchase.

Resolution of legal doubts in Digital Marketing with Paloma Llaneza
The legal aspects came from the hand of Paloma Llaneza, who focused on addressing various current issues in digital marketing.

In a very complete talk, we were able to learn about the rights and obligations that both users and users of the marketing sector have, especially now that we are at a time of greater legal uncertainty.

The expert resolved several questions that arose among the attendees to the event, favoring the participation of them. In addition, Paloma also explained in detail how to comply with the new RGPD regulations, a topic that is currently topical due to its recent implementation.


Neuromarketing Hacks by Ernesto Bustamante applied to SEO and CRO
Ernesto G. Bustamante was in charge of relating neuromarketing, SEO and CRO in this event.

Thanks to his presentation, we were able to understand how different psychological processes work and see the importance that these can have in our SEO strategy. From his hand we discover, for example, how the fact that paying for a product can produce a sensation similar to pain in our brain.
Examples and solutions of cases of duplicate content and thin content with César Aparicio
The round of real cases began with a focus on SEO strategies in the hands of César Aparicio, who told us about duplicate content.

During his talk, César explained the steps to detect this type of harmful content: perform a first analysis to see if we have this problem and, if so, establish strategies to eliminate it.

One of the strengths of his talk was when he presented several examples of thin content and possible solutions, all with the aim of avoiding the penalties of Google.

The practical format of the talk favored the attendees better understand the strategies to apply in the case of finding a situation of this kind.

 Strategies developed on the Primor website by Gianella Ligato
The second case study was focused on an e-commerce, a very interesting topic especially given the amount of businesses of this type that currently exist.

Gianella Ligato was in charge of talking about SEO strategies in this area, focusing on the ones she does for one of the brands she manages: Primor.

Throughout his presentation we were able to learn some tricks to position better topics as complicated as the product sheets. In addition, he stressed the importance of using the content of our users in our own e-commerce to get more visits.



Real situations of negative SEO attacks by Chuiso
We finish our round of real examples by focusing on negative SEO attacks. As an expert in this, Chuiso took the stage of PRO Marketing DAY to present various cases of attacks and demonstrate how easy it can be that our website is affected by situations of this type.Discussion table on SEO with 5 experts
After the presentation of these three real cases we were able to attend one of the most anticipated moments of the day: the debate table on SEO. In it, 5 industry majors, Chuiso, César Aparicio, MJ Cachón, Giannella Ligato and Luis Villanueva, answered questions raised both by the public and among themselves.

In this interesting debate we had the opportunity to see the different points of view that these specialists offered us, as well as to know a little more in depth their opinion on some of the most controversial SEO issues. For example, they discussed what is the most difficult aspect for them when approaching an SEO project.


Fernando Rubio and how to improve your marketing strategy with Google Optimize
After a break to regain strength, came the first afternoon presentation with Fernando Rubio, an expert in Google Analytics.

Fernando introduced us to Google Optimize, one of the new tools implemented by Google that allows us to carry out A / B studies to establish changes that could lead us to improve our conversion ratios.

The presentation, fundamentally practical, allowed attendees to better understand the operation of this tool and, above all, to know how to improve a marketing strategy based on a series of experiments that help to understand how users behave.


Copywriting techniques optimize your Facebook Ads campaigns by Isabel Romero
Among the themes of this event we could not ignore the importance of copywriting to create good ads and, to tell us about it, Isabel Romero arrived.

With a paper on copywriting techniques, the expert focused her talk on explaining how a good copy can help us optimize our Facebook Ads campaigns.

In addition, Isabel invited us to consider the importance of adapting the copy to our ad as we offer one product or another. Bearing in mind that the key for our advertising to work depends on how we approach our users, copy techniques are essential.


How to sell with Facebook Ads without needing a funnel according to Victor Martin
We continued the day focused on advertising in social networks, a format that is currently used. And, to continue talking about Facebook Ads and the strategies we can implement, Víctor Martín took the stage.

See image on Twitter
See image on Twitter

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Information and privacy of Twitter Ads
In an inspiring talk, Victor explained to us how to reach an audience that completely ignores our product without having to create a sales funnel. In addition, he also raised us several useful tools to carry out the monitoring of our sales process in a simple way.

During the initial 48 hours of an ad, it is best not to touch it and then optimize @vmdeluxe
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Business Intelligence to make good decisions with Marta Soler
At the end of the event, we focused on Business Intelligence with Marta Soler, who took the stage to tell us how to make good decisions in our digital marketing strategy.

Marta’s presentation was focused on how to improve our online presence by being a little more empathetic with our client and offering them what they want.What to do in front of trolls and haters? by Keka Sánchez
Near the end of the event we faced our trolls and haters with Keka Sánchez. Thanks to her we were able to learn the correct way to tackle an online reputation crisis.

At this point, Keka stressed the importance of being aware of both the offline and the online part because sometimes reputation problems arise physically and can be transferred to the digital domain.

See image on Twitter
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23:06 – Apr 14 2018
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Information and privacy of Twitter Ads

Another topic to which he referred was the strategies we can apply to stand up to haters and even assess the option of hiring an expert in case we are not able to know how to deal with a crisis.


Gemma Fillol and the magic of emotional marketing
Gemma Fillol, expert in emotional marketing, took the stage of PRO Marketing DAY, to talk about the great importance of emotional decisions in the purchase process. He also pointed out that the values ​​established by brands are those that lead them to differentiate themselves from others.

“In what way are you adding your values ​​to your communications?” This was one of the questions with which Gemma aroused the attention of all attendees making them think about their own projects and how to get to conquer the customer by establishing their own values.

See image on Twitter
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Carlos Guzman Arache
 Magic of emotional marketing!

♦ ️85% of decisions are emotional and in
♦ ️7 seconds connect with me or not!
♦ ️ If you do not get excited, you do not exist!

In her presentation, Gemma explained the basic pillars of emotional marketing that can lead us to succeed and establish better relationships with our customers.

Marketing Plan and creative strategies of a real company by the team of Classroom CM
After the middle of the afternoon, the CM Classroom team focused on carrying out a practical exercise with a real company. In this case, we witnessed the digital transformation of the NGO Viajes Tumaini taking into account several limiting factors:

Limited resources
Little budget
Little time
With this, the team wanted to show how to apply marketing strategies when the conditions are not as favorable as we would like. In addition to presenting the change of image made, different strategies focused on increasing visibility and improving conversion were also explained, and examples of concrete actions were offered from each of the areas of digital marketing: UX, web design, automation, social networks, SEO, SEM and branding. No detail was missing!