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About news service from From blog to personal web and much

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About news service from From blog to personal web and much

About news service from From blog to personal web and much

But finally the logic has been imposed. In the last year my professional activity has multiplied and focused on things that I do directly. That’s why I decided that it was time to evolve the blog.

Before starting I would like to thank Windup Estrategias and Sergio Dengra for their excellent work. This has not been a normal design change, but an evolution from blog to personal web with blog. #Indian Business Email List

From blog to personal web
This evolution has required conceptualizing, defining navigation, calls to action, measurement, content … and then redesigning.

Indian Business Email List

And this has been the result.

The main page is not only the entrance door, it should introduce you and tell a story
Marketing blog of Tristán Elósegui

I did not want a traditional home, but a way to introduce myself and tell a story to those who visited me for the first time or wanted to know what I do.

For this the main page goes from the most global to the most specific. If you scroll down, you’ll see what I mean. Presentation, services, biography, blog and subscription. And all this keeping always visible for the option of contacting me if there is something that you find interesting or if you have any questions or suggestions.

Navigation menu and main call to action always present
Menu navigation blog Tristán Elósegui

It is one of the key pieces, because I needed to make visible many services, contents and great news and we have managed to do it in a very intuitive way.

About me: an updated and summarized version that enhances the positive points and eliminates the accessory.
Conferences: a summary in time line format of the most outstanding conferences of recent years.
Consulting: diagnosis, definition and implementation of marketing strategies.
Marketing Mentoring: one of the great novelties of the new website. It is a program that combines training with mentoring sessions, with the aim that you learn to define a marketing strategy and apply it to your business with my personal guide.
Training: presentation of my credentials as a teacher and of the online courses I offer.
Face-to-face training: main topics on which I teach and a sample of the business schools where I taught.
Online training: this is the second great novelty. I offer you two online courses and a free masterclass.
Become an expert in online marketing: following the methodology of defining a marketing strategy you will learn the most important of the main channels, with a combination of theory and case studies.
Learn to define an audience profile: a five-step guide to defining the most important point of a marketing strategy: your client.
Free Masterclass on marketing strategy: a free class that will allow you to understand the importance of a strategy in achieving the results and where in addition to learning its basics, you can download a free work template to start defining strategies.
Books: presentation of the three books already published. I take this opportunity to tell you that I am writing the fourth.
Blog: and of course access to the blog.
Contact: a form so that we can be in contact at all times.
What do you think? I’m all ears. All comments will be well received, so click here and tell me what you think. okay?