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About news service from What happens if you lose half of your database through the RGPD? NOTHING

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About news service from What happens if you lose half of your database through the RGPD? NOTHING

About news service from What happens if you lose half of your database through the RGPD? NOTHING

In recent months, but especially in recent days, a lot of excitement has been raised about the entry into force of the new General Data Protection Regulation or RGPD (or GDPR in English).
We all knew that May 25, 2018 was the deadline, but it is not until these days that large and small are putting their batteries to the point of their websites and databases. #Australian Email Lists
In addition to the confusion about what we should do or not in each case, we face one of the greatest fears of any marketing specialist: the regularization of our databases.
Whether they have an obligation or not, many portals are sending an email to regularize the acceptance of the legal terms of registered users before May 25. The drip of emails these days is incessant.

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If I regularize my database, I will lose half of the records!
All of us who manage databases are facing these dilemmas these days:

“I have to regularize my database by the new RGPD or GDPR, if I do I will lose a large percentage of my records and if not, I risk a possible fine.”

Because we are not clear about what legal requirements we must comply with (the resources of the AGPD website are numerous, but after a good time navigating them it is still not clear what we have to do in each case. a simpler way, because in reality it is not complicated at all), we are faced with the decision of whether to send the email that regularizes our database or not.
It is our great fear, if I comply with the law I lose records and if I do not risk being fined.

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What happens if you lose half of the records in your database through the RGDP? NOTHING
Many of you will be thinking that I have gone crazy. But let me explain.
What is your goal of your email marketing strategy? Send them a communication and get an answer, right? And who respond to these emails? Those who are really interested, those to whom you truly add value.
Or seen from another point of view, what is the average percentage of opening of your shipments? The average normal percentages are usually around 30%.
What does it mean? That for 60-70% of your database your shipments are not relevant. It is true that we can not apply a fixed rule, because they are not always the same ones that open your emails. Some may open one of every n shipments.
The reality is that there is a core base that they open regularly, a percentage that they do from time to time and a large majority that do not unsubscribe just in case you send something interesting or simply because it is faster to delete the email than to give low (your emails have turned into gray mail, they are not spam, but they do not pay any attention to them).