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About Serves Agencia Online Marketing

E-mail allows regular deliveries, create discussion lists or carry out campaigns with well-defined CRM actions. But, when we have a large number of contacts to which to send an email, it is preferable to use platforms prepared for it.

Next, we propose solutions linked to electronic mail, which improve the whole process of relationship with customers.

A mailing list is a list of electronic addresses used to distribute messages to a group of people. To a mailing list you can send regular e-mails (daily, weekly, monthly …), or punctual. The contents that are sent in the e-mail can be informative or commercial. A mailing list can be public or private.

In private mailing lists, users can not subscribe by themselves. They are part of the list because the issuer has included them based on various reasons. Lists of this type are usually those through which specific e-mail campaigns are carried out, to recipients selected for their interests, places of residence, age, etc …

A newsletter, on the other hand, is a service of mail bulletins to which any person can subscribe through a form present in a website. The newsletter resembles a small newspaper and its contents are aimed at a very specialized audience. The information generated for the newsletter does not usually appear in the general media, as it is valuable only for certain people.

In any case, the characteristics of newsletters and mailing lists are similar, and it is common for an issuer to want to use both options. Therefore, the tools that allow the management and sending of emails must offer the possibility of sending messages to users subscribed from a website, or to certain recipients who, not having subscribed, meet a series of conditions that transform them into a target audience.

Eye with the Law
The recipients of messages are very protected by law. The subscription forms to the newsletter that appear on the website must include a legal text in which the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition are reported, and where the necessary contact information is provided to exercise said rights.

In all the messages that are sent, either to subscribers of a newsletter, or to members of a mailing list, there should be a link that allows to cancel the shipments with a single click.

On the other hand, and to avoid the storage of non-existent email accounts, a good subscription system to a newsletter must send a message of confirmation of the subscription to the interested parties. This is verified only if the receiver responds to said message.

From the point of view of the sender of the messages, the tool for the management and the sending of post office must allow the creation of punctual messages of free character, as well as the sending of periodic information, which is extracted from a database.

In addition, and if additional information is requested in the newsletter subscription form, it should be possible to send to recipients who meet certain parameters (for example: interests, profession, level of studies, sex, geographic scope, etc.), facilitating thus the development of campaigns directed to specific users (and that have explicitly accepted the reception of said type of messages).

The management of subscribers
It is as important to take care of the messages that are sent, as to properly manage the subscribers and the members of a list. A good tool for managing and sending emails should allow the location of any user, through their email, and the modification or cancellation of their data. All this in order to comply with current legislation.

The system, in addition, must intelligently manage the rebounds that occur. The message that is returned by the server to the sender address is called “bounce”, because it could not be delivered to the receiver’s address.

Because bounces can occur due to determining causes (cancellation or non-existence of an account), or due to specific causes (technical problems in the server, capacity of the mailboxes …) the management of the same is one of the points key to any mailing list or newsletter service. If the bounced accounts are kept indefinitely, messages will be sent that may never be read, thus increasing the transfer volume unnecessarily.

If, on the other hand, accounts that have suffered a rebound are simply deleted, valid addresses that have failed for a specific reason may be lost.

Therefore, the tool must allow a detailed management of the rebounds, from the establishment of rules that