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About news service from Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat

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About news service from Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat

About news service from Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat

Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat is one of the questions that many digital marketing brands and gurus are asking themselves. Today we wanted the digital marketing blog to have a current theme that shows the war between different social networks for their survival and greater share of users.Instagram Stories (500 million users and 300 active every day) has been a blow to Snapchat, a social network that had been gaining users at a bizarre pace, reaching up to 110 million users. #Director of Business Development Email List

The brands have put the focus on this new functionality of Instagram and are looking for how to get the most out of it. In this post of Soy de Marketing we will discuss some of the new functionalities that the application offers and that you may not know.

Instagram Stories vs Snapchat
Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat have changed the way brands tell their stories. There are brands that can think that for 10 seconds and a maximum 24 hours visualization it is not worth spending great efforts on time and money. Big mistake. You have to work with the images, the copies and the videos that are shown in each publication.

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The new ways of consuming content lead us to analyze Snapchat and Instagram Stories to better understand its use and especially optimize it. We are facing social networks that do not offer a feed with publications or news, something that happens on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. Now the user is shown in a kind of list with a series of contents (brands or users) and he will choose which one he decides to consume …

Is it profitable for a brand to create content that will only be displayed for 24 hours and that barely reaches 10 seconds in length?

-The truth is that yes, especially for the big brands that need stories full of attractive content to feed their audience. It is one more way to differentiate and show your creativity in a relatively new social network.

Currently brands have opted for several options of use. There are very active on Snapchat that do not play Instagram Stories and vice versa. There are those that replicate their contents in both social networks, and finally we find those that generate different contents for each of them.

-Tips for creating effective brand stories
Let’s look at some of the tips for creating brand stories that can be applied to both Snapchat and Instagram Stories

Do not create long stories: The thread of the story should be short, to tell great stories with video format we already have YouTube. We expose ourselves to a high dropout rate if we tell long stories.

Do not limit the use to the presentation of products or new sales campaigns: Lovemarks want to know the curiosities of the brand, see mini interviews, know new features, new applications or that can somehow participate and interact with the brand.

Interact with users: One of the most used ways to interact with users is through image captures that the user makes and then sends to the brand. We must be cautious and warn with time, because for example on Snapchat is not backed down as easy as in Instagram Stories.

Combining the use of image and video: It is always positive that there is a certain alternation between the contents that we show to our audience so as not to saturate it with the same format.

Generates and monitors traffic to the web: Through a landing page we can calculate the impact of our history. We can add stories without a destination url, but it will always be interesting to do so to know our results.