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About news How to define a audience profile step by step

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About news How to define a audience profile step by step

About news How to define a audience profile step by step

The basis of success for a digital marketing strategy is in the deep knowledge of our audience. I usually say that, if we define the audience profile well, we have 50% of the strategy made.A correct definition of the audience profile represents 50% of the success of a marketing strategy

Whether we use the express recipe to define a marketing strategy, or if we choose the traditional methodology, the definition of the audience profile should be our priority.The definition of the audience profile consists of four phases: Agency Owner Email List

Insight of purchase.
Value proposal.
Buyer person.
Customer journey
One of the challenges to define them correctly are the data sources that we have. It is possible to do it based on inferred or inferred data, although naturally the perfect thing is to base on data as objective as possible. Although it is always better to do the first thing, than not to define the profile.
So “obsessed” I am with the subject, that my good friends of Audiense have let me try their tool (specifically Audiense Insights) and the truth is that I have been amazed with the amount of information available to define and drive a global digital marketing strategy based on social network data.
I’m going to use the data that Audiense gives me, but before I started I wanted to clarify that the power of the tool is not only in the ‘static’ analysis of the data, but in triggering them to optimize our online marketing strategy, starting up campaigns, creation of micro audiences, etc.

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Case study: how to define the audience profile or buyer of your audience
That’s why I decided to write this article (I anticipate that it will be a bit long), as a practical case to teach you to define the buyer person of a digital audience (in this case mine). Keep in mind that when making judgments about the audience I always compare my audience with the global one in Spain.
For this we go from the base scheme that I use to define it:

Definition of audience profile or buyer person – Tristán Elósegui
Definition of audience profile or buyer person – Tristán Elósegui

How is my audience on Twitter?
Before a small profile of my activity on Twitter. I am a user since March 2009. Twitter is my preferred social network along with Linkedin. And both I use intensively.

profile twitter tristan elosegui march 2018
Profile Twitter Tristán Elósegui

Global view of my followers on Twitter
The highlights of this global vision are:

Influencer: we can see the brands, people and media that most influence my audience.
Brands: PuroMarketing.com, MarketingDirecto.com, MktFan and El País.
People: Juan Merodio and Juan Carlos Mejía.
Media: The Country, The World, Very Interesting and Mecca 2.0.
Technology and entrepreneurship: 66.9%.
Marketing and Social Media: 23.28%.
Marketing and Advertising: 4.87%.
Internet and Business – English Speaking: 0.42%.
general profile audience Twitter Tristan Elosegui
General profile audience Twitter – Tristán Elósegui

Up to this point the data that we have analyzed allows us to understand the context in which the following audience moves on Twitter. In addition to the demographic data and its profile, in this global vision the data on the biggest influencers are quite expected by the recognized users.
I find it very interesting to see that the largest segment is Technology and Entrepreneurship, instead of marketing or similar.
Another fact that strikes me is how small is the universe of marketing (of people who use marketing to describe themselves in their biographies), since marketing only represents 0.62% of Twitter profiles in Spain.

Marketing only represents 0.62% of Twitter profiles in Spain

If we see it with a second level of analysis, new influencers appear, but we do not find great variations.