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About news service from Verification of users via SMS

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About news service from Verification of users via SMS

About news service from Verification of users via SMS

The user verification through SMS helps build a reliable and secure database users. The increasing appearance of bots or viruses to damage and / or steal accounts has made it necessary to increase the security of information provided by users.Some famous apps like Whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram have already used this technology for some time. Now to further improve security you can use Google Authenticator, but for a startup with SMS is enough for now. #Owner Email List

SMS can be used for initial registration or for continued access to software or application. In this case I will focus on the initial registration and the mobile market.

Having fake users or bots is frustrating and can distort the evaluation of the use of an app or even the results of some marketing campaigns. With the SMS verification we get to secure and higher quality user base.

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What is the verification of new users through SMS?
The verification of new users through SMS, known as two-step verification (2FA), consists of adding an extra security field to the registration process (user, password and now SMS).

The codes are used for single use (OTP), which means a significant increase in security in the verification process.

In this way we have an extra layer of security that confirms safely and quickly that it is real users, not bots. It is not an infallible system, but it significantly reduces the fraudulent registration rate. Verification by SMS marketingHow does it work?
The operation is simple. Today we are always accompanied by our smartphone, so we always have it on hand to perform any type of SMS verification.

Once we have chosen the platform that will offer this service we must ask our developers and technicians to perform the implementation of the service.The user follows the steps of the registration and when it reaches a certain point, the verification code is sent to the telephone number entered.After a few seconds you receive the code. It depends on the terminal and the technology used, the code is added automatically or you have to copy it from the SMS and add it in the corresponding field of the app.

Once this is done, the registration will have been verified with our telephone.