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Nesse post we want to draw pra você os melhores livros digital marketing that we read in recent years. Or the goal here is to create a list of content related to digital marketing, plus marketing and business as a whole.

Nessa lists a large part of two books with a high theory of practical applicability: Ou seja, depois que ler, você you can quickly apply several learned concepts. In addition, these are two main objectives of the leitmotiv in business books: to learn new concepts and apply them to their realities. It is clear that it is not unique: it is our purpose to reflect, discuss, question and, obviously, increase our repertoire on a given topic. #Co Founder Email List

In addition, digital marketing does not necessarily represent an order of importance of reading and the quality of the word, but also of great value (however, we throw excellent lições of all others, so we select nessa listagem).

Ready? Go to the list:

1- Nocaute – Gary Vaynerchuck

nocaute gary vaynerchuck

It is a secure digital marketing of jose ouviu falar by Gary Vaynerchuck, more concious as Gary Vee. Tudo or vem dele practically dispenses the comments. Or, introduce yourself to a lenda nas mdias sociais com milhões de followers in all or in the world. Gary é autêntico, fala or that think and tem is always related to hard work. Aliás, ele fala disso há mais de uma decade (when I came to produce videos before there was the same YouTube for a company of vinhos da família).

In Nocaute, Gary explores a metaphor linked to boxe. In spite of having been released live in 2013, ele preparativos super atadas. Or the author says that the brands are not digital environment, above all sociais miads, multiple use of several jabs (small socks) that offer interactions that fazem or consumer think, reflect, laugh, jump, value or value themselves or only escape through um tempo das chateações da vida.

Ele states that, for many decades, brands hardly want direct hooks (the famous “buy here”, “super promotion”, etc.) more than the agora or the ring (ou or the market), which is the result of the digital marketing changes. to nova realidade.

Or I will tell you several examples and case studies that will help you understand or that you want to determine and facilitate your application practice. I do not know every day. Nocaute é um two important livros digital marketing linked to the universe or social networks. Muito a leitura!

2- Pré-Suasão – Robert Cialdini

livro pre suasão – robert cialdini

This is not true in the case of traditional digital marketing campaigns, or indeed, on the behavior of people or how they can influence the techniques tested by scientific research. Therefore, it is fala comportamento das pessoas, and imperative that quem is interested in marketing and digital marketing interested in hair.

Robert Cialdini is also another author who distributes apresentações. In his earlier classic works “Como Armas da Persuasão”, a book also compelling for every marketing professional, he drew six “weapons” to persuade and influence the pessoas. It’s called não leu, we recommend you read, and incrível!

However, here we work here live more: Pré-suasão. Nesse novo trabalho, shows Cialdini or why he is considered the best specialist in the world when he deals with and influences persuasion. A work traces several investigations carried out in the field of Nesse and showed how or the behavior of pessoas can be influenced beforehand in an idea that will be presented. At this moment we have the conditions of the interlocutors nosso “Pré-suadir”.

Or, even more, two books of Cialdini that trazem atezerais timeless. Or that works in a field of persuasion and influence, a lot, probably, will also be true 10 years ago.

A livro cheio of insights and consultations incríveis, it’s worth reading!

3- Tração – Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares

livro tração

O livro Tração was written for or universe of new companies. You will work with a founder of a startup and an excellent resource to offer many ideas for business growth. However, we do not recommend the start, we recommend muito a leitura do livro. Tração também não éum daqueles livros of digital marketing “pure”, not entanto, traz muitos conceitos of how geres crescimento for um negócio using or digital marketing as meio.

There are two concepts that you will not see live: SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Marketing for search engines, E-mail Marketing, Ads in Social Media & Display, Conteúdo Marketing and outros canais (some more traditional) or livro traz 19 If the authors consider that they are essential for the growth of two businesses, they will all work for their business, but they provide that muito simulator.

I do not start livro é apresentado a model of three stages so that sa empre