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About News From Whatsapp Web: What it is and how it works [TRICKS] Service

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About News From Whatsapp Web: What it is and how it works [TRICKS] Service

About News From Whatsapp Web: What it is and how it works [TRICKS] Service

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the favorite apps to communicate with our friends and family, as well as to establish communication mechanisms with our customers.

Since 2015 we can log in to WhatsApp Web, and thus access this app from any computer or computer, either PC or Mac. How to use Whatsapp Web as a program installed on your computer Board Member Email List
There is another way to use WhatsApp on your computer, which is to download WhatsApp Web and install it on your computer:

Click on the https://www.whatsapp.com/download/?l=es page and then you have to download Whatsapp Web on your computer.
Now you have to install Whatsapp Web on your computer.
Once installed, you can now use your application. All you have to do is scan the QR code from your WhatsApp app.

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Log in to Whatsapp Web
It is not required to log into WhatsApp Web, just by reading the QR code your account will be synchronized and you will be able to start using it, just like that.

Advantages of using Whatsapp Web
1.- Better time management
Avoid spending hours writing conversations thanks to the web application, which in long conversations can take a big time reduction.

2.- Better investment in health
We all know how bad it can be for our backs and cervicals to spend hours watching your mobile, so avoid it and talk from WhatsApp from your PC or Mac.

3.- Greater independence
Once you have activated the QR code from your computer you will be able to use the application without having to carry your mobile phone.

Whatsapp Web: The best tricks
1.- Read messages without the double blue tick
WhatsApp Web has a little trick that allows you to read the messages without your double blue tick appearing to your contact.

You can only use it to see the last message sent by a contact or in a group, and for that you only have the scroll bar to see the latest messages, but without actually clicking on any conversation.

Of course, remember that users will see that you are online and that you are not answering.

2.- Use two accounts of WhatsApp Web
If you have two phones with 2 different numbers, you can use both numbers of WhatsApp Web, but only if you use the browser in incognito mode, it’s that simple.

3.- Send files to the computer
If you create a group and you are the administrator of this, you can send all kinds of files that you can easily download to your computer; pdf, doc, videos, etc.

4.- WhatsApp active web without having it in the background
If you have a lot of activity in your WhatsApp account, an extension of Chrome and Opera that can be very useful is Watoolkit, since it is a client for WhatsApp Web that you can use even when Google Chrome is closed.

With this, you will continue to see message notifications.