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From its emergence to Mirago tem as missão to support entrepreneurs, marketing profissionais, agências and profissionais liberais to aprenderem and aplicarem as melhores praticos em Digital Marketing. Let’s make out and make isso from or “Day One”.

Nossa paixão por Aprender e Ensinar foi was solidified over the past two years and various courses that we offer to the market have been materialized, both online and online. This process of amadurecimento and understanding of the necessities of nossos alunos foi or that we would allow us to develop innovative proposals of learning processes muito ruled by concern in offering ativities and practical challenges, seeking to approximate the maximum demands and needs of the market. #Co Owner Email List

On the other side, or feedback two, in a larger part, it was always positive or it showed us what we were doing or what we were going through (with many adjustments and melons in the long run, and true).

Or next time
Comssa clareza e como paminho paved ao longo last two years no segment of courses, let us ask ourselves: How can we reach more interested people nesse model? How to attract attention from pessoas that necessitam do conhecimento that nós temos by all or country and até fora dele?

Logo we perceive that the online courses seriam or caminho.

We have experienced many online courses (since we transmitted them simultaneously to live in the classroom, going through taxing courses and offering part of our courses for free, not online-ao vivo format). We did not know that, com isso, we are, giving or next time to check out the new model that we are launching together with us novo site.

We are happy to announce that from the moment of Mirago, there is an important step in consolidating your work, not the national online education market, by launching a content platform related to a universe that permees Digital Marketing, Sales, Branding, Negotiation and more. . E a melhor part: Uma extremely acessível platform.