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Today in the Digital Marketing Blog we are going to introduce the concepts of emotional brand strategy, one of our best allies to get a favor treatment from the most irrational client. Emotions move consumers, and in fact in CRO and Digital Analytics, it is essential to transmit emotions to our users. In this post we will introduce only the concept of “emotional strategy”. What is it that really sells a product? Do we have an emotional differentiation?

Introduction to brand emotional strategy

In many occasions the emotional factor is the key to reach the heart of our target. Therefore it is essential to know the sensations generated by the image of our brand, determine if we are showing a message different from the competition or if it is attractive to the consumer.

As in the more traditional marketing, in digital marketing it is also necessary to know how the brand is perceived in the network and how it interacts with it. For this we can start investigating through analytics in our own website or social networks.

The emotional brand strategy does not have to be something of great brands, start to draw conclusions and to test can be a great way to achieve the emotional brand factor.

How does the user of our website think?
When we develop a website or a landing page to promote an event or new product of our brand, the tendency is to create an optimized web site to be viewed on desktop computers or laptops. It is no longer worth having a responsive version, and if most conversions are produced from tablets or mobile phones?

This will be the first aspect to be determined. Anyone with minimal knowledge in web analytics will be able to see the data of your page and determine which devices are the ones that dominate the conversions. The truth is that the current trend indicates that mobile devices continue to grow to the detriment of the computer of a lifetime.

Currently we think more about the type of device than the mentality of our user when browsing the web. There is the error. We must know how they move, what the users of our website look for in order to create our emotional brand strategy.

The key is to create an emotional strategy that attracts the users of our money site and above all that awakens the desire to act (get conversions) in these clients. The process of creating an emotional brand strategy is based on four steps according to Talia Wolf, an expert in optimizing conversion.

Analyze the emotional strategy of your competitors
We must prepare a list of our main competitors, especially those who are attacking the same target as us. It does not matter if they are selling another type of product, the important thing is that they meet the profile of our target audience.

After having a refined list we will begin to examine how they are moving on social networks or on the web; What do they have? What colors do they use? What type of messages do they publish? What kind of images do they use? And therefore … What emotional brand strategy do you think they follow?

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Emotional DAFO
Basically it consists in carrying out an analysis of Weaknesses, Threats, Strengths and Opportunities from the emotional point of view. It will help us to know the emotions of our competition, where the sector is very saturated and what are our opportunities to win the emotions of our users.

Digital Marketing – Saul Cubilla infographics

Create an emotional content strategy
We must thoroughly analyze the emotional SWOT we have developed. These data will allow us to draw big conclusions that we can translate into our emotional content strategy.

For example, in the banking sector, most of the users distrust banking entities and think that they will be deceived, that is why in this sector we will have to focus the contents to generate greater confidence. Put the customer at the center of everything.

ING Direct occupies since 2015 the position to the bank that more emotions awake, thanks among other things to its close messages, its friendly service, its campaigns full of optimism. Since they arrived in Spain in 1999 they have developed an efficient brand emotional strategy.

Source: http://www.marketingnews.es/tendencias/noticia/1089924029005/ing-direct-banco-mas-emociones-positivas-despierta.1.html

Test and test
All knowledge in marketing is due to testing. We can not pretend to believe everything that a survey or the trends of our market say. The duty of the companies is to do their small tests to know what the real course is. We can always help with these great studies to know where to start, but never with blind faith.

For example, many articles were published half a year ago.