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About news service from The search for security is the beginning of your decline

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About news service from The search for security is the beginning of your decline

About news service from The search for security is the beginning of your decline

I’m not going to analyze it because I’m not an expert in any of the two areas and also, this topic is widely covered in blogs on psychology and human resources. But I would like to mention it as a methodological basis.
(If you want you can skip this point and go directly to the topic that motivates this article). In my opinion, people who are in this comfort zone face limited work. Jobs that do not satisfy them, in which they comply with the schedule and tasks assigned and that they accept for the security and the salary that they offer them. Work in which, as a result of the above, do not give the maximum in their day to day and therefore endanger that security sought. #Chief Marketing Officer Email List
And when we get comfortable we tend to be a bit lazy, we are not motivated and we seek to do things in the quickest and easiest way. And for that we look for shortcuts.
We want everything. A fixed job with insured income and that does not suppose an excessive effort and that leaves us time for our personal life.
I recognize that it is a topical and generalist description, but it helps me to explain the focus of life to which I refer.
Usually speaking of the comfort zone when talking about personal growth. The complete scheme consists of 4 phases:

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Comfort zone.
Zone of fear.
Zone of action or learning.
Zone of successes and failures.
The movements outside the comfort zone lead us to go through the areas of: fear (where we face emotions, opinions and beliefs), action – learning (where we find reality and the challenges to overcome to achieve what we want) and the area of ​​successes and failures (where we find great opportunities, but also where we can fail).
At the end of the post you will find the conversation we had about this topic on Linkedin in case you want to participate leaving your comment.

This is life. We started doing excursions outside of our comfort zone. We are learning, we fail and we return to the comfort zone. And back to the load. Do not you think?

I leave you a video and an explanatory chart (I have not found the original source), with a full explanation. So I shorten this theoretical part and return to what motivated me to write this article.
personal growth, comfort zone, fear, learning, success, failure

If you settle, you lose
What really interests me about this whole process (which we all go through to a greater or lesser extent), is how the search for safety leads to decline and puts you at risk.
That is, we do our best to achieve stability and we do not realize that we are causing the opposite effect. Instead of controlling the situation, it is this that controls us. Our stability depends on external factors.
When we are in this comfort zone we tend to be reactive, we try to comply with the file and go unnoticed.
And as a consequence we get comfortable, we become lazy. We tend to look for the roads that require less effort. We look for the easy, we avoid complications. We do not want to go through the learning process and do tests with certain things to get fast results.

The easy way is faster, but it does not always take you to your destination

This is a phrase that I usually use when referring to certain marketing techniques, but that we can apply in this context.

The imperative of change
Life changes and we have to be attentive to know how to adapt. The strongest does not survive, but the one that adapts best.
In the world of online marketing the same thing happens at a higher speed if possible:

If you settle into an area of ​​knowledge, little by little (not so slowly), you become obsolete.
If you settle in your work you lose opportunities and you can find unpleasant surprises in the form of problems and even dismissal.
In some positions more than in others, but in digital marketing (and in many other fields) we have to learn to evolve continuously, to be comfortable with changes, to question everything, etc.
It’s easy to say, but we have to find a way to be motivated to have the right attitude.
Returning to the previous graphic, we must learn to leave our comfort zone and situate ourselves between the learning and success / failure zones.
In case you are interested I leave the conversation about this topic that we had in Linkedin and two related articles.