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About news service 100 posts for your company page on Facebook

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About news service 100 posts for your company page on Facebook

Today we have as guest blogger Miguel Ángel Toribio, an alumnus who has done a fantastic email-lists-australia compilation of
Australian Email Lists types of publications that you can do on Facebook. So you do not run out of ideas and get the most out of it. Miguel shares with us all 100 ways to get more “likes” on Facebook.

Australia email list

Can I have more followers on Facebook for free?
Oh, blessed Facebook. Our faithful companion. You have given us so many joys (and sorrows) that we no longer know what to do to get more likes. 99% of the strategies I propose will not cost you a penny, they are also very simple and the results are almost immediate. Go for it:

  1. Use content that you have checked that works, that is, the one with which you had good results before.
  2. Complete all the information about your fanpage (category, name, subject, brief description, etc).

Statistics Facebook3. Analyze the statistics of your page to see what kind of posts get better results and keep publishing them.

  1. Share current news, we love that!
  2. Include the Facebook Like Box plugin on your website or blog.
  3. Label another fan page in your publications, they are likely to do the same.
  4. Publish frequently, the more you do it, the more likely you are that your community will grow. I do not mean that you make many publications on the same day. Do not! With one is enough. But keep a steady rhythm.
  5. Take advantage of “Facebook Friday”, and participate in those of other pages.
  6. Publish varied content: your experiences, tips, tricks, not only share content from others.

Publications Facebook

  1. Promote your fan page in your Twitter account, Instagram, etc.

Likes Facebook11. The contests are a great strategy to increase your community.

  1. Perform joint actions with other companies or professionals in your sector.
  2. Create a post on a current topic on Facebook to invite your fans to visit your blog.
  3. Encourage your subscribers to “like” your fan page.
  4. Offer discounts to new fans.
  5. Use a call to action at the end of your post for readers to “like” your fanpage.
  6. Use the Facebook badge on your website.

Facebook badges

  1. Ask your fans to post photos on your page: will they appear on your friends’ news bulletin board?
  2. Comment on other fan pages (with the profile of your page, not the staff) adding value to your community, solving doubts.
  3. Include the url of your fan page in your business cards. Use a simple and easy to remember URL that can be memorized by your target audience.