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8 Experts unveil Black Hat SEO Strategies that DO work in 2019

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8 Experts unveil Black Hat SEO Strategies that DO work in 2019

8 Experts unveil Black Hat SEO Strategies that DO work in 2019

Hello! This post is one of those compilations full of super valuable tricks that experts usually do not tell you. On this occasion, 8 SEO super cracks are going to tell you some of their most effective black hater strategies.

But first let’s define exactly what exactly Black Hat SEO means and what are the typical Black Hat actions.

3 20What is Black Hat SEO?
By Black Hat SEO we understand all SEO actions aimed at achieving a goal through less orthodox techniques than usual. That is to say, it is to make a SEO a little hooligan, although (almost) always knowing what is done.

There are more “legal” Black Hat techniques than others. Normally, if you pass, Google punishes you in the form of a instructor email list. Although, if you know how to do it well, you can get some shares to Google and get great SEO profitability.

That is to say, one could say that a profitable Black Hat is to implement unconventional “tricks” to try to position Google better and do it more quickly without having to wait like the rest of websites that take longer to position.

However, a non-profitable Black Hat would be to carry out actions too much to the limit that you know will almost certainly penalize you.

3 34Typical Black Hat SEO actions that can penalize you (or not)
These are some of the classic strategies of Black Hat SEO that have been doing for some time:

Cloacking, or what is the same: try to confuse Google by showing content to the search engine and other users
Hide content For example, put texts of the same color as the background of the page so that the user does not see it but Google traces it.
Backdoors or backdoors, that is, placing links on other websites to your site, which is very dangerous because Google detects it almost certainly.
Make non-stop spamming on sites where you can write whatever you want to get visibility and massively link to your site.
Buy links on websites that offer this service. These pages can sometimes be penalized due to their unnatural activity.
Spinning “Spin” texts from other sites with automatic tools to generate content quickly and easily without having to write it yourself.
Make keyword stuffing or sobreoptimization of the keyword within a content, that is, repeat it a lot believing that this way you will position it better, etc.
If you want to improve your SEO by doing Black Hat, you have to do it with care and knowing exactly what you do (or at least controlling a little what you do).

Therefore, if you do not want to screw up, it is recommended that you have some experience or have the help or advice of real experts.

The objective of this article is to show you techniques that are really valuable and applicable, fruit of the experience of authentic SEO specialists. We thank all of them for their contribution and their generosity for telling us so many tricks.

Content indexed and tracked8 Black Hat SEO tricks that really work and you can apply
Read carefully and take note of the tricks told by the best SEO in Spain that we show you below. We begin:

participant photos post black hat-02Chuiso: Automated pages for long tails
According to Chiuso, a trick that works very well today is the creation of automated pages to attack thousands (or even millions) of long tails.

Case study: Coordenadasgps.info

This site was created in just a few hours and has more than 30,000 pages, which little by little (or by forcing the “black” style with indexers: P) is indexing. The incredible thing is that it positions great for all this type of keywords with null competition and, as they are “many few” and it takes a couple of hours to make these webs, it is a chollazo.

You can check it by looking for long tails style:

Coordinates el palmer almeria
GPS moran Zaragoza
Latitude long caleruela
Multiply this by 35,000 and remember that this site has weeks of life and you have not worked at all off page.

It is a great technique to work in niches where you want to achieve long tail-based leads and even to build sites that generate income with Adsense or affiliation. They can also serve as reinforcements for serious projects or startups, channeling new traffic through funnels, a form to capture emails, etc.

If from time to time we meditate the actions that we carry out in our projects, we can take surprises. From Chiuso’s point of view, these types of sites are interesting and creative strategies that are based on automation. Managing such a site by handwriting would be unthinkable, as well as absurd.

What Google wants is for us to think about the user without that means that we do a 100% manual job.

Google does not always want us to do things the slow way. What he wants is that, first of all, let’s think about the user.Positioning in subreddit
Xavi discovers a very simple trick at the same time as old (but I think that little exploited and even forgotten, which continues to work in 2019) and that is really easy to replicate. You can do it totally manual or you can throw a little portfolio to carry it out.

Publications in Reddit subreddits
This trick is basically to publish the link in question in a subreddit to get a considerable volume of traffic. These subreddits are each of the categories in which Reddit is divided, the link and news aggregator considered to be the 6th most trafficked site in the world.

Depending on the reaction of the community in relation to that publication and those already published in the same subreddit, in a period of 2 or 3 days they struggle to be in the top positions of the Sub (until new posts / links come in).

It can take you in a matter of two / three days between 500 and 15,000 visits or more and depending on the subreddit you choose, this pile of traffic will make you climb positions. As a good Black Hat technique, this positioning will be achieved with very little work and, not to be outdone, with pure and hard spam and some creativity.

Publish in a subreddits can generate a volume of important traffic that will make you upload positions

For this case, Xavi uses a real example (physical business) in the services and leisure sector. It does not show us the URL of the project, but if you review step by step what it does, and for you to finish reading the article, you advance the results:

Dedicated time: 3 hours (between thinking and executing)
Positions raised with this technique: 16 positions, it is placed in top 3 for 2 days, it was in position 19, the keyword and some variations of it had more than 2500 monthly searches and high competition.
Reference traffic achieved: more than 2000 visits in the first two days
It is important to keep in mind that this type of climbs with these techniques last 3 or 4 days, then bounces down but stays well above the initial position.

In general, they come in handy to strategize when there are certain events in our city (in the case of a local business), since being Reddit very strong at a foreign level we will position ourselves very well for several days by local Google searches of other countries or in other languages ​​and in google.es itself for searches in English.

How do I get to be in a subreddit first?
It is not enough to publish at random. Take note of these steps so that your publication manages to be in the first positions of the subreddit:

Choose well the Sub you want to attack and how you do it. In this example it is obvious that in the world of cryptocurrencies there is great interest and fanaticism for its adoption on a daily basis, especially in the litecoin community (more than 180,000 subscribers in that sub), so any Business can post that uses its cryptocurrency. If it is also something that can generate controversy, much better, since it is more likely to go viral or move more (here the creative part). The only thing he had to do on the web that he wanted to promote was to add a logo of his currency in the footer, saying that we accept it.
It is important to include the keywords that interest you in the link. In this case the title was business + city + accepts litecoins service. Example: supermarket in Barcelona accepts litecoins! (linking to the landing that we are interested in enhancing).

You should also bear in mind that whoever publishes must have an old profile and that is related to the subject, since it will be less prone to being voted negative. Xavi’s recommendation is to pay someone with a seniority in reddit related to the subject that interests you. With a simple google search of the purchase reddit vote type, we will find a lot of suppliers that also offer publication with profiles that are old and related to different topics.
Once published and as soon as possible it is important to start giving signals to that publication and other publications of the same sub. Xavi’s formula for this sub of 180,000 subscribers was as follows:

And so he got the link that interested in promoting the top of the sub for a couple of days, helping to position the web both google.es (English) and Google from other countries giving a boost in SEO, just before an event that brings hundreds of thousands of potential customers.

It’s as simple as it sounds, this replicated on a larger scale in much larger subs can bring atrocities of traffic. Basically for businesses that work in English it is useful, simply by spamming (buying votes, comments or using browz.io style tools.
Borja Aranda: Bleaching of links
In his strategies of Black Hat, Borja assures to be quite prudent since every day Google is more rigorous at the time of penalizing webs and for that reason his Black Hat is quite light although for that reason less effective. These are two of his infallible tricks:

Bleach “dirty” links
This technique consists in creating several blogs in pages 2.0 or parasitic websites in order to improve their PA based on links and then derive that linkjuice to the Money Site or main website.

Steps to whiten links

To begin with, the first thing is to create several free blogs on sites such as Blogspot, Blogger and the like with a clean web history and a good Domain Authority (DA).
Once created that first level of blogs will be the time to create dofollow links in forums with a good Domain Authorithy despite their outgoing links are of little value for their high number of outgoing links, spam and number of pages for a domain. Personally, to locate this type of forums where I put my links I use Google footprints (mainly those of CMS like vbulletin and PHPbb) and once registered in these forums I place my links in the signature and in the profile of those who leave me.
In order not to be a pure spammer and to be banned, what I do is to answer a lot of threads previously (with 20 replies are enough), once this is done I can usually place my links wherever I want without problems.

Once this network of “junk” links to blogs 2.0 is created, it will be time for the Page Authorities (PA) of the 2.0 blogs to start uploading, at which time these links are blanked.
At the moment in which the blog 2.0 has an acceptable PA (that is, greater than 10) we will create four or five posts of 500 words to make the process as natural as possible.
When we have those posts created and published we will let them rest for two or three weeks. At that time we will create the sixth post with the dofollow link to our Money Site or main website.
In this way, we will be able to “clean or bleach” these spammed links and take full advantage in our favor by creating a free mini PBN of a fairly acceptable quality.

Keyword Stuffing with Seoquake
Another trick that I like to use sometimes is to force Google to see how far it lets me get with keyword stuffing. For this I use the SEO extension of Google Chrome Seoquake. With it I analyze the repetition of keywords in posts and best of all, its prominence within said post.

With this extension you can draw very interesting conclusions when writing articles and improve the SEO Onpage of your webs completely free of charge. In this way, Borja has managed to get close to acceptable percentages for Google in terms of Keyword Stuffing, so he recommends trying this tool with several of your posts.

If you want to learn to force this parameter to the maximum, I recommend that you go through this post in which I give you the keys to avoid the penalty for keyword stuffing.

participant photos post black hat-02Álex Navarro: Brand searches
According to Alex, one of the most important factors that exists at the level of SEO is to get people to search for your brand on Google. If they search for your brand along with a keyword, then you already enter a league that few web pages have access to.

In fact, one of the reasons why big brands are so well positioned, even though (in some cases) horrible web pages at the SEO onpage level, is because people are looking for them massively in Google.

One reason why big brands are so well positioned is because people are searching massively on Google

When many people look for example the word “zalando shoes”, Google rewards them as a brand, and places them very high under the search for “shoes”. Obviously, this goes in conjunction with the external links they also receive, but the “brand search” factor I think has even more weight than the links themselves.

The problem that we have the common of mortals is that, in many cases, it is very difficult to get people to search for your brand in Google. This requires years of branding, advertisements, television, press, etc. Unless, you use the following technique:

Brand searches with keyword
There is a company called microworkers.com. On this website you can ask people, for little money, to do some very specific jobs.

What Álex usually does for its niches is that about 100-200 people per month, look for one hand your brand in Google (for example miwebdenicho24.com) and click on my result. Also, I contract another 50-100 per month to search for my brand along with my keyword (for example “shoes miwebdenicho24.com”). Each action costs around 0.15-0.20 €.Álvaro Rondón: Signatures with links to comments
In view of the fact that there are already enough Black Hat Seo strategies and many of us already know them, it is difficult to create new creative ways to manipulate a signal.

According to Álvaro, on page level it is all more technical but, if we mix it with the off page, Pandora’s box really opens up. In this way we can find some technique that, in addition to new, possibly make us the only or the few that are using it and therefore more likely that you can use it for longer.

The technique proposed by Álvaro, is simple to do, especially if you already give Black Hat, yes, before carrying it out, use logic and knowledge. This way, you will avoid loss of time and failures.

Strategy for comment links in forums
With this technique, we are going to go a step beyond the strategy of using signature links in forums or comments with follow links that I’m sure you already know. Which are the steps to follow?

We will search the url of a forum that interests us by related topic, that can bring traffic and that we can respond with a useful comment by providing a link to our site.
That url where we put the link we keep it (the url of final publication), and we will put in our signature of the forum, a phrase that we like but with a link to our comment. So, every time you answer or give an answer in said forum, you are doing by means of the signature an internal link until the comment that contains your link follow to your site or tier.
Imagine when you have 300 comments, how many internal links that comment receives! With this technique we are deriving juice from different URLs of the same forum until our link, manipulating the link equitity of the forum in our favor.

This can take you to increasingly blackhatero levels, such as using an abandoned forum (ahem), with self-approved (ahem), and with GSA or another program create enough internal links to our powerful comment. It is important to see well where and how we perform this technique, but well used is very effective, even direct to the MS, although taking into account the forum, the link and the profile of our MS.

You can read more interesting content of Álvaro in his SEO blog.

participant photos post black hat-02Antonio López: Expired domains and automation
Despite not using Black Hat SEO techniques in a very continuous way, Antonio declares himself an advocate of some of these techniques. In fact, many of those who often use Black Hat have knowledge of automation that many would like to have White.

Before continuing with the techniques used by this SEO, it is important to note that Black Hat should not be used with client projects, under any circumstances. And with that said, let’s discover the two techniques that Antonio uses the most and which so far work so well for him:

Purchase of expired domains
This technique consists fundamentally of looking for a domain that is expired, that has an interesting history and very positive links to it. Then, it is bought and redirected to a part of the money site and you can even set up a blog here to be part of a PBN or without PBN.

There are different ways to find expired domains and one of them is Xenu. How is this process?

Scrape a domain that is very good and we look at the status of broken links Do not souch hust. This does not guarantee 100% that it will be free, but what it says is that the page is not found because the domain is not hosted anywhere.
We export all the list by CSV and we introduce it in the massive search of dondominio.com to know which of them are unregistered.
Once we know the registrables we must analyze them to see if they really interest us or not. We can analyze first with Ahrefs, for example, to check the links that are currently still active, the anchor pattern and whether it is spammed or not.
After. With tools like Semrush or Sistrix, we can see the history of the domain and also archive.org to be sure of the content that it had.
If you meet a set of criteria, that is, that has good links, that is the same theme as the money site and is not spammed, we will redirect to the section of our website that interests us.
Content automation
This other Black Hat technique that I use consists in using a scrapbook plugin in WordPress, in which we can introduce the feed of any page in order to catch the content and “spline” it. In a way, there would be two techniques in one: automation and content spineo.

If we are able to create different content even semantically spine content, you will not have problems when indexing in Google and positioning. Of course, remember that both are techniques that should not be used with clients or with domains or long-term projects.
In this case, you would not have a problem since in all spineos you would talk about your plumbing service and the user who accessed the section of the corresponding city will not access that of another city. Moreover, even if I accessed the other cities out of curiosity, it would not be strange to have the same type of information exposed as it is focused on other cities.

This is something that today still works very well in Google and can be extrapolated to other cases without any problems, but yes, taking into account that doing all this costs time and effort, it is not something to do in two seconds and just pushing a button.

Globsia is the SEO Agency of David Ayala.

participant photos post black hat-02Javier Gosende: Contents of newspaper archives
For Javier, since SEO exists, the main ingredient has been Content. In recent years Google has become more rigorous with the content, recommending webmasters to create original content and quality content.

Creating original content is a very important task in any SEO strategy. If Google detects that your content is copied or plagiarized we have a problem.

If we go to the field of Black Hat SEO, we talk about how to create content that Google interprets as original and is not punishable. That’s what Black Hat SEO is all about, doing things outside of Google’s recommendations or guidelines and testing whether they work.

Although Gosende is not dedicated to applying Black Hat SEO tactics, he does audit customer web pages and one of the things he does most is analyze the competition. In these competitor analyzes, he has been able to identify some Black Hat SEO content creation tactics that have worked for them and this is one of them:

Copy contents of newspaper libraries of online newspapers
This technique consists in searching the depth of the archive or newspaper archive services of some online newspapers and copying quality content to paste it into our article or post.

Many newspapers have digitized their old content in pdf format in order to be consulted by users and some of those documents in .pdf format can be found and their contents copied.

The joke of the technique is that in most cases that Google content does not have it indexed in its database and passes through original or new content.

Especially if you take content from old editions of newspapers from the years 1998 backwards. I say 1998 because before that year there were few newspapers that had an online version and there is a great possibility that this digitized content is not indexed by Google.

Practical case: La Vanguardia Newspaper

To better understand this Black Hat SEO technique, we are going to use a page like the newspaper library service of the newspaper La Vanguardia

We start by entering your page and we search for a topic that interests us, for example: “The Mediterranean diet”. In this case it is advisable to put a quite delayed date, from 1998 backwards.
We will get a list of some articles or news that have headlines and paragraphs where the phrase is mentioned. We click on one of them and we check it to see if the content is of quality and to our liking.
We copy it and paste it into a specialized tool to check if the content already exists. For example, the Plagiarism Checker tool. We can also write the headline or a long sentence of the article in the Google search engine to see if it finds it
If the article in question is not indexed by Google, we can copy it and said search engine will take it as a new or original content.
With this technique we can get quality content at a cost of 0. Obviously this technique does not apply to write contents of more current topics. They only serve us for content that has not gone out of style in the last 20 years.

This is Javier Gosende’s blog where you can read a lot more about SEO and Online Marketing.

11 13The SEO is to experience and learn from each experience
As you can see, each professional has his own tricks based on his experience and specialization. Do not forget that good SEO is the result of constant experimentation and exhaustive analysis of your own case studies.

Good SEO is the result of constant experimentation and exhaustive analysis of your own case studies

Therefore, we encourage you to do your own tests and experiments yourself. Although very careful with testing in domains that already have some authority and positioning, it could be dangerous. It is much better that you have test domains where you can test without fear and get your conclusions without bothering any real project.