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About news service from Creating effective resources for the Universal App Campaigns (UAC)

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About news service from Creating effective resources for the Universal App Campaigns (UAC)

The creation of effective resources in the Universal App Campaigns is probably the factor that determines 60-80% of the success or not of an application campaign.Unlike other Social Ads networks, in Google Ads UACs, the focus is on creatives (text, image and video), not on keywords or user segmentation.

In this article I leave you a series of tips to optimize text, image and video resources that we will use in the Universal App Campaigns and that will help you achieve better results.Effective text resources President Email List

The text resources are the only mandatory part to be able to launch a campaign of Universal App Campaigns, so we must be ordered when it comes to shaping a strategy.In this case the example I am going to use is an application of physical exercise at home, with a freemium model. Some tips to optimize text resources in UAC:

President Email List

Campaigns must be separated by “benefits” or “different uses” of the app:
Text (Campaign 1): “Get a flat abdomen.”Text (Campaign 2): “Get fit without going to the gym.”

Each line of text has to have a single argument:
Proper text: “Results in 3 weeks.”

Wrong text: “Get a flat stomach and save money.”

Create short and long texts. This will facilitate the automatic combination of copies, helping to achieve more profitable campaigns.
Efficient text resources UACAll texts must end with a period (.). This will improve the understanding of phrases when the Google algorithm combines the different options.

Do not abuse the exclamation or question marks. If the texts are going to be linked automatically they can make understanding difficult.
Efficient combination: “Your new Free App! Discover HomeGym! “

Effective image resources
Images are not a mandatory resource for Google, but if we do not include them manually, you can create them automatically from the ones we have on the Google Play Store tab.These are the measures recommended by Google:

In my opinion it is very important to create and optimize the images in the UAC campaigns. Some tips for this are:

As with the different texts, we have to separate the images by “benefits” or “different uses” offered by the app.
 The use of text embedded in the images is not recommended, but if it is added, it should be as short as possible. In addition, we must ensure that it can be read on all types of devices and screens.

You can use the same images, but in different sizes. The size of the image determines where it will be used.
 Keep in mind that if there is an image that works very well, Google can automatically trim it to adapt it to other formats.

Effective video resources
Campaigns that include video resources make the difference. Video is the preferred format in recent times and that is why it is key in the creation of application campaigns (probably one of the sectors with the youngest target).