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About news service from Choose the best CRM for your company

About news service from Choose the best CRM for your company

Choose the best CRM for your company if you want to have a competitive advantage in terms of managing your client portfolio and the treatment you have with it. With the advent of the digital world the option of using a CRM application has become a necessity. The integration with other applications such as Email marketing or social networks has made this type of CRM application a necessity for many companies, be they small or large. Does your company need a CRM application? #Associate Director Email List

What is a CRM?
A CRM or Customer Relationship Management is an application for the management of the relationship with the client. When we have several contacts with a client or in the sales process several professionals or departments intervene, we need a CRM tool to organize all this information.
The tools of CRM help to achieve a long-term relationship with customers, is its main virtue, loyalty. In addition, these CRM applications facilitate the use of social networks, the sending of emails, etc., and all this by segmenting between customers to perform different actions with them.

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In order for a CRM app to be useful for your company, it must meet at least a number of key aspects:

  • Allow to identify and contact your customers quickly.
  • Manage marketing campaigns segmented by customer levels.
  • Make the sales process more efficient (sales funnel).
  • Optimize the information of a client and facilitate collaboration between people who participate in the sale / loyalty process.
  • Get information about our business that allows us to make better decisions.

Elements to take into account for the CRM election
1) Scalability of the platform. It is important that if we have plans to grow we take into account the scalability of the platform, which adapts to our changes in size. In general, there are CRM adapted to small companies (such as Zoho) and others for medium and large companies (Salesforce).
2) Budget. This is where the biggest difference is when comparing different CRMs, in the price. Most managers choose to choose the most expensive plans or expensive tools thinking about the future, and we should not let the forecasts take over.
3) Minimum requirements. Have a corporate website, make use of social networks and have a customer database. If you do not meet these requirements you must rethink the fact of using a CRM.
4) Take into account the relationship with the client. If we just get in touch with our customers we do not need this tool, we can use an Excel document perfectly. We must take advantage of the power of CRM to grow with our customers.