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8 Easy copy writing formulas to apply in Digital Marketing

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8 Easy copy writing formulas to apply in Digital Marketing

8 Easy copy writing formulas to apply in Digital Marketing

Copy writing formulas can be excellent allies when it comes to writing the texts of your landing pages, your blog or your publications on social networks. They are very useful to create all types of ads or apply them in your email marketing strategy. Today we are going to analyze some of the best copy writing formulas and discover how to apply them in Digital Marketing.

Ideas Plan Contents Blog What are the formulas of Copywriting
Copywriting formulas work as starting schemes to create a message. They are basic structures from which we can create a text capable of persuading users in almost all types of conversions.

However, you know that when we talk about copywriting it is not about applying a recipe as is. Before putting into practice you will have to take into account several factors:


They are formulas, not magic formulas. Each action must have a strategy behind it. They do not work by themselves
Clearly define your conversion goal. You must adapt your text to the needs of each objective, the more specific the text, the better it will convert.
Define the target audience Even applying the same formula, you will have to adapt it to the target target. We can not apply the same copy to a subscriber who has just given us his or her email to one who usually opens our newsletters. Each situation and each user will demand a specific text.
Keep in mind the basic rules of neuromarketing. Almost all of these methods directly trigger the pain point of the user or client. That is why it is important that you study the situation before launching the message.
Guarantees the quality behind the copy. Your conversion rate will not be high if what you “sell” is not good. Make sure everything you offer (content, product or service). Comply with what you are promising in your texts.

When you have all these clear points, you must also take into account the design. Many times a good copy can be ruined or tarnished by a bad design.

For example, a badly placed button, too large, too small or with an unfavorable color can counteract the benefits of the text.

You’d be amazed to know how many conversions are spoiled by a careless design!The PAS formula
We usually find this formula in its English PAS form, but it is also easy to find it under the PAR form.

The acronym comes from Pain, Agitate, Solve or Problem, Agitate, Solution faculty email list. The Spanish version can be: Problem, Shake, Solve / Solve.

Like AIDA, the PAS formula has a multitude of applications, from traditional advertising formats (flyers, signage) to landing pages, social networks or newsletters. It works like this:

How the PAS formula works:

▷ Problem: Describe the problem of your target you want to target. It focuses directly on the “pain” point, as defined by neuromarketing.

▷ Shake: “Shake” the problem. Be as specific as you can so that the user can “feel” the problem. Use verbs Appeal the emotions. Literally, throw “salt in the wound.” Here the key is to connect, reflect the problem with realism.

▷ Solution: Presents a unique solution to solve this problem.

It is a formula that takes advantage of the aversion to pain of people. Users are more likely to do what is proposed to them to avoid that problem, to do another action in which they could gain something.

The idea is to confront the user with the problem he experiences and then provoke a very visceral sensation of connection with that pain. When you’re at that point, it’s time to enter with your product / service to “save” it and give it the solution.

The PAS formula has many applications in Digital Marketing. Do you know them? #Copywriting
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How to apply the PAS formula in a newsletter
To show you how to apply this formula in a newsletter, I will take the example of Sebastián Lora. Sebastián has an interesting channel on YouTube where he shares a lot of content about oratory. He is an excellent communicator and his channel is highly recommended.

This is an example of how you use the PAS formula to get your subscribers to sign up for your course to learn to “Speak in public.”

In the body of the newsletter, he emphasizes all these “pains” of those who are afraid to speak in public. Let’s see a fragment:

Example of the Sebastián Lora newsletter:

When talking about “stage fright”, what do you think we’re really afraid of? That they judge us? What criticize us? What are they laughing at us? That we stay blank? What do we do wrong in front of other people? What do we think we’re not worth? That things go so badly that we lose all credibility and we do not get more clients (ever again)?

Later in the mail, he proposes the solution to the problem to the subscriber:

Whatever the cause of your “stage fright”, your nerves or your anxiety in presenting your great idea to people who can help you succeed (in public, on video or in person), this has a solution.
And you will discover it in my complete online course “Overcome Scenic Fear”.

This example that I put you has been used within an email marketing strategy, but look how it uses the same technique in this video. The mechanism is similar.

The formula Before-After-Bridge or ADP
The Spanish version of this recipe is known as: “Before, After and Bridge” (ADP). Compete in popularity among the first preferred choices by copywriters.

As you can see it is quite simple, however, if you know how to work with it, you will be able to find endless applications. You can use it in your landing pages, in your social networks or in the body of your newsletter.

Its operation consists of making the target see a problem, and then offering an ideal situation where that problem is already solved or simply does not exist.

Finally, the “bridge” is shown, the connection between the “before and after”, that is, the solution or how it can be solved.

The ADP formula allows you to show your target the problem and then offer the solution to it.

How to use the ADP formula in social networks
As we have said, these types of formulas are perfectly applicable to our social networks. Copywriting is essential when creating attractive posts on Facebook Ads or any of your publications.

See how a simple tweet can perfectly fulfill the three ADP guidelines:

You want to sell on Amazon and you do not even know where to start. Imagine that they take you by the hand and explain step by step what to do and how. That guide exists and is here ?

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The testimony as proof
Testimonials are gaining tremendous strength within recommendation marketing. It is not a novelty. The opinions of the users have always been used. The difference is that we now know that they are real opinions and in the 60s they were simple copywriting tricks.

The marketplaces like Amazon are taking very good advantage of the recommendations of the users, a model that everyone should copy.

Almost all of these formulas can be combined with testimonials / recommendations / from other users. But when you use the 4P, that factor has a lot of weight.

formula pppp de copywritingCASO REAL

Let’s see a real case and how you can take advantage of this formula to publish on your social networks. A while ago, Isabel Llano (Isasaweis) commented on her YouTube channel how well the hyalunonic acid of the Maria D’uol brand was working for her. The video became very viral and the brand took advantage of it in its landing.

Let’s imagine that you have a beauty blog and you have written an article about this product. To give it visibility, you can post a post on your social networks using the 4P’s. The post on Facebook, or LinkedIn, could be like this:

“Today I’m going to show you a product with which your skin will look brighter and firmer. Issasaweis has recommended it on her YouTube channel and Maribel Verdú. It is the hyaluronic acid of Maria D’uol to fill in the wrinkles and I tell you all the details by clicking on this article (link to the post) “

The image: Your most luminous skin
The promise: More firmness to your skin, filling in wrinkles.
The test: Issasaweis, Maribel Verdú
Push / Call to action: Clicking on this article.

There are many brands that are getting good recommendations through youtubers or influencers in the social network of the video. Before continuing with our formulas, I leave this interview with Isabel Llano on MarketinTV. Here we reveal some keys to get a successful YouTube channel:

The FAB formula
This formula is very applicable when selling a specific product or service. Its acronym summarizes three aspects: Features, Advantages, Benefits (Characteristics, Advantages and Benefits) to which your text must attend.
It is ideal for telling a story, organizing the message and being persuasive.

Let’s break down the FAB formula:

What the FAB Formula is based on

▷ Characteristics: Describe in a simple and clear way the attributes or peculiarities of your product or service. How is the product or service? What does it offer? Make a special effort if it is a product with an important technical component (photo cameras, telephones, washing machines, etc.)

▷ Advantages: What makes others do not, what is the extra mile of this product, what differentiates it from the rest of the counterparts in the market.

▷ Benefits: How do those features help your client? Explain how it affects their lives and happiness. Why is it useful? What problems does it solve? Does your lifestyle improve?

Now, let’s see a real example of how to use the FAB formula in a website. Take note.

Roomba example: Technology or free time?

Let’s see how the iRobot company uses this formula on its website. As you can see, landing pages rarely adhere to a single formula, but combine the benefits of at least two. That also happens in this case, however, the FAB has a lot of weight.

For years, this brand marketed this range of robot vacuum cleaners under the slogan Let a robot replace you. It did not work for them and they discovered that they had to focus on the benefits of the product. See how they do it on their website:

formulas copywriting aida pppp pas fab

At first glance it is easy to realize that visually the benefit is clear: you, focus on what is important (being with your child) that meanwhile, rumba does the work for you. (Benefit).

On the other hand, it is not by chance that the dog is the protagonist of the scene. One of the great advantages of these vacuum cleaners is that they promise to eliminate the hair of cats and dogs.

Let’s go with the text:

Characteristics: It is a robot, not a simple vacuum cleaner. It has intelligent sensors.
Advantages: Cleaning is daily. It can with pet hair, dirt and dust. Fits any home (floors)
Benefits: You can have your house clean every day, without taking care of yourself personally. The robot will do it for you. You enjoy your son because what is important to you is him. However you do not have to give up a clean and beautiful house.

Pearl Necklace Formula
This does not have much mystery. It is about assembling elements of value for the user (“beads”) one after another to form a string or necklace. The result must be impressive for the user.

If you already know this formula you will see that it is very usual when we write articles of lists (“Listicles”). Here are some good examples:The formula of the 4U (UUUU)
We already had 4Ps, now we add 4Us. Because the UUUU method is another favorite of publicists (Urgent, Unique, Useful and Ultra-Specific).

The formula 4U was developed by Michael Masterson and works very well in short texts that can focus on the urgent nature of copy. It is divided into four questions: Is this useful? Is this unique? This is urgent? Is it ultra specific?

Keys to the 4U Formula

▷ Urgent: The urgency in the headlines convinces people and leads them to open the email, click on the article or buy in your ecommerce. The urgency combines very well with the “utility” factor. Be careful when using the “urgency” element. Be cautious because maintaining the urgency of all content can be too aggressive.

▷ Unique: Singularity is fundamental. If users have seen the same content, the same or similar benefits elsewhere, they will not value your content. Be careful, the copy must also be unique, not just the content.

▷ Useful: Offer a benefit. Your proposal must solve a problem or provide value to your target.

If your content is not useful, why should they read it? No matter how persuasive the copy is, however unique, ultra specific or urgent the proposal may be, if it is not useful, it is worthless.

While the uniqueness of the content helps attract readers, it is their usefulness that compels them to continue reading.

▷ Ultra-specific: The more specific your text, the more useful it will be. Of course, the content has to be up to the task. It is also important that it exactly matches the needs of your audience.

Specificity is important because it increases the usefulness of the content and makes it more attractive.

How to use the 4Us formula in your emails
To understand well how we can apply this formula, let’s look at another real case.

This is the email sent by My Art Store, a virtual store that sells material to make crafts. Personally, I think it’s a business that has a good email marketing strategy, despite being a small company.

It is a newsletter sent just at the end of a sales period. See how he raises the urgency with the countdown effect.
Also note that the content is useful for the subscriber, since the discount is applied to a “basic” product, of interest to the vast majority of its customers:

how to use aida pppp uuuu pas

seoConclusions performance
Many copywriters have played with these formulas for decades. Surprising that today continue to give such good results. The explanation is simple: human beings have not changed enough for a good persuasion does not affect us.

Analyze which of these models is closest to your sales needs. As we have seen, some apply to both content marketing and social media ads. Others, however, are more recommendable for specific sales of an exclusive product.