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About news from If strategy is so important, why do not we dedicate more time to it?

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About news from If strategy is so important, why do not we dedicate more time to it?

About news from If strategy is so important, why do not we dedicate more time to it?

We do not need to even ask it. I am sure that if I asked you, do you consider that strategy is important for the success of a company ?, a large majority would say yes.

But I am also sure that if the second question were: how much time do you dedicate to strategic thinking? The vast majority would say that little or very little time. #Ireland Business Email List

It does not make much sense, right?

And if we ask this same question to the executives of the companies, the results to both questions would be very close to 100% in both cases.

If it is so important for the success of our company and we are aware of it, then why do not we dedicate time to it?

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The reasons for this situation to occur recurrently are very varied, but I will try to summarize them and then show the solutions.

Reasons why companies do not spend time on marketing strategy
This situation is applicable to many areas, but because of my professional experience I will focus the analysis on marketing.

  1. Orientation to sales.
    Constant commercial pressure to try to meet sales targets is a constant factor in companies. And, of course, it makes all the sense. Companies need to sell to function and be profitable.

But not everything is sales, or rather, to get sell and be profitable, there are many other things that we must take into account.

But do not like it or it is not the reality of the companies. The vast majority of things that are done, are focused on selling and their success is measured in sales and not by other key factors. It’s something we have to learn to manage.

But the result, at the management level, is that what is not related to the commercial has little space in the agendas of the organization.

  1. Wrong job beliefs
    There is a widespread belief in companies that has very negative consequences on the performance of daily work and especially in the operation of the company:

“The more busy I am the better I do my job and the better I am”

We think that doing many things every day means that I am being productive, it gives us the feeling that we are moving forward. That’s why we fall into the traps of email, meetings and endless days.