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About Facebook Ads Guide 2019

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About Facebook Ads Guide 2019

About Facebook Ads Guide 2019

Welcome to the Facebook Ads Guide 2019 on how to make an advertising campaign on Facebook. Regardless of your goal of online marketing with this article you will have a complete vision to start launching your campaigns in Mark Lederberg’s social network.

If you’ve got this far to know how to do an advertising campaign on Facebook, how to create an ad group or an ad, you’re in vice president marketing email list. I tell you step by step.

Facebook competes hard with Google in many fields of the digital market and advertising was not going to be less. If you already have knowledge of Google Adwords it may be easier for you to understand the use of the Facebook Business Manager.

Any questions, errors or updates that you can find in this Facebook Ads guide can let me know through a comment or email. I hope you find it useful!

Facebook Ads Guide 2017
Before showing the Facebook Ads 2017 Guide and getting involved with the Facebook Business Manager we must do a basic introduction. For this I already published an article with an Introduction to Facebook Ads that can be very useful if you are new to PPC advertising or this format.

FB like Google Adwords allows us to only pay for the clicks, an advantage if we manage to optimize our campaigns well. We can create text ads, graphics, images or canvas that will be displayed in different locations. From now on we will see step by step how to make the right decisions in a campaign in FB Ads.

Facebook advertising goals
The advertising objectives of Facebook are the most important decision in order to achieve our marketing objective. We can find 14 types of objectives to carry out digital advertising in this social network:

Promote your publications
Promote your publications is a type of campaign that serves to give greater visibility to the publications we make in our fanpage. The strategy behind is usually related to the achievement of social response.

This type of objective generates more interactivity than we would achieve by impacting only our followers (however many they may be). We can get more “like” in our fanpage, increasing the number of fans on our page and we also gain dissemination when the publication is shared or commented.

The visibility of a publication that is not promoted beyond your fanpage depends on the

number of factors: Number of friends of each user and pages that follow: The more friends or pages a user has, the fewer number of publications will appear regularly.
Relationship between the user and the fanpage: EdgeRank (the algorithm of Facebook) is able to distinguish the user who interacts with a fanpage but only enters to visit it. These users will be more affected when they receive the contents of the publication in their newsfeed.
Frequency and schedule of the publication: It is evident that if we publish too regularly we run the risk of losing the “like” of our fans. On the other hand, if we publish little we will not be able to generate engagement. We must find the balance in the number of publications and once we have not published in a schedule where our audience is not visiting the social network.
Promote your page
The goal of promoting your page is to get more interaction with a fanpage. Increase the number of followers of a page, that is, of users who click “like”, who follow the page. Usually it is for reasons of “status”, since a greater number of followers will be perceived as having greater authority.

In this type of campaign it is very important to get a proper segmentation since Facebook Ads is going to push us to get results (for example if you invest € 5 a day gives you between 8-12 “like”) regardless of whether they will be useful more ahead …

Reach people who are close to your business
When we want to attract customers to our business this type of objective can be a great option. It is based on the geolocation of users, who will be impacted by an announcement that will offer them to “call to action” that indicates how to get to the business in question.

Increase brand awareness
Increase brand awareness is often one of the marketing objectives that is most often collected within a marketing plan. Whether we are talking about digital media or traditional media, FB Ads can be a help tool.

This objective is useful for those people who want to reach more users with the probability of paying attention to them. Interesting for new online sales businesses that want to gain a position in the market. Would you trust a page with less than 100 followers?

Attract people to your website
Attracting people to your website is one of the most interesting options from my point of view. When you select.