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About news service from How to avoid spam filters in Email Marketing

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About news service from How to avoid spam filters in Email Marketing

About news service from How to avoid spam filters in Email Marketing

Do you know the anti spam filters that affect Email Marketing? If you are doing email campaigns and you do not get good opening results, this article interests you.There is no point in designing an Email Marketing strategy or losing time with beautiful designs if your email does not reach your subscribers’ inbox. Therefore, it is important to know the criteria followed by anti-spam filters and start making profitable the Email Marketing campaigns. Finance Executive Email List

Improving the results of Email Marketing is a long process that requires a lot of consistency in terms of database maintenance.The main reason for the low opening rate is the direct arrival to the SPAM folder, but why does this happen? Lets start by the beginning; the anti spam filters.

What are anti spam filters?
Anti spam filters refer to the algorithms used by webmail servers to determine what is spam (SPAM) and avoid bothering users.

These filters work through a scoring system that determines the degree of spam contained in an email. They are based on criteria where each word and each detail counts.

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Criteria of anti spam filters
We have technical criteria and content, both are important and should know in what way they affect the delivery results.

Technical criteria
Black lists: It is where those emails with IP addresses that have been classified as spam for shipments without authorization or for containing viruses in their messages end.

Analysis of the historical: The filters analyze the history of shipments to make sure before marking an email as spam. In this way, those who always send mass mailings and with high rates of spam or complaint are sanctioned.

Server Reputation: The Email Marketing provider is important, as well as the shipping structure that it has.

Volume of shipments: The excessive size of the mailing list can negatively affect, that is, we could be considered spammers. In addition, if many emails are sent to the same domain, it can be classified as a cyber attack. It is important to establish a shipping schedule so as not to exceed certain limits.

Shipping speed: If the shipment is made in the same round, at the same time, we are more likely to be marked as spam. I recommend making a very progressive shipment, something that hardly affects a campaign. Some providers, such as Mailchimp, have the option to send in parts.

HTML code: It is important that the HTML code is clean and clear, without errors.