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About News How to make an infographic: what it is and free tools to make an infographic service

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About News How to make an infographic: what it is and free tools to make an infographic service

About News How to make an infographic: what it is and free tools to make an infographic service

Infographics, or also known as infograms, are an essential element for any professional or company within its content strategy.

I will analyze different examples of infographics, and above all, how to get the most out of it from a strategic point of view, so that it becomes a powerful communication and branding tool for your brand. Spain Consumer Email Lists

In short, it is not just about learning how to do an infographic, but the strategy we associate with them, which sadly is often forgotten.
To define what is a infogram or infographic, we have to go much further than just the visual concept, that is, an infographic is a visual summary and of great value of a more complete information.

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We could say that infographics is a powerful communication, marketing and branding tool.

Characteristics of an infographic
Any infographic should clearly explain the following characteristics:

1.- Message and objective of the infographic. Clearly define the message and the purpose for which you design an infographic.

2.- Define a basic structure. The basic structure of an infographic is 3; cover, body and footer. Logically depending on the type of infographic and the size of it could be more.

3.- Provide new and quality information. The information of the infographic has to really, and I do not say it to say, contain information of value and quality for the user.

4.- Define a design and a coherent color palette. Like any brand design you should define a palette with one main color and one 2 two colors maximum of secondaries.

5.- Choose typographies and appropriate sizes. Remember that the infographic can be seen by users from different devices, such as computer or mobile devices, so choose font sizes and appropriate fonts.

6.- The ideal width should be 800 pixels. The height may vary depending on the information it contains, but the width I recommend is always 800 pixels.

 7.- Vectorial or Real. Decide the style that best suits your brand image, but remember that the actual image will increase the weight of the infographic considerably.

8.- Brand imprint. You should always wear the imprint of your brand in a visible place, such as your website, social media account, etc.