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About news service from Religion and Innovation

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About news service from Religion and Innovation

About news service from Religion and Innovation

Despite the phrase of the Spanish publicist Risto Mejide, today I have not come to talk about the Christian religion, but the Muslim one.

Religion and Innovation, two terms that are a priori antagonistic seems that in the world of business creativity can go hand in hand. The marketing strategy should not ignore anything or anyone as it would be leaving to discover niches that tomorrow can save the company. International marketing is very sensitive to those who ignore cultural and religious differences.The best advertising campaign is called Iglesia Catolica” Risto Mejide. #Vice President of Business Development Email List

Allah is great
Europe has approximately 44 million Muslims, of which there are about 1.8 million in Spain. Between 2012 and 2014 consumption of halal products increased by 40% and in 2019 it is estimated that spending on food and beverages in the Muslim world will reach almost 21% of global consumption. Almost nothing.

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Here you can see companies with halal certification in Spain:

But what is a halal product?
A product with halal certification is a product that complies with the permitted practices for the Muslim religion. Determined form of animal sacrifice, non-use of certain animals, prohibited chemicals (such as ethanol), etc. In Spain there are already two certifying companies that are responsible for ensuring year after year that the halal category is maintained.

Success story: Candy Gamito
The Christmas period was ending and the accounting in Dulces Gamito was not to shoot rockets, the problem? The seasonality of your product par excellence; the Polvorón.

That’s when the mill turned the tortilla around. Why not make polvorones without lard? The new vegetable oil butter allowed to sell its halal polvorones in the Muslim countries, well known for its tradition of sweet consumption throughout the year.

Success story: Freixenet
We’ve all seen on television a Formula 1 or Moto GP driver holding a title spilling a sparkling on the podium. But, what if the winner is Muslim?

That was the question that Freixenet asked himself and to which he put a solution. He created a halal cava (0.0º alcohol) that was used in the Qatar grand prize and is now marketed in Muslim countries.

Success story: Wonkandy jelly beans
It turns out that even jelly beans have a traceability that includes porcine parts, so in Gominolas Wonkandy it occurred to them to substitute porcine gelatin for one of vegetable origin. With their halal jelly beans they have accessed the markets of Islamic belief.

Success story: Cecinas Nieto
At this point of the article I will not surprise you with the case of “Cecinas Nieto”, you can imagine what they did. Today the sale of this company to Muslim countries amounts to about 80,000 kg, 15% of its turnover. Perhaps tomorrow, and taking into account the trends towards a healthier diet in Europe, the commercial relationship with Muslims is the key to survival in their sector.

Success story: Laboratorios Válguer
Not everything was going to be agro-food sector, there is also a great interest in the world of cosmetics. The Válguer laboratories were the first to achieve halal certification in Spain.

How is a halal cosmetic different from a traditional one?
Not only in its components, but also in its manufacturing process. For example, you can not use chemicals like ethanol, which makes this product much more respectful with the environment.

An opportunity for the Muslim world or maybe …?
In the case of cosmetics, we are talking about products with higher quality considerations, more respectful with the environment and that therefore can generate interest in a public concerned about these environmental or higher quality issues. Perhaps with good communication we can take advantage of these products in another target that has nothing to do with Muslims.