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About New Google Adwords 2019

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About New Google Adwords 2019

About New Google Adwords 2019

The new Google Adwords or Google Ads 2017 is here. A new experience of Adwords more intuitive and fast with which Google says that we will get better results on human resources executive email list. It is true that the dashboard was a bit complex, but make no mistake, they make this tool easier and more intuitive for their own benefit (more people will be able to use it, less need for over costs by agencies, etc).

Today I received an email where the digital marketing agencies or specialized in SEM are reported that we can now test the new version of Adwords. In my opinion it offers a dashboard more similar to Facebook (which is the easiest thing that exists) in order to carry out PPC or Paid Media campaigns.

Some of the novelties offered by Google are:

Ease to find all the opportunities of your campaigns.
Get valuable, useful and practical information thanks to the new graphics.
Save time, gaining productivity thanks to quick access.
Simpler design to facilitate its use.
When will it reach the whole world? At the moment it is possible to use both versions, but it is probable that within a few months it will be an irreversible change.