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About news service from New professional profiles in Digital Marketing 2019

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About news service from New professional profiles in Digital Marketing 2019

About news service from New professional profiles in Digital Marketing 2019

Discover the new professional profiles in Digital Marketing for 2019 and know some of the necessary requirements of each area, as well as the average salary in Spain *. Which one is your favorite?In Soy de Marketing we have returned to make a list of the most demanded professionals in digital marketing and other categories that will begin to become more known in 2019. Not everything corresponds to digital marketing but we have preferred to add them to the list because they are closely related.


The digital world has brought many changes that we have to transform into opportunities. Let’s go with it!

  • The salary data are average approximations and do not take into account the HR culture of each company or the level of experience of each person. Some sources consulted: Indieed, Bankinter, ReasonWhy, news from various media, etc.
Founder and Chief Executive Officer Email List

User Experience Specialist
The specialist in UX or User Experience Specialist is in charge of knowing and improving the experience that users have with the product, service or application. This includes usability of the site, visual image, conversion ratio, etc.To work as a specialist in user experience is necessary to have knowledge of web design, programming, web architecture and everything related to new digital habits.The salary depends on whether it is consulting or we work for a specific brand, but it can be between € 30,000 – € 35,000.

Growth Hacker
It is the fashionable term in digital marketing. Growth hacking is one of the most sought after words in recent years as you can see in the Google Trends image.A professional of growth hacking tries to obtain the greater number of users, income, impressions …, with the minimum possible investment. It is a very typical discipline in technological startups.Regarding the professional profile, we would be talking about someone with a high analytical capacity, multidisciplinary, knowledgeable about the digital world, agile and creative.

Expert in viral developments
The expert in viral developments is like the expert in gowth hacking. Its main objective is to achieve the best recruitment results with the least expense and effort possible.

The quality of the contents and the marketing strategy with the keys to increase the user’s response.

Artificial Intelligence Developer
Everything related to artificial intelligence or machile learning has been the most sought after during the past year.

The developer or artificial intelligence expert would be responsible for implementing artificial intelligence solutions required by the product team. We are often talking about a profile that also has knowledge of machile learning.

There is still no very realistic data, but we would be talking about one of the highest paid profiles, with a minimum of € 50,000 or € 70,000 per year. As I said in the intro to the article, salaries are indicative.

Expert in Inbound Marketing
The Inbound Marketing expert is a professional who guides your marketing and advertising strategies from a non-intrusive point of view. The goal is to seduce users without impacting them aggressively.

In my opinion it is at odds with growth hacking because it is a little or no intrusive methodology. Some of the skills of the expert in Inbound Marketing are the knowledge of social networks, the capture of SEO traffic, creation of attractive content, etc.The average salary can be between € 20,000 for juniors and € 35,000 for more senior profiles.

Mobile Marketing Specialist
The expert in Mobile Marketing or App Marketing is a specialist who handles all marketing tasks related to mobile applications; User acquisition strategy, App Store Optimization (ASO), app analytics, user communication, user retention strategy, etc.

Customer Intelligence Analyst
The customer intelligence analyst is a figure that aims to gather and analyze customer information in order to know its impact on the business. Increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, customize offers / services to increase user loyalty, etc.

According to Indeed, the salary is around € 25,000 and € 30,000 per year.

Head of Programatic Trader
The Head of Programatic Trader is the specialist that deals with the purchase of advertising in digital media, that is,
responsible for the purchase of advertising impressions in an automated way. In the last years the badly called “programmatic” advertising is growing exponentially …Some of the skills required, in addition to those related to programmatic purchasing management, are knowledge in Big Data and in general Digital Marketing.Since we are talking about a senior position the salar