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About news service from Trends in digital marketing for 2017

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About news service from Trends in digital marketing for 2017

About news service from Trends in digital marketing for 2017

The trends in digital marketing for 2017 are going to be very different and in a way very related to those of this past year. We are lovers of digital marketing and as good marketers we are forced to predict the great digital news of 2017. Some of the seven trends for 2017 have already been named throughout this past year, but now it seems that they enter with more force. #Assistant Director Email List

Today in the blog we will see some of the holdings in digital marketing for 2017 that in my humble opinion will be key. In December of this year we will be able to analyze as soon as I am correct or I have made a mistake.

  1. Vitual reality or augmented reality
    The way to interact with the users will suppose a new experience, as well as the way to access the contents, in for example, social networks. Testing products more realistically as some clothing brands are already doing, may be some of the practical applications of this technology.
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  1. Virtual assistants
    The rise of bots or chatbots that reproduce real conversations between the SAC services and the clients themselves, have a long journey in 2017. Help users to perform procedures, orders, or for example the process of returning an online product, You can reduce SAC costs without losing quality in the process.
  2. Omnichannel in customer service
    Some time ago we visualized an interconnected user and present in several platforms to get in touch with the company. Some experts have called it “customer omnichanel”. The need to give a uniform and rapid response to improve the customer experience has become a necessity.
  3. Voice search
    Personally, it’s something I’ve been using for a long time, especially when I’m in a hurry or I’m walking down the street. The question is; How will SEO change based on this voice search ?. There we will have the main keys for the organic positioning of 2017 adapted to voice searches.
  4. Programmatic purchase or RTB
    The programmatic purchase was already important in 2015 and 2016 and it is estimated that this year it will continue to grow at a very high rate. It is evident as long as the digital world continues to advance to the detriment of the analog, digital media media platforms will continue to grow.