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About news service from 5 reasons why the marketing strategy is the key to maximize sales

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About news service from 5 reasons why the marketing strategy is the key to maximize sales

It is a difficult challenge due to the almost total orientation of the companies to tactics and short-term results. It’s like swimming against the current.Daily activity eats the strategy #USA Business Email Lists
When I talk about strategy my clients and students agree with the approach and the need to define it. The big challenge is to modify the inertia of the day to day to implement the strategy and start doing things correctly.

Implementing a strategy requires commitment and willingness to change
On paper what is proposed has all the sense of the world, but when it comes to implementing it is necessary to change many things beyond the marketing activity.

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Prioritize tasks and eliminate others (which are often done out of sheer inertia, because they have been done for a long time.) The team has to have the knowledge and time to put it into operation ( it is not about adding tasks to existing ones), the affected processes must be analyzed and corrected, and most importantly, management has to cause this to happen and have the patience to see the results of the implemented.
We do not have to stop everything to implement the strategy. In fact, the advisable thing is to define a plan of implementation that allows to phase it and thus to allow that the organization assimilates the changes.

The marketing strategy is the key to maximize results
Now it’s my turn to show you why, once implemented, the marketing strategy will help us maximize results.
In the day to day of the marketing departments, we struggle to optimize a multitude of metrics, but mainly everything related to sales and their acquisition cost.
On the one hand, we have the most related to the business (sales, ARPU, CPA, and CLTV) and those of the marketing activity itself (sessions, bounce, CTR, CPC, CPL, CR, CPC, CPM, etc.) .
Beyond the selection of metrics, the problem is that they try to optimize from the tactics, not from the strategy.

If we optimize the campaigns, obviously we will get better numbers. But the question is, are we going to maximize them?

And this is what all companies seek, is not it? Maximize sales Well, the strategy is what allows you to maximize the results of the tactic.

Reasons why you need a marketing strategy

  1. A strategy gets us something better than sales, it brings us customers
    One of the problems of the tactical orientation of the marketing departments towards short-term sales is that the vast majority of the actions that are carried out are aimed at that: the sale.
    The problem is that they forget that to get a sale we must first make the brand known, then we must be the best choice among the “finalists” of our audience, then we must close the sale and finally build loyalty.
    That is, we have to define a different strategy for each stage of the purchase process.

To sell more, you do not always have to sell

  1. It helps us meet our audience
    To convince our audience that our product is the best option we need to really know them.
    Normally this process we do through common sense and the famous trial-error of marketing.
    We think about our audience, we get an idea of ​​how we think they are and we start launching campaigns. From this moment on, the optimization process begins based on the results.
    Of course it is a starting point, but to obtain the best possible results we need much more than that. We have to know them thoroughly.
    Think of a close friend or family member, what would be easy for you to sell them something they need? Well this is what we have to try to achieve with our audience.
    For this we have to go through four stages: