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About news service Best tools to analyze and get quality backlinks

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About news service Best tools to analyze and get quality backlinks

About news service Best tools to analyze and get quality backlinks

In this article I will show you which are the best tools to analyze and get quality backlinks.But we know what are the backlinks?And what is even more important, how can we get backlinks to improve our web positioning?Table of Contents [hide]

What are the backlinks?
Why are backlinks so important?
How to get quality backlinks?
9 Best tools to analyze backlinks
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What are the backlinks?
When you start in the world of SEO, the term backlink is one of the first that you run into, and although at the beginning it can be complicated, it really is not … Spain Business Email Lists

The backlinks are the links that point to your web page from other domains or pages different from yours.

First, there are 2 types of backlinks, and to increase the authority of your project you need them both:

Backlinks Dofollow. Links that transmit authority or linkjuice, both to the landing page and to the domain.
Backlinks Nofollow. Links transmit authority, but web traffic.

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Why are backlinks so important?
The algorithm of Google is composed of at least 200 factors, within these factors there are 10 that have a greater importance and affect more web positioning than the rest.

I will not go into each of these factors, but I will go into those referred to in authority and relevance;

Obsolete terms; Authority of page or PA, Authority of Domain or DA and Pagerank. The first 2 are created by the MOZ tool and due to its lack of updating and its poor database of links have been discarded by many SEO for years, and the pagerank, which Google stopped updating it publicly to do so privately, or at least that’s what the main information seeker tells us.

How to increase the authority of our domain?

We have to get links from domains of great authority and relevance, and if possible from the same sector and language. The reason is very simple should be links that Google understand that they are natural, so the relationship between these websites must be clear.
You have to get nofollow and dofollow links, but in what percentages? Nobody can tell you for sure if the ideal is 80% dofollow and 20% nofollow, or if it is better 90% or 10%, or which is better.
Increase the expiration date of your domain, instead of renewing it year after year, buy it for 3 or 4 years and transmit a greater message of stability of the project to the search engines.
Get links from different domains.

How to increase page authority?

Add internal links from pages with traffic and authority.
Get quality backlinks from sites of the same theme.

How to get quality backlinks?
Now we go with a series of strategies to get quality backlinks:

Guest Blogging Writing articles in other authority and traffic blogs in the sector in which you find yourself is a great idea. I would start by doing an analysis in excel of what would be the main blogs where we could get a backlink, and then define a strategy of how we generated a relationship with the blog so that we can publish a post.
Cloning or imitation strategy. It’s about analyzing the backlinks of our competitors to see how many of them we can clone or repeat. I always use ahrefs to perform this analysis.
Buy newspaper reviews. There are many services on the Internet with which we can get to publish a review in many newspapers and blogs, such as Prensarank.
Participation in Awards or Contests. Participate in prizes or actions where you can get high quality brand and link visibility.
Creating content to attract links. The objective is to analyze what content you can publish in order to attract quality links and all this in a natural way.
Creation of accounts in social profiles and tools. Creating an account and getting a nofollow link from it is a very simple task, but there are some tools with which you can create a profile with dofollow links to your website.

9 Best tools to analyze backlinks
Now let’s see how we can analyze backlinks or check backlinks of any domain on the Internet. So it will be easy to know the backlinks of a website.