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About news service from How to go from being a journalist to a digital journalist 2.0

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About news service from How to go from being a journalist to a digital journalist 2.0

Today I am going to tell you how to become the new Digital Journalist 2.0: a merger with Content Marketing,
Austria Email Lists Community Manager and a life-long journalist. All in one. Includes tools, analysis of job offers and advice. The world of journalism has turned around in recent years and now it is brands (and not media) that need to generate the best content.

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PicMonkey Collage mile (1) It is clear that the work of journalist as such has been greatly reduced. However, more content is generated than ever, and the most prepared to do so is the journalist. Now the content is not created only by the media, but it is the brands that are now creating the best content in blogs and social networks. Let’s see what a journalist needs to learn to be a star of Content Marketing and Social Media

Content is king
Skills to be a digital journalist 2.0
What does a digital 2.0 journalist have to know? How do social networks and social media affect the journalist of all life? To solve the doubts, I have listed the most important skills to give you an idea of ​​what situations and tasks you have to develop.

  1. Know how to inform and dialogue equally
    Reporting until a few years ago meant telling a story, communicating, warning. The new circumstances demand some dialogue and create conversation. It is not enough to launch the news, but a certain debate is generated that results in the creation of a community. In fact, the comment area of ​​a controversial news is as read as the news itself. The reader is no longer enough to read the news, he also likes to observe the reactions and arguments of the other readers.

The traditional means of communication were unidirectional, but the Internet gives voice to the reader and the digital journalist must take this feature into account when creating content.

? The comments of a controversial news are as read as the news itself #PiodiodistaDigital
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  1. Communicate in several languages ​​(international audiences)
    On the other hand, the free and non-existent limits of information, makes users can access a huge amount of online newspapers and that the journalist can reach readers anywhere. That will require in many cases, be able to write and answer comments in other languages.

The electoral results or a football match, natural catastrophes, the death of an artist, judicial decisions, news from the heart or some key moment of a TV show find on Twitter an extremely fertile ground to germinate and spread to all speed.

The networks act as an unusual and incredible soundboard. To what was previously the news as the narration of an event, now we must add the news of the impact on social networks.

  1. Report in real time #RealTime
    The coverage of live information has always been one of the pillars of journalism and does not escape the impact of social networks, those channels where individuals have become authentic spokespersons of today. The transmission in real time acquires new connotations also for the informative equipment.

The digital journalist has to be up to date and follow the news to the millimeter. On this depends a key factor in journalism in general: exclusivity and a key factor in social networks: immediacy.

The digital journalist has many times to become the off line reporter and be able to transmit information live and direct. Today you need little more than your smartphone to communicate with the world. The digital journalist must be quick and be aware of the economic, social and cultural trends of the moment.

  1. Work as a team
    It is very likely that the journalist needs to be coordinated with other colleagues when recording, writing or sending content. Direct messaging platforms such as Whatsapp or Waze (most used in Latin America), are increasingly used as an exchange method.

The ability of team members to understand and apply effective methods to manage their time, will be key to deliver the content and maintain a steady pace of work.

  1. Be a reference for your community
    Communication professionals who have known how to adapt to online media have become leading journalists. Among several interpretations, being a reference means being a source both for readers and for the journalists themselves who take that information as valid, although they then submit it to debate or reflection. This is achieved by being up-to-date with the news and gradually increasing your visibility. Also, of course, taking care of your community of followers working for you