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6 successful practices for DIGITAL MARKETING – SOCIAL MEDIA – COMMUNITY MANAGER (includes infographic)

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6 successful practices for DIGITAL MARKETING – SOCIAL MEDIA – COMMUNITY MANAGER (includes infographic)

6 successful practices for DIGITAL MARKETING – SOCIAL MEDIA – COMMUNITY MANAGER (includes infographic)

I share this guide to successful practices.

1. Greater consumption of social media content

It is expected that the number of users of social media will grow by 17% or 285 million. 
The addition of new users czech republic email list is great news for B2B marketers because their ability to position brand awareness depends on the continuous arrival of new users.

Many brands will increase their spending on social media, exceeding the previous year’s investment.

Online sellers will probably allocate 20.9% of their marketing budget for social promotions.

2. The customer experience

Marketing plans are typically built around the customer experience (CX), and will remain the focus of most B2B merchants.

The McKinsey statistics indicate that B2C companies have 65% customer experience rating, while it is 50% for the B2B industry.

This year, B2B promoters are more likely to improve the customer experience across the sales funnel.

48% of content is consumed through smartphones, which sellers optimize this point of contact in favor of compact gadgets so that the content will help the quality conversion. 
3. Interactive content
• B2C marketers enrich their landing pages with quality content and images that are highly attractive. On the other hand, B2B companies are also increasing the design and content to drive the conversion.

71% of marketers make the best use of visual bits on social networks to execute successful marketing plans. The use of social listening tools will help identify the right circumstances to distribute content and attract prospects.

4. Prioritize qualifying leads

60% of companies can not convert social media activities into ROI.

65% of salespeople use listening tools that are integrated into the social network

  • 2017 has experienced a significant jump in businesses that use advanced analytics to obtain a clearer data vision to develop a more accurate marketing strategy.
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5. Innovation in social media advertising Social
media is no longer the center of content publishing for target groups. More attention is paid to making ads stand out and evoke consumer attention.

The generation of income from social networks is expected to reach $ 11 B in 2017.

  • Social media has seen a fair share of developments, and B2B merchants can not be left behind.
  • The focus is on Instagram. These contents could help bring your marketing message to the right audience.

In 2017, Facebook carousel ads have achieved a large number of buyers and an increase in demand is what we will see in this format.

6. Response on time
B2C companies thrive on trending topics to increase commitment. However, 2017 has seen many companies b2b the application of it.

  • The b2b vendors will fully utilize the hashtags and keyword statistics obtained from the analysis tools to improve their brand ratings.

The metrics collected can be used to improve your marketing performance. 
These are the latest practical trends in social media marketing in 2017.