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About News Service 12 video-interviews of Marketing (more than 5 hours) – 1st season of Marketin.TV

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About News Service 12 video-interviews of Marketing (more than 5 hours) – 1st season of Marketin.TV

About News Service 12 video-interviews of Marketing (more than 5 hours) – 1st season of Marketin.TV

These are the 12 full videos that make up the Canadian Email Lists 1st season of Marketin.TV. This is a project of Alicia Senovilla and of Aula CM, in which we interviewed great references in Digital Marketing. It is a delight to prepare, record and edit it. And we learn a lot in each of the interviews. I hope you like it too and take all the juice out of us.

marketintv We have only been with the project for 1 year and we have been fortunate to have the collaboration of great specialists and several restaurants that have offered us their space to record. Most of the time it has been a pleasant breakfast between Alicia Senovilla and our protagonists, in which they have chatted in a friendly way and among friends.

If the 12 interviews have something in common, they have all had a great time, the interviewees have come with a very funny attitude and Alicia has brought out some laughs (little crack). Who was going to tell us when we started a year ago that we were going to have such a good time and learn so much. Our other Alicia, Alicia Ro, is the person of our team most involved with the project.

The objective was always to make very well-cared videos, very well recorded, that would provide a lot of value and that would humanize great references. The interviews have often lasted more than an hour, but are edited to bring out the best in each one. I leave with them and if you like you can subscribe to the channel or follow it on Marketin.TV. They are more than 5 hours of video between all, and I have ordered them in order of recording.


reference photos-01Isra García – What is Online Marketing really good for?
Isra is an exceptional and we loved the idea of ​​starting the project with him. He agreed that he was coming to Madrid to give a conference and we were organized to go one morning to his Hotel to record. It was our first set of recording and it was a mess to mount the spotlights, the sound pouches, the tripods and the cameras and above all to take care of the space of the halls of the hotel so that not many people would pass and there would be a lot of noise. The sun gave us a little bit, but in the end we had a very acceptable result. Do not? At least to be the first. Isra released incredible phrases that we compiled in this other short video with music.

Place of recording: Gran Hotel Ayre Colón

Date of publication: January 29, 2015